13 Spooky Halloween Nail Designs That You’ll Love

These Halloween nails are so much fun and a tad bit spooky as well.

If you’re looking for awesome nail designs that everyone will love, think about wearing these to your next Halloween party!

Use these nail designs as inspiration to make other super fun ideas, too. 

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13 Halloween Nail Designs

These Halloween nail designs are great for all different levels of nail decorators.

Even if you’re just starting out and having fun designing your nails, you can easily make some of these or use them to create a style that everyone is going to love.

Use these as a fun way to add a cool look to your nails. 

#1 Chester the Pumpkin

chester the pumpkin halloween nail designs
Credit la_nailedit on Instagram

We could all use a little pumpkin in our lives, especially during Halloween time!

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Fearless Nail Art Photo 4

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#2 Boo Nails

boo nails
Credit la_nailedit on Instagram

A fast and easy way to get that spooky look with a lot of style and class, too.

Try this all-in-one nail paint for a better look!

Barry M Cosmetics - Nail Polish - Air Breathable Nail Paint - All-In-One Base Top Coat

#3 Insane in the Membrane

insane in the membrane nail design
Credit la_nailedit on Instagram

Who says that your nails couldn’t be a bit brainy? Perfectly spooky!

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#4 Black Kitty

black kitty nail design
Credit la_nailedit on Instagram

You gotta love the fun tutorial and look of this cute little kitty cat!

Try this to help get rid of dry skin and raggedy hangnails!

Jessica Phenomen Oil Intensive Moisturizer, 0.5 Fl Oz

#5 Almost Halloween

almost halloween
Credit la_nailedit on Instagram

If you’re looking for a festive look, get all the fun spooky looks here!

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#6 Black and Glitter

black and gold halloween nail designs
Credit andrussnails on Instagram

Dark nails with gold glitter are a great gothic look!

Lock in your gel nail colors and keep them vibrant with this amazing lamp kit!

Beetles Gel Nail Polish Kit with U V Light, Gel Polish Starter Kit

#7 Pastel Skulls

pastel skulls nail design
Credit andrussnails on Instagram

The bright colors mixed with the skulls give a super cool look.

#8 Halloween Eggshell

halloween eggshell nail design
Credit andrussnails on Instagram

The subtle fall colors are perfect for a chic Halloween look.

#9 Blood Red 

bloody red nails
Credit andrussnails on Instagram

Talk about a great way to grab attention!

This kit is everything you need for gorgeous glittery nails!

Salon Dip Glitter Kit – Be Glam

#10 Spooky Time

spooky halloween nails
Credit andrussnails on Instagram

Cute idea for a variety of Halloween favorites!

These colors are the perfect complement to just about any Indie nail art design!

MILD EAST Gel Nail Polish Kit, 6 Colors Bright Rainbow Gel Nail Polish Y

#11 Tiger Print

tiger print nails
Credit polished.af on Instagram

You’re going to love the look of this orange and black nail pattern.

Make your gel nail polish last longer with this base coat!

Mia Secret Glass Finish UV-LED Gel 0.5 Fl. oz - 15mL

#12 Fancy Nails

fancy nails
Credit polished.af on Instagram

This is a fun and elegant look for Halloween that everyone will love.

#13 Blood Drip

blood drip halloween nail design
Credit polished.af on Instagram

A fast and easy way to get a seriously spooky look.

Check out this video for a quick recap:

collage of halloween nail designs

What are your favorite Halloween nail designs? Please share with us below!

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