13 Best Microdermabrasion Systems Of 2023 To Try at Home

Looking for the best microdermabrasion systems of 2023 to try at home?

As a beauty expert, I’ve got the ultimate guide to leaving your skin looking brighter and smoother.

I’ve tested some of these products and researched extensively on others to bring you the most effective options on the market.

Whether you have acne scars or fine lines or just want to achieve a flawless complexion, these systems are perfect for you.

Let’s dive in and find the one that will transform your skin!

Let’s start with a quick look at our top picks, then keep reading for all the glorious details.

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Best Microdermabrasion Systems Top Picks at a Glance

Check the table below for a side-by-side comparison of our favorites!

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Top 13 Best Microdermabrasion Systems (Review Guide)

In 2018 the global microdermabrasion devices market was estimated at $413 million. [2]

This market continues to grow, with a significant increase in interest in at-home devices.

The modern microdermabrasion procedure, which was developed in 1986 in Italy by Drs. Mattioli and Brutto will keep on being popular around the world because it yields actual results. [1]

lady getting her body treated with the best microdermabrasion systems

1. Trophy Skin MicrodermMD– WINNER

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The Trophy Skin MicrodermMD machine is the most expensive one but also the closest one to an in-office treatment.

This is one of the best microdermabrasion machines on the market and our absolute winner when it comes to performance.

I love that it’s so easy to use, with clear instructions, and that it works wonders for all skin types.

At first, I was afraid to use it because of my hypersensitive skin, but this treatment efficiently removes the dead skin cells and leaves my face radiant. 

Brand Review

Trophy Skin is a brand that focuses on helping its customers achieve the skin they’ve always dreamed of. They produce microcurrent, light therapy, ultrasonic, and microdermabrasion tools.

The founder, Imran Karim, is also an owner of a medical spa where many women get in-office non-invasive beauty treatments.

The customer’s satisfaction with these procedures stimulated Imran to create at-home devices that will lower women’s costs but still deliver fantastic results.

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The MicrodermMD is a sleek white machine that comes with a modern case and an LCD. It’s actually an entire microdermabrasion kit that will help you fight sun damage, boost collagen production, and treat uneven skin tone.

It has three levels of suction: auto (five-minute treatments), manual (choose your suction power and time), and sensitive (great for sensitive skin types like mine).

The machine has three diamond tips: pore extraction, real diamond, and infuser. It also has a 5x magnifying mirror on the case.

Benefits & Drawbacks of Trophy Skin MicrodermMD at a Glance

It’s great that it has three levels of suction power so that users can adapt it to their needs.It’s a costly machine
It’s very easy to useIt’s large and hard to travel with
Suitable for all skin types, especially for sensitive skin
Comes with a diamond tip, blackhead tip, infusion tip, cleaning brush, and 100 filters
No products found.


  • It’s great that it has three levels of suction power so that users can adapt it to their needs.

The fact that it has three levels of suction is significant because everyone’s skin is different.

At the beginning of the treatments, you should start with lower suction and slowly turn it up as your skin gets adjusted to the treatment.

  • It’s very easy to use

Although many compare it to in-office microdermabrasion, you’ll find this device so simple to use. The instructions are clear, and you can easily navigate everything via the buttons and the screen. 

  • Suitable for all skin types, especially for sensitive skin

As I mentioned before, I was skeptical before trying microdermabrasion machines because I struggle with dry, sensitive skin.

This Trophy Skin device is meant for all skin types, and it’s suitable for sensitive skin. 

  • Comes with a diamond tip, blackhead tip, infusion tip, cleaning brush, and 100 filters

The packaging includes a diamond tip that I used to treat various areas on my face.

According to the brand, this machine is clinically proven to reduce wrinkles, dark spots, and age spots, and thanks to the diamond tip, that’s exactly what it did for me.

If you love tanning in bed but forgot to apply a tanning lotion and now you have to deal with sunspots, I highly recommend this machine.

The infusion tip is my favorite, and I’ve been using it constantly ever since I got the machine to apply my creams and serums.

Finally, the blackhead tip is what I’ve used the least because I was afraid it would be too powerful for my sensitive skin. However, I haven’t noticed any irritation so far, and I’ll start using it more often.

