Why Does My Hair Curl Outwards? (& What To Do About It)

Those of us with a cute, spunky haircut usually wake up with our short hair curled outwards!

And it does so in our waking moments as well, much to our horror!

Why does my hair curl outwards-

This is one of the biggest complaints about those with short hair-as if the hair has a mind of its own!

If the hair ends curling outwards is killing your straight hair vibe. I’ve got just what you need to get them to stay in place.

Why Does My Hair Curl Outwards: 3 Surprising Reasons

“Why does my hair curl outwards?” Your hair is probably doing that weird thing where it isn’t straight or curly and is just curled outwards, leaving you in a messy situation.

You may even have used styling products time and again and heat tools to figure out a solution but to no avail.

The first step is recognizing why your hair does what it does. Here are some possible reasons:

1. Your Hair Hits The Nape Of The Neck 

Chances are your hair touches your shoulders exactly, causing it to curl at the point that it hits your flesh.

When the loose curls at your hair end touch your neck or shoulder, it will contour itself to fit the nape of the neck, thus curling outwards.

2. You Have Thick Layers In Your Hair

If you got a haircut in which the layers are made of thicker sections or have thick hair in general, it could make your tresses easier to curl outwards.


This is why it’s so important to find a good hairstylist who can give a better shape to your thick hair.

3. You Have Frizzy And Dry Ends

If you have dry hair or have severely damaged your hair due to coloring or overuse of hot tools, you may notice your ends and hair follicles start to look fried.

Your textured hair will curl outwards and look quite messy if you haven’t taken good care of your hair.

How To Stop Hair From Curling Outwards

By now, you probably understand why your mane sits the way it does.

Now that we know the reason behind our hair’s behavior, it is time to look at possible solutions to your hair concerns.

Here are some tips on improving the way your hair looks on you.

1. Grow Your Hair

The best and the most obvious solution to your short hair curling outwards is to grow your hair considerably longer.

When your hair is no longer hitting your shoulders, it can rest flat on your back.

That way, you flaunt straight hair, and the ends will no longer curl outwards.

It can be pretty difficult to stop your hair from bending outwards unless you grow it out a bit.

2. Get A Good Haircut

cutting the hair using a quality scissors

Your hairstylist may be able to reign in your thick hair and stop it from curling outwards. Thicker layers usually tend to push outwards.

An experienced stylist will find the right length of the hair and use that to curl your hair inwards.

Undercutting at the nape of the neck and letting the top layers curl in can help curl your hair inwards instead of outwards.

3. Hydrate Your Hair

When your hair is dry, it can become brittle and frizzy [1] which often leads to its curling outwards. Severely dry hair needs extra attention from you.

Make sure to lather your hair in deep conditioners and a hair mask as often as possible.

woman putting on a hair moisturizer

Use a mild shampoo on your hair and work in some leave-in conditioner after towel drying your hair.

When your hair starts gaining back some of its moisture, it will stop behaving like an ill-mannered child and will conform to your wishes.

Celebrity hairstylist Daniel Bauer says, “Many people like to wash their hair every day so that they feel it’s clean, shiny, and healthy.

However, this strips the hair of the sebum layer, leaving hair raw and prone to tangles and frizz.”

4. Use Heat Styling Products

If none of the above work for you, you may want to step up your hair game by using heat tools such as a flat iron or a curling iron to give you great hair every day.

straightening hair

But make sure you use a heat protectant to avoid heat damage and keep your hair healthy [2].

If you’ve only got a straightener at hand, don’t worry, for you can achieve several hairstyles(from tight curls to sleek straight) with a flat iron in your arsenal.

For instance, you can learn how to curl short hair with a straightener for beginners and start handling your hair like a pro.

Hollywood hairstylist Guy Tang says, “My favorite flat iron right now is the Dyson straightener.”

5. Get A Perm

Using a flat iron can become a hassle, especially if you are pressed for time. If you’d instead opt for something more permanent, how about getting a perm instead?

Trendy Hair Accessories Must-have Hairpieces for Every Occasion (2)

You can get a chemical treatment that alters your hair’s natural texture and helps you achieve curly hair or wavy hair every day.

Depending on your hair type, it lasts several months, and you won’t have to keep reaching for your curling rod to achieve perfect waves every day.


How Do I Stop My Hair From Curling Outward?

If you have short hair that reaches the nape of the neck, likely, your hair curls outward regardless of the hair type. The best way to stop it from doing so is to grow your hair length longer.

How Do I Make My Hair Curve Inwards?

You may not be able to curve your hair inwards unless you use hot tools on your hair, such as a hair dryer, hair straightener, or a curling rod. Use a heat protectant first to reduce hair damage on your natural hair.

Will Cutting My Hair Short Make It Curlier?

Cutting your hair shorter will not enhance your curls, but it can change the way your hair sits on your head, making it seem curlier and bouncier. Cutting your hair in layers is a great way to get bouncy curls.

Why Does My Hair Not Stay Straight?

If you have severely dry hair or frizzy hair, you may not achieve a straight look even with a flat iron. The best way for you to get a sleek mane is to hydrate your hair by using a deep conditioner often.


Your hair is more than just something that sits on our heads: it is your crowning glory. A good hair day can spark so much more in you, and you find yourself strutting instead of walking.

Everything feels great when your hair is on your side, and can’t nobody disagree with this fact.

If you have been feeling low over your hair curling at the back, I hope this article helped you manage your gorgeous tresses to some extent.

If you have a tip of your own that has helped your hair from curling outwards, do let me know to share it with the rest of the readers!


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