11 Smiley Face Nail Designs For Happiness

If you need a bit of fun and happiness in your day, these smiley face nail designs are just what you need!

You’ll find a ton of super cute ideas that will definitely make everyone around you grin with glee!

From simple minimalist nail design to mix-and-match styles, they’re all adorable and festive, and fun!

Let’s check them out!

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Our Top Picks

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Check out the table for a quick overview of our favorite nail polishes to use for these designs, then read on for more details!

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#1 Mix-and-Match Smiley Nails

nail design with yellow circle smiling face, yin and yang, and strawberries
Credit: la_nailedit on Instagram

How cute are these mix-and-match nails? They’re so bright and cheery!

Plus, they prove that you don’t have to have a smile on every single nail. Even one will do just fine!

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Fearless Nail Art Photo 4

#2 Different Colored Nails With Smiles

different nail colors with face drawing
Credit: la_nailedit on Instagram

We totally think that these look like happy faces, so we had to add them to our list. I really love them because they’re easy enough for even beginners to pull off.

#3 Festive Santa Smile Nail Art for the Holidays

colorless nails with santa smiling design
Credit: la_nailedit on Instagram

Aren’t these the best smiley face nails for the holiday season? Totally festive and fun! You may want to bookmark this for next winter!

Or go ahead and try it now. Hey, we can all use a little holiday cheer any time of the year!

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#4 Flower Power Smile

nail design with a colorful flower smiling
Credit: la_nailedit on Instagram

We are obsessed with this adorable look. It’s bright, cheerful, and certain to be your new favorite. They’re perfect for spring!

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#5 Double Happiness Rainbow Smiley Face Nails

pink nails with smiling face designs
Credit: nailaestheticvip on Instagram

Rainbows and smiley faces? Yes, place! This look is seriously so cute! (We’re still smiling!) I also think these would make super cute Easter nail ideas.

These colors are the perfect complement to just about any nail art design!

#6 Happy Hands Minimalist Nail Art

nude pink nails with smiley faces
Credit: nailaestheticvip on Instagram

Baby smiley faces are the cutest! We love how this is on just a few nails in this design. It has a real minimalist feel to it.

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#7 Halloween Smiles

black nails with halloween smiley faces
Credit: claudia_hrnandez on Instagram

Here’s another idea to hold onto for later this year. Maybe not your traditional smiley face, but this Halloween smiles counts to us!

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#8 Be the Reason Someone Smiles

colorless nails with black and gold smiley faces
Credit: iramshelton on Instagram

The unique smiley faces on these nails are subtle yet make a big statement. We love the design!

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#9 Smile Babes

colorful smiley faces nail designs with black outlines
Credit: _thenailloft on Instagram

We love the different colors of the smiley faces on these summer red nails designs.

#10 Tye Dye Happy

neon nail design with one smiley face in the middle finger
Credit: _thenailloft on Instagram

 Channel your inner wild child with this fun tye-dye look! Such a cute and unique design.

#11 Skeleton Smiles

red and black nails with skeleton smiley face
Credit: peachyperfectnails on Instagram

We think of this as a smiley face for Halloween, and we think you’re going to agree! That said, if you’re living the goth life, they’re perfect for any season.

smiley face nail designs collage

Which are your favorite smiley face nail designs? Share below!

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