  • Has a 5x magnification mirror you can use while you’re doing the treatment

The magnification mirror is a great addition to the sleek box this device is packed in, and you can use it to follow your treatment and make sure not to miss any spots. 


  • It’s an expensive machine
  • It’s large and hard to travel with

The drawbacks of this machine aren’t that notable if you’re planning to use it at home. Since it’s a professional-grade device, it’s larger and heavier compared to the others on the list.

It’s also more expensive, but remember that you’re investing in a high-quality device. But, if you need a compact device that you’ll take when traveling, this one is not it. 

How it Compares to Others and Why

Based on my firsthand experience, I love the Trophy Skin machine not only because of its great results but also because of its beautiful packaging that includes a handy mirror.

Additionally, the LCD screen is a great feature that sets it apart from other devices in the market.

Expert Tips

  • I always use it on a dry face, and I mostly choose the sensitive suction mode. Then I use short strokes to go all over my face once.
  • It’s best that you use it two to three times a week and get new diamond tips every three to six months. 

User Reviews and Testimonials

Shelly, a 44-year-old customer of Trophy Skin, expresses her amazement with the product.

“I’m amazed that I feel like I’m getting the same treatment without indulging in the worst and most expensive price tags!â€

Here’s a video from BethanyFae, a beauty, and makeup YouTuber, discussing the before and after of using Trophy Skin’s MicrodermMD.

Where Can I Buy It?

When I bought it, I went straight to Trophy Skin’s website and purchased it there. But, it’s also available at Amazon and at Walmart, too!

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2. Microderm GLO Mini Diamond Microdermabrasion and Suction Tool– Best Compact Size

No products found.

If you’re looking for a small but powerful device that will take care of your clogged pores, and give you smoother skin, the Microderm GLO Mini Diamond Microdermabrasion and Suction Tool are one of my favorites.

This is a clinically tested tool that comes at a great price.

Brand Review

Microderm GLO is a brand founded by members of the American Academy of Dermatology. They are responsible for making professional-grade skincare devices and skincare products.

Their mini microdermabrasion tool is the one I wanted to test and review for a while.


The GLO Mini is a small white tool that first perfectly in your arm. You’ll find it easy to pack and bring with you when traveling.

The device has two levels of suction: low setting (red light): 16 hg/in and high setting (blue light): 20 hg/in. 

It also comes with four interchangeable diamond tips: fine precision tip, premium diamond tip, fine blackhead remover suction tip, and premium blackhead suction tip.

Benefits & Drawbacks of Microderm GLO Mini Diamond Microdermabrasion

Successfully removes dead skin cells and leaves the skin radiantIt’s more suitable for gentle skin; some people with normal and dry skin types feel like it needs more suction
It’s suitable for sensitive skin types, oily skin, dry skinSome complain that it didn’t remove blackheads fast enough.
It comes with a lifetime warrantyNot commercial-grade
The four different tips help you target all the areas on the face
It comes with 30 removable replacement filters for the tips

How it Compares to Others and Why

From my experience, I highly recommend this tool for removing blackheads and minimizing pores. Its two distinct extensions are specially crafted to target blackheads, and I have seen great results from using it.

No products found.

Expert Tips

  • To get the best results, use this device after washing your face. It’s suitable for all skin types, so I wasn’t worried about using it on my sensitive skin. First, I washed my face and dried it with a towel. Then I used the Microderm GLO Diamond Suction Tool with short strokes all over my face.
  • I used it once a week, but the seller recommends using it once or twice a week for the best results. You should notice significant improvements after three to four months of use.

User Reviews and Testimonials

An Amazon customer, Michelle, says that the product helps with her passion for skincare.

“I simply admire the device, and the machine is not as complicated as how I thought it would be. You’ll need a little knowledge in skincare, but you can get that along the way.â€

Check out this video review.

Where Can I Buy It?

I purchased mine from Amazon. However, you can choose to get it from Microderm GLO’s website directly!

Rose Baby, a makeup and lifestyle influencer, expresses her contentment after using the mini diamond and suction tool from Microderm GLO.

No products found.

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3. TopDirect 3 in 1 Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine– Most Diverse Features

No products found.

If you’re looking for a machine that can do it all, you should try the TopDirect 3-in-1 Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine.

One of my friends recommended it to me, and I’ve loved using it ever since I got it.

