The 10 Best K-Beauty Products You Can Find In The US

Korean skincare products, aka K-beauty, are becoming more and more popular across the US.

Not only are they exquisite, they’re often fairly affordable compared to other trendy beauty goods.

Of course, as with all skincare routines and products, not all are equally amazing.

Let’s go ahead and take a look at the absolute best K-Beauty products you can find in the US!

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The Best K-Beauty Products You Can Find In The US

All of these amazing K-beauty products are available on Amazon. Check out the table below for a quick peek at our top 5 faves, then read on for the full list!

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1. KAJA Moon Crystal Shimmer

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Talking about wonderful shades that stand out, you can find these KAJA Moon Crystal Shimmers on Amazon and test them for yourself.

They come in many different colors and are very affordable for anyone. 

I personally LOVE the Dark Matter and Shimmering Amethyst shades, how about you?

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2. Peripera Matte Velvet Lipstick

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If you want to test for yourself one of those velvet-like lipsticks, then now it’s your chance.

You can find these on Amazon and see if they are a good match for you., as you have about 27 shades to choose from. 

The best part? They come in three sizes!

So you can grab a few different shades in the smallest tubes and see which you like best!

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3. Etude House Lip Tint

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Lip tint is a very popular product, as it helps you maintain a wonderful color on your lips without worrying that it’s going to smear everywhere.

You can check this Etude House lip tint out and choose one of the five available variants. 

Oh, and how cute is that container? It looks like a little popsicle!

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4. KAJA Roller Glow

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The fabulous glow is a signature of the K-Beauty trend, so this KAJA roller glow is definitely going to achieve that.

This formula on Amazon is suitable for all skin types and tones, so it may just become your new favorite highlighter.

The only drawback? It’s available in just one single shade.

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5. KAJA Bouncy Shimmer Eyeshadow

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This is the perfect product for when you really want to stand out.

Each trio stack comes in three different colors including a fabulous shimmer, and there are ten variants available to choose from.

I love that they offer a mix of neutral shades along with some vibrant colors that really pop, like the Hella Azalea trio.

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6. KAJA Cheeky Stamp

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For those days when you need the perfect blush, the KAJA cheeky stamp will definitely make you feel fabulous.

You get these adorable heart-shaped stamps filled with powerful pigments, and you can use them whenever you need a confidence boost.

They’re super versatile. Stamp once for a little glow, twice for a deeper blush!

They come in seven different shades that are diverse enough to work with all skin tones.

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7. PONY EFFECT Coverstay Skin Cover Pact

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This is an adorable compact duo, containing a translucent powder along with a pigmented blush.

These are available on Amazon, and are small enough to carry around everywhere you may need them!

On top of that, they come in three different shades, although all are fairly light. 

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8. Red Ginseng Foundation

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If you’ve got your mind set on K-Beauty products, then this Korean foundation may just become your favorite.

It’s definitely among the priciest products, but the ingredients make it so worth it.

You can wear it all the time knowing that the red ginseng will regenerate your skin while offering sun protection too.

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9. CLIO Pro Eyeshadow Palette

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An eyeshadow palette that will always make you feel incredible, is the one from CLIO.

You will have the most stunning colors at your fingertips!

With palettes featuring 10 coordinating shades, the possibilities are endless.

Why not learn a trick or two from the South Korean makeup artists?

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10. Peripera Sugar Twinkle Liquid Eyeshadow

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Liquid eyeshadows are quite popular, and if you want to learn how to do it like the K-Beauty gurus, you can try this one from Amazon.

It’s definitely going to be a wonderful experience!

By the way, this is an entirely cruelty-free beauty product, too, so you can feel good about using it.

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There are quite a few very interesting K-Beauty products you can find in the US, and it’s a wonderful idea to try and see what they’re about!

With the exception of one or two, they’re all so affordable that you have nothing to lose by trying them out!

What are your favorite K-Beauty products available in the US? Share below!

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