Top 15 Indoor Tanning Lotion for Legs (Review Guide)

On the hunt for some of the best tanning lotions for legs?

I’ve got you!

Below, I’m sharing 15 amazing brands that can help you get those gams beautifully bronzed in no time, even if you’re using a tanning bed.

Start with a peek at my absolute favorites, then read on for the complete list, along with reviews.

Indoor Tanning Lotion for Legs Top Picks at a Glance

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15 Best Indoor Tanning Lotion for Legs (With Reviews)

I’m guessing this isn’t your first time using a tanning lotion. This time, however, you’ll need something that can work wonders for your legs.

Don’t worry, though your days of searching will be finished in a matter of minutes. I’ve created a selection of high-quality indoor leg-tanning lotions that are both affordable and effective!

#1 Ultra Dark leg bronzing formula by Supre Snooki

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This bronzing lotion is by far one of the most popular leg tanners, and definitely my go-to pick.

It contains a hair-growth inhibitor, which means you don’t have to shave as often (yay!). It also leaves your legs smooth and extends the life of your tan.

Dark bronzers in the formula provide significant tanning effects for difficult-to-tan areas.

Skin firming agents, shaving minimizers, and skin conditioners are also included in the recipe. All of this contributes to a successful tanning outcome.

It contains coconut and sweet almond essential oils, which leave the skin soft, supple, and smooth.It’s a bit costly
It also contains a skin moisturizer that keeps the skin on your legs nourished throughout the day.You might not find it at your local cosmetics store. However, you can easily buy it online.
It’s paraben-free and gives your legs the deep, rich, and luminous glow you want while also giving them a healthy, long-lasting tan.

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#2 Delicious Legs Ultimate Bronzing Lotion by Devoted Creations

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Devoted Creations is dedicated to producing high-quality tanning formula, and this is one of their two products that made my cut.

The bronzing mixture softens your legs by nourishing your skin while also giving it a bronzed glow.

Believe me, your legs will feel SOOO rejuvenated by using this delightful leg bronzing formula.

It warms your skin and gives your legs an immediate color and dark tone effect after you’ve finished tanning.

It’s made with high-quality components and a special deep-sea mineral compound that provides a slew of advantages. You might have to shave your legs before using it for optimum results
It contains cocoa and shea butter, which help to hydrate the skin immediately and for a long time.It might be less effective for oily skin.
It effectively combats cellulite, heals skin damage, enhances skin tone and texture, and boosts elasticity.
 It also increases firmness and combats drooping skin and other indications of aging.

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#3 Jwoww One and Done leg warming bronzers

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This is a powerful tanning and bronzing product that will give you the darker legs you seek. Because it contains a shave minimizer, the leg bronzer decreases the need for shaving.

It invigorates the skin on your legs and aids in the maintenance of an equal tone. It contains DHA and core black walnut extract, which gives your skin an instant and long-lasting darker complexion.

The yogurt-based composition is enriched with pear and black currant ingredients, resulting in smooth, beautiful skin. In order for it to work correctly, you need to let it sit for about 15-20minutes on your skin.
Vitamin E, shea butter, and caffeine are also included in this formula. Its moisturizing, relaxing, and skin tightening effects are due to these substances. It’s hypoallergenic, so it’ll work on any skin type.It’s a bit costly
It has a midnight pear scent and will leave you feeling rejuvenated and looking lively while giving you a fantastic tan.

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#4 Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Illuminator

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Airbrush Legs Illuminator is a follow-up to Sally Hansen’s bestselling Airbrush Legs Spray and Lotion.

Given the popularity of those two products, I had great hopes for the Illuminator, but it doesn’t fare as well as its predecessors.

The fluid formula of Airbrush Legs Illuminator comes in a squeeze tube and is applied with a large plastic roller-ball applicator that can be difficult to work with.

Provides a skin-illuminating sheen that is long-lasting once applied.It’s tough to get a smooth, even application with a roll-on applicator.
This unique illuminator has a buildable shimmer and brilliant glow thanks to light-reflecting pigments.Blending must be done quite quickly (which means more of the product ends up in your hands).
The moisturizing formula goes on softly and integrates nicely, giving legs a slender, sleek, and extended appearance.The highly fragranced formula has the potential to irritate the skin.

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#5 Millenium Tanning Solid Black Leg Bronzer

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Solid BlackTM Facial Bronzer is designed to tan, tighten, and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your sensitive facial skin.

To detoxify and fight off environmental stress and damage, this tanning lotion for sensitive skin uses Black Tea extracts and antioxidant-rich Acai Berry.

This lightweight lotion is fragrance-free, making it suitable for all skin types.

Helps in tightening your skinThe skin-illuminating finish holds up nicely once set, resisting smearing and transferring.
Prevent hair growthVery strong odor that some may find overpowering and irritating.
Long-lasting results The perfume lingers on the skin

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#6 Onyx Legs Tingle Indoor Tanning Bed Lotion

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Are you seeking legs that are properly tanned? The 8th dimension bronzer with a tingling effect was made specifically for all of your body’s difficult-to-tan areas.