Brand Review

TopDirect is a brand that offers a variety of beauty products, including skin devices, nail polish, eyelash extensions, and more.

They have several microdermabrasion machines, but the one that sparked the most interest is the 3 in 1 Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine.


The TopDirect machine is a large white machine with nine different diamond tips, a spray bottle, and two diamond wands. It has a suction power that varies between 65-68 cmHg.

The machine comes with a manual that you should spend some time reading because of the numerous features and accessories.

Benefits & Drawbacks of TopDirect 3-in-1 Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine

It comes with nine different diamond tips that will target various skin concerns, including acne scars, the appearance of wrinkles, and blackheads, deliver brighter skin, and reduce the appearance of pores.It takes time to go over the manual.
It’s one of the best machines out there that provides an experience similar to an in-office microdermabrasion treatment.You have to get familiar with all the tips and features
Has several suction levels to choose fromIt’s large
No products found.

How it Compares to Others and Why

I just have to say this machine has a really cool look and a ton of features.

Plus, it comes with a handy spray bottle and various tools to tackle different skin issues. I’ve had a blast experimenting with it, and my skin looks great!

Expert Tips

  • I followed the manufacturer’s advice and started with the lowest suction settings on dry skin once or twice a week.
  • After the first month, I started slowly increasing the power. Now, I’m using vacuum suction as well to target my clogged pores.

User Reviews and Testimonials

BassetMom, a person who purchased it from Amazon, says that the product works great for her.

“I absolutely love this little machine as I use a deep moisturizer to finalize the session. I always feel like my skin is left smooth and free from impurities!â€

Here’s a video from TopDirect, showing you the contents of the package. The video also discusses how the machine is set up:

Where Can I Buy It?

It’s available on Amazon.

No products found.

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4. Olay Brush Exfoliating Microdermabrasion Kit– Best Budget

No products found.

The Olay Brush Exfoliating Microdermabrasion Kit is an affordable find for dual use. It can both cleanse your skin and be used as a microdermabrasion device.

Brand Review

Olay is a popular skincare brand that most ladies are familiar with. But did you know that they also have facial brushes and devices?

This is a world-renowned brand that worked closely with dermatologists to create its Exfoliating Microdermabrasion Kit.


This small white device is perfect for people on the go. It’s lightweight and easy to pack and carry with you anywhere.

You’ll also receive two accessories in the packaging: a brush meant for cleansing and a microdermabrasion foam head. These come together with a cleanser and a polishing cream.  

The machine packs two systems in one because you can use lower speed and the brush accessory for everyday cleaning and the higher speeds and the Thermal Crystal Polisher for microdermabrasion.

Benefits & Drawbacks of Olay Brush Exfoliating Microdermabrasion Kit

It’s a very affordable machineIt’s not as powerful as the other devices on the list
Three speeds to choose from to fit your needsNot as “water-resistant” as they claim, according to some.
You can use it for everyday cleansing.

How it Compares to Others and Why

You’re in for a treat with this microdermabrasion machine! It’s not your average device, as it’s also great for cleaning your face before starting your microdermabrasion session.

Since it’s water-resistant, you can feel free to use it under the shower occasionally. However, don’t make a habit of it. One reviewer said that it failed after 30 days of consistent in-shower use.

Expert Tips

  • I love using the Olay device several times a week for cleansing and twice a week to exfoliate my skin and remove the outer layer of dead cells. 
olay microdermabrasion tool

Olay Brush Exfoliating Microdermabrasion Kit

The Olay Brush Exfoliating Microdermabrasion Kit is an affordable find for dual use. It can both cleanse your skin and be used as a microdermabrasion device.

5. PMD Personal Microderm– Best For Face And Body

No products found.

The PMD Personal Microderm is a machine I got because I saw that I could use it on the face and body. I was intrigued by its features, so I decided to try it.

Brand Review

PMD Beauty is a popular brand that specializes in smart beauty tools and anti-aging devices for women and men. As a part of their range, they also offer skin care products.

In my experience, PMD offers some of the most beautiful and practical skincare tools that have never let me down. Today, I’d love to share with you my favorite one: the Personal Microderm Classic!


This colorful machine is available in six different colors. The exterior is chic and modern, and the device is easy to hold in your hand.

