Trophy Skin vs. PMD: Which Machine is the Best? (Comparison)

You know how you don’t appreciate the best things in life until they’re gone? That’s how it is with your skin. You don’t know how good it’s been until gravity and time have taken a toll.

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Luckily, there are several tools in the market that are sure to give you ever glowing skin

Being a skincare enthusiast, I am very fond of abundant options in the market.  And I’ve found a few that are my absolute favorites.

Trophy Skin and PMD are both leaders in the field of at-home microdermabrasion kits, and they offer an affordable way to achieve smoother, clearer skin without spending a fortune on professional visits.

But what exactly do these two brands have to offer? And is one better than the other when it comes to providing you with the best results?

I’m here to tell you all about it!

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Here’s a quick comparison of Trophy Skin and PMD.

What is Trophy Skin and How Does it Work?

Trophy Skin is a beauty and wellness brand that envisions inclusivity for people with all skin types.

To make microdermabrasion treatments accessible at home, the company is among those who invented handheld devices and the self-administered Microderm machine.

A lady with a hand held facial machine under title Trophy Skin vs. PMD

Because of their innovations, you can now do mechanical exfoliation anywhere you desire.

Their machines are glow-getters that buff away dead skin cells with a high-tech combination of diamond exfoliation and mild suction. 

In just 5 minutes, it will reveal the radiant, glowing skin just beneath the surface. 

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What Are The Key Features of Trophy Skin?

Let’s get down to business. Take a closer look at the best parts of Trophy Skin MicrodermMD. 

1. Reveal your Radiant Skin and Healthier Skin

If microdermabrasion sessions are done regularly, the suction power removes the dead skin cells on the superficial skin layer and keeps them from skin resurfacing.

In the long run, this effective treatment will address the uneven skin tone and treat the dull skin cells for that healthy glow.

Check out this awesome video on trophy skin review.

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Not only that! These do-it-yourself professional treatments boost collagen production for a youthful appearance. 

2. The Auto Mode Feature

Being a beginner, you might think that the personal-use microdermabrasion system is intimidating. Don’t know which suction levels to use? Which vacuum suction will you begin with?

Worry not, because the microdermabrasion kit will walk you through the step-by-step simple treatments on every target area. 

3. Specialized Diamond Tips

It has a diamond tip that features a 3D suction technology to address your dark spots, enlarged pores, dead cells, and sun-damaged skin.

Moreover, it improves blood circulation for faster cell turnover, and skin cell renewal, for brighter skin. 

4. Perfect for All Skin Types

Be its sensitive skin, dry skin, rough skin, mature skin, clogged pores, acne scarring, or whatever skin condition you have, Microderm MD can deal with your skin sensitivity.

The powerful suction tool of the device will make your skin debris disappear and rejuvenate the outer layer of skin in your face and neck.

5. The Affordable Price

Board-certified dermatologists Muneeb Shah and Jonathan S. Crane talked said that “Microdermabrasion is one of the most popular and accessible non-surgical cosmetic procedures in the United States.” (1)

A lady with gorgeous skin with a microdermabrasion tool

Well, it’s even more accessible if you can buy one for yourself. 

Salons and aesthetic clinics claim that one microdermabrasion session is a light therapy that can do physical exfoliation to reveal your skin’s fresh layer.

The thing is, despite being a gentle treatment, microdermabrasion facial requires to be in your monthly maintenance routine to keep the appearance of pores, remove age spots, and acne scars.

Too bad, The American Society of Plastic Surgeons estimates the average microdermabrasion cost at $167 in 2020, (2) When done twice monthly, it will cost you hardly $4000 per year.

Trophy Skin products cost cheaper than one or two microdermabrasion session treatments at the salon!

Trophy Skin Products To Look At

1. MicrodermMD: The At-Home Exfoliator



2. UltradermMD: The Complete Care System

No products found.

3. Rejuvaderm MD: The On-The-Go Exfoliator


4. MiniMD: The Mini Miracle Worker

No products found.

What Influencers Are Saying about Trophy Skin Products

From the Trophy Skin MicrodermMD up to the Trophy Skin MiniMD, each microdermabrasion machine is making noise on social media.

Beauty reviewer and TikTok influencer Jenn Aedo said that the Microderm machine “didn’t hurt at all, and is sensitive skin approved!” She loves the sensitive setting mode and uses the product every other week.

@danielaasab skin care routine, using the trophy skin microdermMD! dc: danielaasab ?#microdermabrasion #skincareroutine #nightroutine #microdermabrasionfacial ♬ virgo – Jadu Jadu

In her TikTok video, she exclaimed that the kit works “hallelujah” on her fine lines. 

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Daniela Asab, a fashion and beauty vlogger shared her video on how she uses MicrodermMD.

She shared favorite part of the kit is the Auto Setting as it “shows me exactly which way to move my wand across my face.”

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What is PMD And How Does it Work?

PMD Beauty is another leading beauty brand that specializes in skin care and smart beauty tools that inspire and empower women. 

The company released a series of 4 professional microdermabrasion machines, a handheld tool that goes to the skin’s deepest level with the goal to help consumers achieve their perfect skin glow.

Their commercial quality skincare products feature sterile diamond tips with a maximum suction power that can go over the layers of skin to do pore extraction on inflamed acne. 

The excellent suction tips activate the blood vessels by increasing blood flow. Along with the gentle exfoliation feature, you’ll surely get smoother skin.

What Are The Key Features of PMD?

