How To Curl Short Hair With A Straightener [10 Best Ways]

No one can deny the beauty of curls on hair. Thus, if you have short hair and always want to be in style, you need to curl short hair with a flat iron.

A flat iron is one of the few heated hair styling tools that can straighten hair and make unique curly hairstyles.

In this article, regardless of your hair type, you’ll find loads of magnificent curly short hairstyles that can be done with a straightener.

10 Best Ways To Curl Short Hair With A Flat Iron

Everybody thinks of curling wands at first when it comes to curling hair [1]. But there are numerous ways of curling hair with a straightener.

And it works great for people who have short hair as well. Thus, we came up with some fantastic ways of curling your short hair with a flat iron.

Check them out now.

1. Extra Voluminous Beachy Waves

Beachy waves are the most popular and go-to hair style for shorter hair.

But if you’ve ever tried this before, then you know that it’s hard to create big messy waves with a straightener.

If you have naturally wavy or curly hair, heat styling won’t change your natural texture much — but it will give it some hold so your curls don’t fall out by noon.

Dry Your Hair

Before you begin this style, make sure your hair is completely dry. This way, the heat from your tool will be less likely to fry it up and create frizz [2] instead of waves.

Use a Heat Protectant Product

You’ll be using high heat to style your hair, so protect it with an anti-frizz product. Protectants [3] keep the hair hydrated while protecting against heat damage.

They also make styling easier by providing a barrier between the heat and the hair, helping reduce the amount of time you need to keep the hot tool in each section.

Section Your Hair

When styling with a straightener, it’s best to work on smaller sections of hair at a time (around one square inch) instead of trying to work on one large section all at once.

Divide your hair into sections of at least 10-12.

This allows for even temperature distribution and reduces the risk of damaging your hair.

Use Clips and Bobby Pins

Make very tight braids with your hands and secure them with clips and bobby pins to create movement and volume in very short hair.

Section off different parts of your head with these tools, and then blow dry them out with a round brush.

Curl With the Straightener

Run the flat iron down each section of your hair at least three times.

You should twist the iron 180 degrees instead of 360 degrees when using a round brush for curls.

Curl first by holding the curling wand vertically against your scalp, then rotate the brush clockwise until the bristles touch the top of your head, then curl down toward the ends of your hair.

After you have curled all the sections of your short hair, fluff up sections of curls to give them some shape and body.

While you don’t want to overdo it with too much volume, this technique can help define each curl and give it plenty of bounce.

Apply Oil and Style

Add some hair oil with your fingers or texture spray to make your hair less frizzy. You can style by making some braids from the top and pinning them at the side of your head.

2. Alternate Waves

Alternate waves are another popular look for short hair.

To get the perfect wave, start by sectioning your hair to grab some of the strands.

Then twist the grabbed section with a flat iron towards your face inwards. The next section you grab, twist outwards, this time with a straightener.

Keep altering the twist inwards and outwards all over your hair. Finally, use it with your fingers to separate your hair.

3. Natural-Looking Curls On Short Hair

Short hair can often seem challenging if you’re looking for a sleek, smooth look. But there are ways to achieve extra volume without extensions or weaves.

Start by splitting your hair in half and tucking one half apart. Then focus on that half section that you have split.

Finally, hold it at the root first, then twist it fully and release it with your heat styling tools. It would be best to get a spiral curl in your short hair.

Do the same in each section of your hair.

4. Voluminous Bob

For voluminous bob hairstyles, you’ll need to do a little bit more than just a simple flip. Here are some quick, simple steps to follow for perfect loose curls: 

  • Section your hair into groups
  • Grab a bunch of hair
  • Run the straightener from the root, but do not twist
  • When the straightener reaches mid-way or a little bit more, start twisting your hair ends toward your face
  • Make this reverse curl at every end of your hair towards your face
  • When you are finished, take a brush and run it smoothly through your hair but not at the ends

5. Simple Beach Waves

There’s no doubt that beachy waves are all the rage this season! Here are some tips on how to get those perfect bouncy curls for your short hair!!

  • Prep hair by first removing all tangles
  • Split your hair into small sections
  • Always curling from any side with a flat iron
  • Select any section, take some hair from it twist it two times with a flat iron, and release.
  • Do the process two times in every section you take
  • Gradually twist all your hair from all sides except the hair on top
  • Now, get back to the top. Do the twists with a flat iron here as well, but do not take the hair from the root. Rather, curl the hair from mid-length to the end.

