11 Hispanic Hair Color for Mexican Skin Tone: What Looks Great

Wondering what is the best Hispanic hair color for Mexican skin tone?

If you have a Hispanic skin tone and looking to play a bit with your hair, you have come to the right place.

I have curated a tell-all article for all golden skin people to help them figure out their best hair hue.

Here are the best hair colors for Mexican skin that may work on your skin too.

How to Choose The Right Hair Color for A Mexican Skin Tone?

First of all, it may help to learn about human skin color names before we decide on what colors to get for your golden skin when asking what is the best ‘Hispanic hair color for Mexican skin tone’

Mexican golden skin usually falls under Type III to Type V in the Fitzpatrick scale. (1)

These skin texture types usually have light or dark brown skin with warm undertones. Some may even have a lighter skin tone with cool undertones.

The best way to determine the best color is to determine the undertone. (2) 

Celebrity makeup artist Robert Sesnek says, “while skin tones range from very deep to very fair in color, undertone refers to the shade that is within that color.” (3)

Undertones are usually warm, cool, or neutral. Not only do mentions of undertones determine what foundations and concealer shades to get, but they also help you identify the best hair color for Mexican skin.

I have a whole article on figuring out your undertones: skin colors names, which you may wish to check out in full if you don’t have yours figured out.

After you’ve figured out your undertones, the whole process gets so much easier. Warm undertones? Opt for rich warm colors like reds, deep browns, honey blondes, or golden.

Cool undertones? Go crazy and get icy platinum blondes if you want. Want to play it subtle? Opt for ashy browns or softer blondes.

And if you’re blessed with the best of both worlds aka neutral undertones, you can choose to go whichever way you like. However, Mexican skin color may look even more flattering with warmer hues of the hair.

But hey, you do your own! And if you feel like it doesn’t suit you, it’s just hair. You can always dye it back. Or cut it short. Or wear a wig. The options are limitless!

Let’s take a closer look!

11 Best Hair Color Ideas For A Hispanic Skin Tone

Now that we’ve covered what hair colors look good on Mexican skin color, I’ll be talking in detail about the colors. It doesn’t matter if you have the lightest skin colors or darker skin tones, I’ve got you covered.

And make sure to check out my article on olive colored skin ethnicity if you have that skin texture.

Let’s begin!

#1 Dark Blonde

Yes. Blonde is one of the most sought Hispanic hair colors for Mexican skin tone that suits tons of Mexican Americans.

Did you know Sophia Vergara was born a natural blonde? Although she has dyed her hair darker, we’re sure she rocked her natural blonde hair before her color transition.

#2 Strawberry Blonde

Famous ethnic minority actress Eva Mendes is often seen sporting this hair hue that is a mix between red and blonde.

It is perfect for Hispanic skin tones, dark skin tones, and even the lightest skin colors can enjoy this hair hue.

#3 Platinum Grey

If you have more cool undertones in your golden skin, platinum grey hair is sure to take your look to a whole other level.

#4 Chocolate Brown

Another fan favorite, the chocolate brown is sure to bring out your facial features in a flattering manner, especially if you have brown eyes.

#5 Honey

Another shade of brown but more on the lighter side. Latina celeb Nicole Scherzinger with darker skin tones looks so well-put together with this hair hue.

#6 Caramel

Mmmm.. just think of caramel and the melt-in-your-mouth texture and color. Now put that in the hair and watch it turn into magic.

My favorite girl Jessica Alba has the most gorgeous caramel hued-hair that suits her Hispanic skin tone completely.

#7 Chestnut

Think of a mix between dark brown hair and black hair and you have chestnut. This color is extremely flattering, especially on dark skin color.

Check out beautiful this color looks.

#8 Mocha

More on the darker side but technically not black hair, mocha is a go-to for many dark skin color beauties. Zoe Saldana with her Latin genetic admixture flaunts mocha-hued locks oh-so-beautifully.

#9 Red

Opt for a warmer hue of red and you’ll look every bit of the diva that you are. Hispanic skin beauties with warm undertones can pull off the reds beautifully.

#10 Black Hair

Jet black hair is always in. Not only do your locks look healthy in this hue, but it also looks mysterious and sexy.

It might not be flattering on the lightest skin colors, but dark skin tones can definitely carry it off.

#11 Hues of Purple/Pink

Love pastels? Duh! All of us do. Why not take your love of pastels further and flaunt it in your hair? If you have cool undertones, you can pull off the look.

Those with warm undertones may pull off warm purples and pinks.


Embrace your gorgeous olive skin! Find out which colors complement your skin tone best by reading ‘best colors for olive skin‘. Enhance your natural beauty and look stunning every day.


What undertones do Latinas have?

Latinas usually have warm or neutral undertones under their naturally light brown skin. A few of them with lighter skin tones may have cool undertones.

Can Latinas have natural blonde hair?

Yes. Mexican Americans can have hair colors that range from blonde to black. One’s genetic ancestry and racial background determine their hair color.

Does blonde hair look good on Latinas?

It sure does. Many Latina celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Sophia Vergara rock blonde hues and look incredible.


I hope you have found the best Hispanic hair color for Mexican skin tone and can’t wait to experiment with your hair color.

I’ve always found that it is best to go two shades lighter or darker than your natural hair color to keep it natural.

But if you’re up for the risk, go all in and go drastic! Shades of neon green and denim blues? Why not? You only live once, after all!

See you in the next article.

Latina with nice chocolate brown hair


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