1. Do it at Home, Do it Anywhere

The PMD Personal Microderm products come in wand-like handy shapes. With a weight of only 6.9 oz, you can easily slip the cosmetic products into your bag.

PMD products are good for home use and are also a go-to item when you travel.

Make sure to also check our review of the best home microdermabrasion machine.

2. Perfectly Calibrated Variable Vacuum Suction

The suction heads not only have an enormous suction function. They also have a patented spinning disc giving it a different level of quality.

Here is a video on how to maintain the suction.

 3. Level-up Rejuvenation

Want to achieve a baby’s soft skin?  There are patent-pending spinning discs that use Aluminum Oxide crystals that are used in professional treatments are included in the system.

The handheld tool’s vacuum action gently draws the skin towards the disc for optimal exfoliation.

Dead skin cells are removed to allow for greater absorption of skin products, resulting in a more radiant, clear, and healthy complexion.

4. Customizable discs for your skin concern

Women of all skin types can revitalize their skin by unclogging pores, smoothing skin tone, and evening skin tone with the PMD microdermabrasion system.

This video shows how you can use the disks.

It features several degrees of exfoliating discs for a bespoke and regulated intensity. One white disc is for training and ultra-sensitivity.

There are also two grey discs for very sensitive, two blue discs are for sensitive, and two green discs are for moderate.

There are two caps, one for body exfoliation and the other for facial exfoliation, as well as one reusable filter.

The PMD Products To Look At

1. PMD Personal Microderm Classic

No products found.

2. PMD Personal Microderm Pro

No products found.

3. PMD Personal Microderm Man

No products found.

4. PMD Beauty Personal Microderm Elite Pro

No products found.

5. PMD Personal Microderm Plus with Daily Regeneration System

No products found.

What Influencers Are Saying About PMD Products

PMD products are famous! Skincare and beauty TikToker Nicole Matt shared how she uses the PMD Microderm at home and says “It has a lot of suctions and settings to choose from.”

Nicole also loves to use the PMD sheet masks after the session as it is “so soothing and a very gentle treatment.” In the end, she moisturizes with a cream that leaves her skin soft and smooth.

Another Tiktok beauty personality Kait posted a video sharing how she uses PMD Microderm Elite Pro weekly for exfoliation, and her favorite disk is the green one for higher intensity. 

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Thrilled enough to buy now? Before you decide, let’s check the PMD microdermabrasion vs. Trophy Skin first.

What Are The Key Differences Between Trophy Skin vs. PMD?

The main difference between Trophy Skin MicrodermMD vs PMD is that in terms of portability, PMD is more handy.

The Microderm MD is a portable device but is more convenient for at-home microdermabrasion equipment. Their at-home use device is powerful enough to provide complete skincare.

Despite that, Trophy Skin has two microdermabrasion products with similar designs as the PMD. These are the RejuvadermMD, and MiniMD. 

Another plus point to the PMD is that they also have a variety as powerful as the MicrodermMD, but in a portable design as well. 

In terms of operations, both devices are simple enough for a layperson to operate while still providing professional and clinical results.

Microderm MD is a real microdermabrasion treatment that incorporates dual-action therapy, diamond-tipped exfoliation, and suction.

Its Diamond peel exfoliation, an enhanced form of microdermabrasion, uses gentle abrasion to remove the dull outer layer of skin and accelerate the formation of new cells.

The suction improves blood flow to the epidermis, allowing collagen and elastin to be rebuilt, resulting in more young and regenerated skin.

PMD has spinning discs that use Aluminum Oxide crystals that are used in professional skin care. When you use the handheld tool, it gently pulls your skin toward the disc to get the best results.

A radiant, clear, and healthy complexion can be achieved when dead skin cells are removed. 

PMD VS Trophy Skin: Which One To Buy?

If you want something portable with deep and complete cleansing, go for PMD. For a beginner that wants a guided treatment at home, go for the Microderm MD

But before you decide, let me further explain the two products’ feature differences.

Microderm MD is an easy-to-use dual-action therapy and suction device for home microdermabrasion. One hundred packs of black wool filters are included with the device.

The suction levels can be adjusted for the best comfort and therapy. It has an Auto Mode that adjusts the suction settings for even the most inexperienced user.

In MicrodermMD Trophy Skin vs PMD,  people of all skin types may revitalize their skin by unclogging pores, smoothing, and evening skin tone using the PMD microdermabrasion device.

The lightweight equipment helps to balance out the skin’s tone. It minimizes imperfections and fine lines.


Can you use PMD every day?

No. Depending on your skin’s tolerance and desired cosmetic effects, microdermabrasion can be done as frequently as weekly or as infrequently as every eight weeks.

How often should I use my trophy skin microdermabrasion?

Many opt to begin with weekly treatments for three sessions before switching to a monthly maintenance schedule.

Is PMD worth the money?

With thousands of positive customer reviews saying it worked wonders on their skin, I must say, PMD is worth the money!


Choosing between Trophy Skin vs. PMD, would you go for the complete care plus auto mode feature for beginners, or will you choose powerful exfoliation and portability?

I’ll leave the answer to you. 

A lady with gorgeous skin holding a microdermabrasion tool

Do you prefer Trophy skin or PMD machines? Let us know below!


1. Shah, M., & Crane, J. S. (2021, July). Microdermabrasion – StatPearls – NCBI Bookshelf.

2. American Society Of Plastic Surgeons. (n.d.).

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