The Perfect Shades of Fierce Red Hair for Olive Skin Tones

Can you look good if you have an olive skin tone with red hair? Oh yes!

Red hair is caused by a mutation of the melanocortin-1 receptor and less than 2 percent of the world’s population has it as a natural hair color. (1)

If you don’t have natural red hair, You can always get the all-over color to match your complexion. Here is a guide to help you figure out your olive skin tone.

Key Takeaways:

  • There is a shade of red for everyone!
  • Neutral red is the best shade for olive skin.
  • Red hair can flatter and emphasize facial features.

Hair Color Ideas For Olive Skin Tone With Red Hair

An olive complexion is a beautiful skin tone with cool and warm skin undertones. Olive skin can range from Type III to Type V on the Fitzpatrick scale. (2)

You can have fair skin, medium skin tone, or chocolate brown skin depending on the amount of melanin.

Auburn is a great hair color idea that suits the undertones of olive skin. Auburn is a dramatic shade that brings out your skin tone depth.

Check out this article about the best colors for olive skin tones for more color ideas. Alright then! Let’s talk about ideas for olive skin tone with red hair in detail.

1. Neutral Red:

Neutral colors are great for people with olive skin because they flatter both pale and dark skin.

Since olive is a neutral skin tone, opting for a neutral red should flatter your neutral undertones beautifully.

Hair colorist specialist Rachel Bodt says, “ It’s not too coppery or warm, but it’s not quite a cool violet either.” (3)

Madeline Brewer, an actress famous for her role in Orange Is The New Black, wears this flattering hair color that suits her neutral to yellow undertones.

2. Ginger:

If you have particularly pale skin or fair skin, as some people with olive skin do, ginger red is the perfect hair color.

You may think you look best with platinum blonde or even brown hair colors, but ginger can create a nice contrast and make you stand out.

Everyone’s favorite, Emma Stone, carries off these bold shades beautifully, and it’s such a flattering hair color on her.

3. Mahogany:

Both red and brown colors for olive skin are great ideas, so why not combine them and opt for mahogany?

This color is great on medium olive skin tones or darker skin tones because it has beautiful golden undertones and will suit your skin perfectly.

This is the perfect hair color for someone who doesn’t want a dramatic shade but just enough to bring out their features.

Selena Gomez flaunts a flattering reddish brown hair color that has become her signature shade.

Also, if your skin shade is similar to Selena’s, read this article about the best colors for Mexican skin tones for a detailed list of hair colors to try.

4. Golden Copper Hair Color:

Copper hair color is the perfect option for light to medium brown skin because it adds so much warmth to your warm skin.

There are several variations of copper, and your colorist can help you choose from rich shades to flatter your skin.

Guy Tang, celebrity hair colorist, says, “I love giving my light-medium skin tone clients blends of copper reds — it’s not only good for fall but all year ’round.”

Blake Lively is often seen with copper hair tone, which is a particularly flattering color on her tanned skin.

Want more cool colors? You may want to check out the best colors for Mexican skin.

5. Fire Engine Red:

If you want a dramatic color to suit your fair skin or even deeper skin tones, go fire engine red!

This is not a subtle shade so expect to be center stage at all times with this perfect blend of colors. If you love attention, this effortless shade will not let you down!

Shakira, a talented and beautiful singer, is often seen flaunting this flattering color that looks incredible on her.

You may like this video on finding the perfect shade of red for you.

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Find your perfect shade! Learn about the different skin tone colors and their names by reading ‘skin tone color names‘. Get a better understanding of your skin tone and choose the right products for your beauty routine.


1. Does gray hair color look good on olive skin?

Absolutely. People with olive skin have beige, green, and even yellow undertones; ashy hair shades are a perfect match.
Also, check our guide about the best hair color for olive skin tone.

2. Does red hair make your skin look redder?

Not at all. Auburn hair with hints of orange can outshine the redness in your skin, creating a perfect blend of colors.

3. Can olive skin have auburn hair?

Absolutely. Auburn hair is a complementary color for medium skin tone and even fair skin.

4. What skin tone suits red hair?

People with cool and warm undertones can find their shade of reddish hair since it is a vibrant and versatile shade.


This article provides you insight into olive skin tone with red hair. Red and copper hair shades look beautiful on dark and light complexions.

It will be an adventure to find the right shade for you!

Always talk to a color specialist before getting your hair done to ensure you choose a color that balances your features and doesn’t wash you out.

You have nothing to lose going red! You can always go back to your natural hair color.

lady with olive skin tone with red hair


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