23 Gorgeous Minimalist Nail Designs

When it comes to minimalist nail designs, there are many great styles and colors to choose from.

The easiest way to prep and paint your nails is to draw attention without being over the top. Minimal colors, simple designs, a capsule wardrobe, and unique looks that aren’t too wild and crazy will help you achieve that minimal look you’re going for. 

The simple nail designs below prove that making a big statement doesn’t have to be with overbearing prints or colors. 

If you’re ready to get some nail inspiration to try out on your own nails, use these simply stunning nail designs to get started! Each is minimalistic and perfect in its very own way! 

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Our Top Picks

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Check out the table for a quick overview of our favorite nail polishes to use for these designs, then read on for more details!

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23 Minimalist Nail Designs

#1 Power Clutch

Power Clutch Manicure & Applique
Credit: Glamamom

This look is the perfect combination of subtle and fun. Great for a night in or a night out on the town.

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Fearless Nail Art Photo 4

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#2 Black Tip French

nude pink nail design with black tip
Credit: thenailloft on Instagram

Who says the french manicures can’t have a little pop of color? Check out the super cute black tip french manicure here

#3 Summer to Fall

bright blue minimalist nail design
Credit: April Go Lightly

It’s simple to say goodbye to summer’s bright colors and transition into those cooler fall shades. Check these red summer nails for inspiration!

#4 Rainbows

combination of nude design colors with glitters on the side
Credit: hpeila_dipnails on Instagram

Colorful nails don’t have to be overly bright and bold. Fun pastels and a bit of glitter go a long way.

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#5 Less is More

nude cream nail design with black dots
Credit: passportsandpolish on Instagram

This nail design speaks volumes without being overly busy! Just a little bit of art can go a long way!

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#6 Love Your Nails

bright red color minimalist nail design
Credit: Glama Mom

Bright red can be a great way to make a simple statement about love. Perfect for Valentine’s Day or when you want to add a fun pop of color.

#7 Channel Your Inner Disney Fan

Monsters University minimalist nail design
Credit: About a Mom

We are calling all Monster, Inc. fans! These nails are great for kids and adults to have a little fun with.

#8 Nail Art at Home

Check out this super fun look that was created using household items. Thinking outside the creative box is always a good idea.

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#9 Gold Foil

light pink with gold around the nails
Credit: iramshelton on Instagram

Nude nails and gold foil create such an elegant look. One look at these, and you’re going to be hooked!

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#10 Pink Sparkles

Light pink and sparkles are beautiful and combined, make stellar nails. You’re going to love the look of these beauties.

#11 A Touch of Gold

nail design with touch of gold glitters
Credit: artbyniki on Instagram

Gold is never a bad thing, right? And just a small hint can go a long way in shaping and creating a fun look for your nails!

#12 Ombre Nails

minimalist ombre nail design
Credit: passportsandpolish on Instagram

Just because you want a minimalist look doesn’t mean you can’t add several colors. This look says it all!

These colors are the perfect complement to just about any nail art design!

#13 French Love

cute nail design with little glitter-like dots
Credit: Glama Mom

Simple and elegant is the theme of these nails, and they’re a fun way to branch out and try something new.

#14 Glitter Tip

nude pink with glitter tips
Credit: _thenailloft on Instagram

Just a dab of glitter at the tip of your nails can make quite a stunning statement.

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#15 Love is in the Air

simple nail design with 2 little hearts
Credit: iramshelton on Instagram

Tiny hearts are PERFECT for creating a minimal look. You’re sure to love these nails.

#16 Pretty in Pink

pink minimalist nail design
Credit: _thenailloft on Instagram

You can never have too many different shades of pink on one nail. This stunning nail design is proof!

#17 Winter Blues

light blue nails
Credit: passportsandpolish on Instagram

Love the look of blue nails? See how simple and easily you can make that happen.

#18 Wedding Nails

pink nails with glitters
Credit: hpeila_dipnails on Instagram

Looking for a fun look for your wedding that won’t overpower your dress? These nails are it!

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#19 Chrome Nails

pink chrome nail designs
Credit: _thenailloft on Instagram

These nails are EVERYTHING. See how easy it can be to give yourself a whole new vibe and look.

#20 Evil Eye NAILS

nude nails with eye design
Credit: iramshelton on Instagram

The proof is in the “eye” of these nails’ seeker: minimal design, big impact.

#21 Fun and Festive

pink nails with glitter line in the middle
Credit: iramshelton on Instagram

Use your nails to be minimal and create a statement at the same time.

#22 Girls Hang Out

colorless nails with red and black side tip
Credit: passportsandpolish on Instagram

We might have totally made up the name for this design, but it just seemed fitting!

#23 Reverse French Manicure Nails

Outline and then leave the middle without color? Sounds like a perfect minimalistic approach.

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beautiful nail designs on a collage

What are your favorite minimalist nail designs? Share below!

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