Unlike the previous machines, the PMD Personal Microderm uses aluminum oxide crystals to remove dead cells and leave your skin glowing.

The packaging includes various exfoliating discs: one for ultra-sensitive skin, two for very sensitive, two for sensitive, and two for moderate exfoliation.

You’ll also find two large caps for body exfoliation and one small for face exfoliation.

Benefits & Drawbacks of Vanity PMD Personal Microderm

You can use it on the face and the body as wellThe suction can be strong, so you need to be careful
The skin absorbs skincare products better after the treatmentIt’s costly 
It increases blood flow and stimulates the production of collagen, therefore reducing wrinkles.
No products found.

How it Compares to Others and Why

I’ve had the chance to try out this fantastic microdermabrasion device that not only comes in various fun colors but also includes tips for both the face and body.

Unlike other devices on this list, you won’t need to purchase additional body tips, making it a cost-effective investment for your skincare routine.

Expert Tips

  • I love how easy it is to use this device. All you need to do is apply it on a clean, dry face and use short upward motions. 

User Reviews and Testimonials

KP, an Amazon customer, said that she saw results in just four weeks of use!

“It’s absolutely convenient to use, and I saw results in just a month of usage! I noticed that my face became softer, with a more luminous skin tone!â€

She even posted a video about it!

Jaleesa Moses, a fashion, makeup, and lifestyle influencer gives positive feedback after using the PMD Personal Microderm Classic.

Where Can I Buy It?

PMD’s Personal Microderm Classic is available on Amazon and Ulta!

No products found.

6. Microderm GLO Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine and Suction Tool – Clinical Micro Dermabrasion Kit

No products found.

“It has taken 10 years off of my face!†–I was sold to the number of comments about how it made people look younger.

The product garnered thousands of ratings and reviews that revolved around how good and effective the machine is.

Brand Review

Microderm Glo is a brand that has revolutionized the cosmetic industry. They’ve patented many devices and machines that revolved around skincare and cosmetics.

Most, if not all, their products have a 100% money-back guarantee. This just goes to show how confident Microderm GLO is with its product line.


The product has been rated effective in removing dead skin cells, as well as other skin impurities.

Other than dead skin-cell removal treatments, you can also use it to cleanse, detoxify, exfoliate, and hydrate your skin! It’s an all-in-one product that can cater to whatever your needs are!

It has proven clinic-like results without the need to spend a fortune!

I love the product overall, and I think it’s one of the best ones I’ve ever experienced so far.

Benefits and Drawbacks of the Microderm GLO Diamond Microdermabrasion System Machine and Suction Tool

It’s equipped with a cleaning brush, which keeps it safe for all skin types.It usually takes a longer time to take effect
The usage is only for four (4) minutesThe charging time is longer than the usual
The product is safe as it doesn’t cut and mark the skin; it has been clinically tested.
It’s easy to use and does a good job of exfoliating.

How it Compares to Others and Why

After trying out Microderm’s GLO Diamond, I must say its appearance is unique, with a sturdy base and a slender nozzle.

The device has multiple buttons for different modes, which can take a bit of getting used to, but it makes up for it in portability, as the large handle makes it easy to carry around. Another plus is the longer lifespan of the device, lasting for around 10 months with regular use.

Expert Tips

Overall, my verdict for Microderm’s GLO Diamond Machine and Suction Tool is that it’s easy to use, convenient, and effective.

I was able to try it on my skin, and me having sensitive skin, I can say that it’s a treat.

User Reviews and Testimonials

Ryan Christensen, an Amazon client, said that the device had been an effective solution to his dry and rough skin.

“Everyone at my salon thinks that I started using new makeup! It’s a great product as it can give the dew, fresh skin shine you’ve always wanted!â€

Beauty Budget Moms, a makeup and skincare-focused YouTuber, gives her positive feedback on Microderm GLO’s diamond microdermabrasion kit and says that it’s easy to use and effective:

Where Can I Buy It?

The product is purchasable on Amazon, as well as Walmart.

No products found.

7. Beauty Star 65 to 68 cmHg Suction Power Beauty Facial Skin Care Machine

No products found.

This 2-in-1 beauty machine is small but absolutely fantastic. It’s a product I would recommend to all skin types because of its cost-effectiveness and multi-functionality.