6. Effortless Curls On Short Hair

For girls with short hair, try to curl your straight hair with a straightener to get a more natural look and more volume.

It will give you the most gorgeous curls ever, perfect for a special occasion!

  • Section your hair above your ear
  • Take your flat iron for short hair and grab 2-3 inches of hair
  • Start curling around 90 degrees and then release
  • Do not curl to the tip of your hair; leave the ends as they are
  • Do the same all over your hair
  • Finally, run your fingers through your hair to piece out the waves

7. Carefree Curls On Short Hair

This may be the most effortless hairstyle ever, but it doesn’t look that way. It’s perfect for a day at the beach or pool! All you need is a straightener and hair clip.

  • When you begin twisting, clip the hair and flip the hair and the straightener in reverse simultaneously.
  • Rapidly run the straightener right down your bit of hair.
  • For the back, shorter bits of your hair twist under rather than in reverse.
  • The regressive strategy probably won’t work for the shorter pieces; however, twisting under certainly will.

8. Tight Curls On Short Hair

These effortless curls are quick to achieve and last all day! For this look, we just used a medium-sized straightening iron to curl the ends of the hair.

Wash and dry your hair thoroughly for clean hair.

Brush your hair for a few minutes to get rid of any knots or tangles. Blow-dry using a hair dryer so you don’t have damp hair but completely dry.

Divide your hair into small sections depending on how tight you want the curls to be.

A small section will give you tighter curls, while a larger section will give you looser curls.

Section each side of the hair, from one ear to the other and from the top of your forehead to the nape of your neck. This will help keep your curls uniform in shape.

Wrap one-inch sections around the straightener’s barrel, starting at the roots and working toward the ends.

Once all the hair has been curled, wait approximately five minutes to cool before combing out any tangles with a wide-tooth comb.

9. Flipped Out 60’s Style

Flipped-out 60’s style is a great way to get a cute look with short hair. This hairstyle can be great for anyone with a short bob haircut or long hair that has been cut into a bob style.

Flipping out the ends gives your hair texture and definition so it doesn’t look too flat. Here’s how to achieve it.

  • Section your hair into two groups
  • Grab some hair and start curling with a flat iron from the mid-way point
  • Twist the straightener to the ends outward
  • Do this outward wave at every end of your hair
  • Take some invisible oil in your hands and run through your hair. it will make your hair look more polished
  • Style it with a bandana or something similar

10. Crimp Style Waves

The crimp is another great hairstyle for short hair. This style works best on medium to long-length hair that has a bit of natural wave.

  • After sectioning, grab some (3-4 inches) hair. First, twist your hair inward with a straightener and immediately twist the next part of your grabbed hair outward.
  • Keep doing this; you will see at least 2 inward and 2 outward sections there. The number will increase according to the length of your short hair.
  • Take some brilliantine and use it through your hair with your fingers to separate them.
  • If you want to make them a little edgy, you can pin your hair from the side behind your ear with bobby pins.

Tips And Tricks For Flat Ironing Curling Short Hair

1) Prep your hair correctly. When flat ironing your hair, the first thing you need to do is prep it perfectly.

You want to use a heat protectant to lock in moisture and protect your hair from being damaged by the heat.

It’s also important that you use a curl cream or mousse before starting; this will give the curls more definition.

2) To get looser curls, make sure to grab larger sections, and for tighter curls, use smaller sections

3) Section off your hair in 1/2 inch sections, starting at the top of your head and working down.

2) To get looser curls, make sure to grab larger sections, and for tighter curls, use smaller sections

3) Section off your hair in 1/2 inch sections, starting at the top of your head and working down.

4) Use high-quality products that suit your hair type.

Keep in Mind

A straightener requires a lot of heat to style your hair. People who have thin hair are at the highest risk of damaging their hair with excessive heat.

Moreover, this applies to thin hair, but all other kinds of hair can also be damaged by high heat.

People who have short hair often get frustrated as they sometimes cannot find the perfect curly style for their hair.

If they find it, they get confused while executing the style. We have given a bunch of tutorials above that can be done simply with the help of flat iron for their convenience.

How cool is that, right? So which one is your favorite?


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