It hastens the development of a natural and healthy tan. Extra-nourishing ingredients from aloe vera, mango, and green tea will help you to heal irritations and stimulate skin regeneration.

Tan your legs and other hard-to-tan body areas with this perfect tan.In order for it to work correctly, you need to let it sit for about 15-20minutes on your skin.
It’s a bit costly
Advanced tanners will appreciate the tingle power.
Aloe Vera calms irritated skin and promotes skin renewal.
Mango extracts provide intense hydration to your skin.

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#7. DERMABLEND Legs and Liquid body Foundation

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This has a  high-performance pigment that can be used for areas in both Legs and Body and can conceal varicose veins, scars, age spots, tattoos, bruises, stretch marks, and more.

 The lightweight, buildable, and blendable body foundation formula hydrates skin all day while also providing SPF 25 protection.

It can be smudge-proof for more than 16 hoursMight not be available at your local store
Suitable for all skin types.It’s a bit costly
Gives your legs an even and natural look.

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#8 Perfect Legs Gradual Tan

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The Perfect Legs Gradual Tan can be applied to any part of the body, but as the name implies, it really works wonders on your legs.

Following the popularity of Perfect Legs, the company made this solution for those ladies who prefer a delicate boost of bronzing.

In other words, your gams gradually and organically tan. Just smooth five times a week all over the legs (and body) to establish an even color and wash away impurities.

This works Perfect Legs since it’s infused with vitamin C and E. It’s not long-lasting
Gradual Tan will smooth out the skin on your pins while Erythrulose and DHU (both sourced from natural sources) work together to create a moisturized, intense golden glow!It’s not totally smudge-proof

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#9. Body Glow by SKINNY TAN 

skinny tan lotion

Body Glow by SKINNY TAN Medium Lotion, a daily moisturizer with a trace of tan, will improve the appearance of your skin.

The moisturizer effectively softens and nourishes skin while gently building light to medium, streak-free color; just enough for a hint of subtle radiance. 

It is formulated with a cocktail of soothing oils, Aloe Vera, and naturally-derived guarana, the moisturizer effectively softens and nourishes skin while gently building light to medium, It’s not long-lasting
It has a streak-free color, just enough for a hint of subtle radiance. It’s not totally smudged proof
Use this moisturizer in place of your regular moisturizer and enjoy the delicious Coconut and Caramel smell.

#10 Tan-Luxe The Better Illuminating Gradual Tan Butter

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Tan-Luxe The Butter Illuminating Gradual Tan Butter will provide your skin with wonderful moisture and a sun-kissed radiance.

While providing a buildable tan, the multi-benefit solution nourishes, moisturizes, perfects, and brightens the skin.

To give maximum hydration, this nourishing butter is blended with a special blend of Vitamin E, Oat Oil, Coconut Oil, Raspberry Seed Oil as well as Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter.

Formulation is rich and nutritious.It’s not long-lasting.
Skin is illuminated by reflective nanoparticles that are simple to apply.It’s a bit costly.
For a buildable glow, use a gradual tanner.
Beginners will love it.

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#11 Garnier Ambre Solaire Vegan Natural Bronzer

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The Garnier Ambre Solaire Natural Bronzer Self Tan Mousse will give you a sun-kissed radiance.

The transparent product helps to create a natural-looking tan in just one application and is suitable for both face and body.

The lightweight, non-sticky mousse has a streak-free finish and a rapid drying period, making it ideal for seamless application.Might not be available at your local store
 The recipe allows you to layer for a more vivid color while avoiding transfer and orangey tones.Might not be good for sensitive skin
The mousse, which is enriched with coconut water, hydrates the skin as it is applied, leaving it soft and smooth. 

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#12. Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion

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Made with a unique combination of coconut milk and coconut oil. If you don’t try the Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Tanning Lotion, you’ll miss out!

Consider all the compliments you’ll receive after wearing it.

It has a melanin synthesiser, which is extremely beneficial for your skin.In order for it to work correctly, you need to let it sit for about 15-20minutes on your skin.
 This lotion helps to keep your tattoos looking new by preventing them from fading. After tanning, they’ll be just as colourful and bold as they were before.It’s a bit costly
 Its skin-firming and cellulite-fighting properties will also assist your skin.

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# 13. Swedish Beauty Pink Diamond Tanning Lotion

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The Swedish Beauty Pink Diamond was chosen for its tingling element. It’s difficult to beat because it’s both sleek and efficient.

This type of tingling lotion is required so that you’ll have a natural-looking tan when you’re done sunbathing.

 Your skin also smells amazing because of the green citrus scent.It might make your skin dry
It is beneficial to increase blood flow using a Tingle Power T2 mix. You might not get it at your local cosmetics store. However, you can easily buy it online.
Anti-aging properties.