It has a thin-handled nozzle, making it easy, simple to use, and convenient.

I saw that my color transformed into brighter and more luminous skin over time. Within 2 weeks, my uneven skin tone was gone!  

Brand Review

The company lists products under its brand name and has successfully provided excellent-quality skin and cosmetic machines and devices.

This smart company has innovated and revolutionized diamond skin machinery and devices addressing skin conditions and imperfections.


Beauty Star’s 65 o 68 cmHg features a diamond dermabrasion machine, an English manual, two (2) fuses of a PVC hose, nine (9) diamond tips, and cotton filters.

It uses a standard US plug and is compatible with most because the voltage is 110V, 50/60 Hz.

What I loved most about Beauty Star’s machine is its deep and intense cleaning, as well as absorption.

Compared to traditional skincare equipment, Beauty Star’s machine is advanced and applies to different body parts.

I’ve used it on my face, my neck, my back, and even my arms!

Benefits and Drawbacks of the Beauty Star 65 to 68 cmHg Suction Power

Benefits Drawbacks
It’s packed with nine (9) different replacement headsThe suction is low-powered even in the highest setting
Deep cleansing can be done and is possibleComplex and slightly more difficult to set up
Proven to be effective in transforming luminous skin
You can use it with versatility (blackheads, pores, acne scars, etc.)
The product can be used and is portable enough to be placed inside luggage
It’s recommended by estheticians and dermatologists, meaning, it’s safe to be used!

How it Compares to Others and Why

Beauty Star’s 65 to 68 cmHg diamond dermabrasion suction tool is thin and is remarkably effective in whatever function you need.

Out of all the ones I’ve used, I consider this as the most flexible and versatile –thanks to the nine (9) different-sized heads.

Expert Tips

What I loved about the Beauty Star suction tool is the fact that it has everything you’re looking for in a microdermabrasion machine.

The package includes cotton filters, it contains multiple replacement heads, it guarantees deep penetration, and so on!

User Reviews and Testimonials

Maura Santucci, a professional esthetician and an Amazon customer, said that the device is great and effective.

“I’ve been a professional esthetician for more than 2 decades, and never did I find a product as good as this! I highly recommend it to those who want an inexpensive skincare device!â€

Where Can I Buy It?

Beauty Star’s 65 to 68 cmHg tool can be bought on Amazon. You can find the same product on eBay, too!

No products found.

8. Vanity Planet Exfora Microdermabrasion Wand (Best for Face)

No products found.

The Vanity Planet Exfora Wand comes with an auto mode that gives you a quick 4-minute treatment of all zones of your face (cheeks, nose, chin, forehead, eye area, and neck).

I love that you can swap out the heads to get the perfect treatment every time.

Brand review 

Alex Dastmalchi, the founder of Vanity Planet, suffered from cystic acne. The only (inexpensive) thing that helped him was a device made in China. That device became an inspiration for the brand. The core philosophy of Vanity Planet is to offer high-quality and accessible products. 


The wand is suitable for all skin types and has four interchangeable heads and a facial cleanser. It exfoliates and suctions away dead skin cells and stimulates the skin.

Speaking of the heads, they’re made with medical-grade diamond dust, so it’s like getting a pro-level treatment without the cost. 

Benefits & Drawbacks of Vanity Planet Exfora Microdermabrasion Wand

Only takes less than 5 minutes to treat your skinNot for sensitive skin. 
Enhances the absorption of skincare products by 50 percentUsers have complained that level 1 is too weak and level 2 can hurt the skin.
Lightens the appearance of hyperpigmentationYou can use it only on the face and neck.
Promotes blood circulation and collagen production

How it compares to others, and why

I’ve had the chance to try out this product and I must say, the LED display is a fantastic addition. It makes it easy to monitor the suction strength and battery life, so you always know exactly what’s going on. Plus, it adds a touch of futuristic style to the device!

Expert tip

  • To maximize the effect, hold the skin taut for each zone while using.
  • Make only one pass over each area and replace the filter after use.

User Reviews and Testimonials

An Amazon customer, Drew Gafford, said that the product is perfect, especially for its price.

