13 Stunning 4th of July Nails to Try in 2021

Forget fireworks, these 4th of July nails are going to be the real showstoppers!

From simple red, white and blue designs to stunning works of Independence Day nail art, we rounded up 13 of the most amazing ideas!

So, no matter how confident you are in your painting skills, there’s something that’s perfect for you.

Let’s dive in and check them out!

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13 Cool Fourth of July Nails

These 4th of July nail designs are all different but are perfect for the Independence Day celebration. Have fun going through them and choosing out the ones that fit your style best. 

#1 Baby Blue Nails

baby blue nails
Credit: la_nailedit on Instagram

The best thing about Fourth of July nail designs is that they’re easy and quick to do. They are all about showcasing off that beautiful blue color.

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, though, you can alternate with a deep red on every other nail.

#2 Sea Glass

sea glass nails
Credit: la_nailedit on Instagram

Even if you aren’t a huge fan of patriotic colors or patterns, there are a few designs that are perfect for this time of year!

For example, if you’re spending time out by the water, you’re going to want these fun and festive nails.

#3 Born Pretty

blue and white nail art
Credit: andrussnails on Instagram

Holy wow, the look of these nails is the best! Bright and full of glitter.

#4 Fun and Fireworks 

bright colorful 4th of July nails
Credit: andrussnails on Instagram

So many bright colors that they look like a bursting firework!

#5 Sunset Summer

sunset and coconut trees nail design
Credit: andrussnails on Instagram

Enjoy the sunset during the holiday weekend with this stunning look.

It’s a bit more advanced than the other Independence Day nails so far, but if you can pull it off, it’s a great way to showcase your artistic talents!

#6 Red and Blue Beauties 

4 red nails and one glittery blue nail
Credit: andrussnails on Instagram

Add a bit of red and blue to the 4th of July holiday weekend! I love how the single blue glitter nail really POPS out!

#7 Earthy Waves 

earthy waves 4th of July nails
Credit: by_millimac on Instagram

This is a beautiful look to have for the July 4th weekend. They look like a nail art version of a Van Gogh painting, don’t they?

#8 Mermaid Beauty 

mermaid skin white and blue nails
Credit: andrussnails on Instagram

If you’re going to be swimming in the pool during your 4th of July celebration, this look is a must!

#9 Lockdown Blues

blue waves nail design
Credit: by_millimac on Instagram

It’s time to get out and ride the waves!

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#10 Fancy and Free 

Web capture 20 5 2021 162244 www.instagram.com
Credit: passportsandpolish on Instagram

It’s always the perfect time for tie-dye nails! They also kind of look like firework nails, right?

#11 Patriotic Pride

Us flag-like nail design
Credit: peachyperfectnails on Instagram

Not a fan of subtlety? Show off your patriotic pride with these red, white, and blue nail. complete with stars, stripes and eagles!

#12 American Nails

4th of July nail design with America's color
Credit: peachyperfectnails on Instagram

These are loud, proud, and perfect for the 4th of July celebration.

#13 Ocean Tips 

nails with touch of light blue and white tips
Credit: nailsbyamyf on Instagram

Cute and sweet, these nails are like a calm ocean wave.

collage of different nail arts for 4th of July

Which are your favorite 4th of July nails? Would you like to try it? Share your thoughts with us!

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