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14. So Skinny Hot legs Bronzing formula by Supre Tan

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Here’s the greatest for your legs if you’re into tingle tanning formulas. It’s designed to target the legs and give them a dark bronzing appearance that’s even and consistent.

It has anti-cellulite characteristics that assist in reducing skin imperfections and leave your legs looking smooth and appealing.

It delivers a practical tanning effect to difficult-to-tan areas, providing them with a rich, dark, and golden glow.

The product has a high concentration of DHA, which gives you a gradual, natural-looking tan that lasts long after you’ve finished tanning.It might make your skin dry
It also has shave minimizers, which prevent hair regrowth, leaving the skin smooth and allowing the tan to remain longer.You might not get it at your local cosmetics store. However, you can easily buy it online.
The tanning maximizers in this lotion aid in the formation of melanin in the skin, resulting in a darker tan.
Its skin conditioners help to maintain healthy cell function, replace moisture, soften the legs, and generally prepare the skin for a good tan.

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15. Luscious legs Ultra dark bronzer by Protan

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Protan has released another fantastic tanning formula. This is designed specifically for tanning your legs and making them the center of attention.

The fast-absorbing solution contains dark DHA bronzers to give your legs the most darkening impact possible. It uses UV rays to target difficult-to-tan areas, resulting in an even, rich, and darker tone.

Like other leg tanning products, the leg tan enhancers contain hair growth inhibitors. This reduces the need for shaving, keeps the legs smooth, and extends the life of the tan.It might be less effective to too oily skin.
It contains tyrosine, which aids in skin conditioning for optimal tanning results. It also has skin-firming agents that tighten the skin without sacrificing its suppleness.You might not get it at your local cosmetic store.
The high-performance composition keeps your skin moisturized all day and improves the texture and tightness of your skin.

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How to Choose the Best Indoor Tanning Lotion

The same factors that go into selecting tanning lotions for your body and face apply to selecting tanning lotions for your legs. These elements could include:

How Your Lotion Reacts With Your Skin?

a woman squeezing tanning lotion on her hands

First and foremost, you really need to check the ingredients on your tanning lotion carefully.

Make sure the tanning formula you chose is appropriate for your skin type and does not contain any substances that you’re allergic to. Believe me, I’ve made this mistake and it was a nightmare!

If you have sensitive skin (or heck, even if you don’t), I HIGHLY recommend doing a patch test first.

What are Features Of Your Lotion?

It’s also essential to think about the qualities that your tanning product has.

An excellent tanning lotion should moisturize, soften, and smooth the skin while giving it a beautiful dark tan.

You don’t want something that will leave an orange tinge, streak, or any other residue on any application locations.

Does Your Lotion Have Good Reviews?

Online guides and reviews, such as ours, can help you understand the benefits of all of the many (many, many, many) different tanning lotions out there.

Here’s what I do: first I read reviews like this one from trusted sources. That gives me a good starting list.

Then, I narrow down my list of options and read through the Amazon reviews next. Whenever possible, I read the 3-star reviews first, because they’re usually the most informative.


How do I tan my legs faster?

Before each tanning session, exfoliation is essential. It cleans and softens the skin by eliminating any dry, dead skin that could block the UV radiation.

Why do legs take so long to tan?

Melanin is the most important ingredient in the tanning process. Skin pigmentation and the dark color on your skin are caused by the activation and generation of melanin. The skin on the legs does not produce the same amount of melanin as the rest of the body, resulting in the legs getting less tanned.

Is the tanning lotion going to fasten the tanning process?

Numerous products available online contain cosmetic bronzers to help you look darker, faster. They are designed to topically provide vitamins and skincare ingredients that may be depleted during tanning.

My lotion’s “tingle” is no longer present. What is the reason for this?

If you’re a frequent tingle tanner, your skin will adjust to the tingle, and you won’t feel it anymore. Despite this, the tingling continues to work even if you are not experiencing any heat. We recommend replacing products from time to time to “jump-start” your skin.

What is the purpose of a dual bronzer?

Bronze satisfaction is provided by dual bronzers, which combine quick cosmetic bronzers like caramel and walnut extract with DHA sunless tanning agents, which oxidize with the skin’s natural proteins over a few hours to produce even deeper, darker results. To obtain the best results, it was suggested that you wait at least 4 hours after tanning with any bronzer.

Why is indoor tanning referred to as “smart tanning”?

Answer: If you can get a tan indoors, it’s a smart strategy to reduce the risk of sunburn while increasing the pleasure and benefits of having a tan. We call this SMART TANNING because tanners are taught how their skin type reacts to sunshine and how to avoid sunburn both outdoors and in a salon by professional tanning facility workers.


Indoor tanning lotions are a terrific way to achieve a tan without exposing your skin to damaging UV rays after a vacation.

Grab your tanning lotion immediately and start shining! From this list, pick your favorite!

Final Recommendation

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lady using the Best Indoor Tanning Lotion For Legs

What is your favorite indoor tanning lotion for legs? Let us know in the comments below!

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