“Before receiving it, I was hesitant, to be honest. But it changed when I started using it. My skin appeared much healthier and glowing even after using it four (4) times!â€

Here’s a video from Rachel Freeby discussing how contented she was with the results even though she’s only been using it for a few weeks.

Where Can I Buy It?

I bought my wand from Amazon. You can choose to get it directly from Vanity Planet’s website, too!

No products found.

9. Nubrilliance Microdermabrasion Skin Care (Best for Delicate Skin)

No products found.

NuBrilliance doesn’t look like much, and the device doesn’t scream “beauty,” but don’t let that fool you. This is a powerful professional-quality kit that works great for treating your body and delicate facial skin. [6]

Brand review

The NuBrilliance company rose to fame by offering one of the first “As Seen on TV” microdermabrasion products. Unfortunately, they don’t have a website of their own, so finding brand information is a bit trickier. Still, if you’re willing to take a risk, this device does have some stellar reviews. 


The product has three interchangeable tips for different treatments and body parts. Its dual-action system combines diamond peel exfoliation and vacuum stimulation.

The three tips range from fine diamonds designed to work on larger areas of skin to smaller diamond tip that targets specific areas. 

Benefits & Drawbacks of Nubrilliance Microdermabrasion Skin Care

Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinklesA little too costly for the value
The skin absorbs skincare products better after the treatment The company does not offer a return policy, so it’s really a major risk
Smoother and brighter skin
Can be used on the neck, hands, arms, and legs

How it compares to others, and why

I absolutely love that this kit comes with not one, not two, but three diamond tips for varying degrees of exfoliation! Plus, with the 30 disposable hygienic filters, I can rest assured that my device is always clean and safe to use.

Expert tip

  • Use the fine diamond tip for sensitive areas like the face and neck, a regular diamond tip for areas like hands and legs, and a small circular diamond tip for hard-to-reach areas like the nose.
  • Replace tip after every 10-20 treatments

User Reviews and Testimonials

Dude808 says that he likes what he’s seeing so far in terms of using the product.

“I love that the product is easy-to-use and compact. I noticed the discoloration on my acne-prone skin already! Can’t wait for what I’ll see further!â€

Lori Alcorn is showing the incredible results she had after using the NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion System At Home!

Where Can I Buy It?

You’ll find the NuBrilliance skin care system on Amazon. But you can also get it straight and directly from NuBrillaince’s website.

No products found.

10. Bee Stunning Diamond Buff Microderm Exfoliation Tool (Best for dry skin)

No products found.

The Bee Stunning is the home version of the professional tool, the Dermafile. It’s famous for the smooth velvety complexion it leaves after usage.

Brand review

“Bee stunning… your own kind of beauty,†with a stunning vision, the brand deserves all the praise it has received. It is a true pioneer in professional microdermabrasion and is dedicated to providing all-natural products.


This device is the easiest to clean among all the products I have mentioned in this list. But its features don’t end there.

It doesn’t look like much, I know, but that’s actually the beauty of it. It focuses on doing one thing well rather than trying to be everything to everyone. 

The device does not use suction or require any replacement parts. You can also use it on damp skin.

See the video below to see what I mean:

Benefits & Drawbacks of Bee Stunning Diamond Buff Microderm Exfoliation Tool (Best for dry skin)

An excellent alternative to facialYou can easily over-exfoliate without you realizing it.
Super simple to useIt is a bit pricey for something so simple
Reduces sun damage and wrinkles
Removes the top layer of dead skin cells

How it compares to others, and why

Based on my experience, you don’t need to worry about replacing any parts or batteries with this product. What you see is what you get, making it a hassle-free addition to your skincare routine.

Expert tip 

  • Do not put too much pressure on your skin while using it.
  • Use as directed and only for 3-minutes 

User Reviews and Testimonials

Sunshine, a customer from Amazon, says that this beauty tool has since been effective without any negativities.

“This magic wand is every girl’s dream. It’s effective and easy to use – the lifetime warranty is just a bonus! Get this beauty tool, ladies and say goodbye to any type of impurities on your skin!â€

Beauty Insider covered Bee Stunning’s DIAMONDBUFF tool and they’ve shown positive results! Check this video out here!

Where Can I Buy It?

I purchased my Bee Stunning DIAMONDBUFF tool from Amazon. However, it’s also being offered on eBay!

No products found.

11. Finishing Touch Flawless Dermaplane Glo Lighted Facial Exfoliator (Budget Pick)

No products found.

If you’re on a crazy tight budget (who isn’t these days, right?) and you just want something super basic that still works pretty well, this is the one for you. 

Brand review

Finishing Touch Flawless’ first and foremost commitment is to eliminate the stigma related to hair removal. The company has created many innovative and painless solutions in its quest to remove this stigma.


The Finish Touch is a non-vibrating facial exfoliator that promises precision and sharp control. 

This device has an LED light that boosts visibility even in low light control. The package comes with one Dermaplane Glo wand, six replacement heads, and even the battery that you’ll need for the light!

Check out the video below to see it in action:

Benefits & Drawbacks of Finishing Touch Flawless Dermaplane Glo

Can smooth the appearance of fine linesIt’s sharp, so you’ll need to put it somewhere safe and away from kids
The head includes a ridged safety guard to protect the skinNot an automatic device like others on our list
Incredibly affordable at under $15

How it compares to others and why

In my experience, this is not only the most affordable option but also incredibly user-friendly!

Expert tip

  • Use before sleeping to give the skin time to heal
  • Avoid using makeup for a while after use.

User Reviews and Testimonials

Annie C., an Amazon client said that the product works absolutely fine and that she didn’t know she needed it.

“Whenever I use it, I hear the sound of fuzz and dry skin being removed from my skin’s surface. It feels tender but it’s okay –it’s how I know that the product is working.â€

Where Can I Buy It?

It’s available on Amazon, but you can get it on eBay, too!

No products found.

12. Fenitrany Sicy Comedo Microdermabrasion Machine (Best for Dry Skin)

No products found.

With 40 PKA suction, this device is a wonderful microdermabrasion machine for not only exfoliation but also acne treatment and wrinkle reduction.

Brand review

Absoglow is dedicated to using natural elements to give its customers their natural skin glow. They’re a relatively new beauty brand, so you’ll have a hard time learning much about that. Expect that to change, though, as they’re quickly on the rise with their quality products.


The Absoglow comes with four removable suction probes, all with their own function. Each one uses microcrystals infused into a probe to help banish dead skin and leave you with a more even appearance. 

That’s not all, though. It also uses blue light therapy, [7] which not only works well to help fight age, but may also even boost your mood, especially if you suffer from SAD. [8]

Benefits & Drawbacks of Fenitrany Sicy Comedo Microdermabrasion Machine

Gently removes dead skin Some users have complained about the drastic difference between levels 2 and 3.
Results in glowy and even-toned skinHeads made of hard plastic
Good suction power for blackheadsBlue light does not work in all modes

How it compares to others and why

The cool blue light it emits does wonders for keeping acne and blemishes at bay!

User Reviews and Testimonials

Rachel Dovich, an Amazon customer, can’t wrap her head around how effective the product is for blackheads.

“It worked both on my blackheads and my husband’s; we got luminous skin and I’m excited to use it with other skin problems and imperfections we have! Will definitely buy again!â€

Where Can I Buy It?

Feninatry Sicy’s facial steamer is available on Amazon.

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13. Microdermabrasion Wand by Revlon, Gently Exfoliate Skin With Real Diamond Grit

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Some people prefer using a real diamond grit as their exfoliating wand because of the fact that it has a more natural finish, and it’s designed to get rid of dead skin cells effectively. 

For this, I would recommend going for Revlon’s microdermabrasion wand. It can help you exfoliate and transform your skin to have a fresher, more radiant glow. 

Its unusual form makes it more effective in covering all the age spots, dark spots, and lines I need to cover!  

I’ve used the product, and I couldn’t care less about the overall quality. Whether you have dry skin, dull skin, oily skin, and even hydrated skin, this product is perfect! 

Brand Reviews

Revlon is an international, multimillion-dollar company. the company is known to be an international Rockstar when it comes to hair, skincare, and cosmetics. 

Due to this reputation, you wouldn’t worry about the materials and components they use to produce their machines and equipment. 


In using the product, one of the things I can say I truly enjoyed was the fact that I could adjust the intensity of pressure and stress easily. 

Within a month of usage, I started to feel drastic changes in the texture of my face! Take note, I have dry skin, and even if the texture of the wand is rough, I still feel its positive effects on my skin. 

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using the Microdermabrasion Wand by Revlon

It utilizes a real diamond grit for a better, more effective exfoliation It doesn’t give you a fresh and relaxing feeling
You don’t have to use them dailyThe tool is smaller in person than in photos 
The intensity of the pressure and temperature can be adjusted 
It’s easy to handle and use, perfect for people even without experience. 
You can bring it anywhere; it’s compact, small, and thin. 

How it Compares to Others and Why 

Unlike other microdermabrasion wands, Revlon’s has been one of my go-to pieces. Its flexibility, versatility, and overall texture are something I’ll definitely look for in other products. 

Expert Tips 

Don’t use it daily! I didn’t know this at first, and for the first week, I was scrubbing my face gently with it, and on the 6th day, I experienced irritation. 

I found that exfoliating at least two (2) to three (3) times weekly is enough. 

Furthermore, I would advise that you use it on damp skin. The best ones would be while wearing a night mask or when you have a moisturizing serum on. 

After using the product and leaving it rested for about ten (10) minutes, cleanse and sanitize the wand with warm water and soap. 

User Reviews and Testimonials

Alisha, an Amazon customer who purchased the product, said that the product was fine and that it worked just right. 

“To be honest, I never expected anything extravagant because of the fact that it’s cheap. For years, I loathed my dry skin, and I’m unable to find a product that does work, and this little wand seemed to do the trick.”   

Check this video out to learn how to properly use Revlon’s microdermabrasion wand, as well as to know what Bianca thinks about it! 

Where Can I Buy It? 

I bought my Revlon microdermabrasion wand on Amazon. But it’s also available at Target! 

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What to Consider When Buying the Best Microdermabrasion Machine

When looking to buy microdermabrasion at-home machines, you can easily get overwhelmed by the choice. These factors should influence your decision and help you make the best choice.

Suction Power

Try to find the best at-home microdermabrasion device that features several levels of suction. This means that you can adjust how strong the suction will be to your skin type and your face’s different areas.

For example, use the most suction on your nose, beard, and other problematic areas. Stick to gentle suction around the eyes.


The tips for at-home microdermabrasion machines come in several materials. Diamond tips are the most popular ones because they give gentle exfoliation and are easy to take care of.

Some tips are made with aluminum oxide crystals, which are another fantastic choice.

Ease Of Use

You don’t want to be stuck with a machine that you can’t figure out how it works. These at-home devices should be user-friendly, and you shouldn’t have any problem figuring out all the settings.

Since you won’t be visiting the dermatologist’s office but doing the treatment at home, the machine should arrive with a detailed manual with all the instructions. 

Smaller machines are usually more suitable for home use and easy to set up, carry, and move around the house. That’s why they are very popular among users.


The price of these machines varies depending on the features.

In general, the more expensive designs come with more features and provide an experience that is similar to professional microdermabrasion at the dermatologist’s office.


Do Dermatologists Recommend Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion is a popular treatment recommended by many dermatologists, with some even offering the service in their clinics.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Microdermabrasion?

‘Is microdermabrasion safe’ and ‘Is microdermabrasion good for your skin‘ are some of the most common questions people want to know. When done properly, microdermabrasion is generally safe, although some side effects may occur. These can include temporary redness, swelling, burning, stinging, and bruising. Additionally, people with certain skin types may be at a higher risk of developing dark spots after the procedure.

How Often Should I Do Microdermabrasion?

How often you’ll want to treat yourself to a microdermabrasion session depends on your skin type and how it responds to the treatment. The device manufacturer will likely have recommendations, but it’s ultimately up to you to find a schedule that works best. Most people start with weekly treatments and then gradually reduce the frequency to monthly or bi-monthly.


If you love doing microdermabrasion at your doctor’s office, maybe it’s time to save some money and get a machine that you’ll use at home.

I’ve been getting this procedure done for a while now, and I have to admit that I love using these five machines. 

Having one at home means that you’ll be able to adapt the accessories to your needs, you’ll save money and time, and you’ll be able to pamper yourself each week.

Final Recommendation

Try Trophy Skin MicrodermMD!

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lady in a microdermabrasion treatment

What are your favorite best microdermabrasion systems? Have you tried using one? Share with us your experience below!


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