Complete Guide on Porcelain Skin Tone + Makeup & Skincare Tips

Mirror, mirror on the wall whose the fairest of them all? It’s the porcelain skin tone!

Porcelain skin tone is the desired look by everyone these days. Is it the fair-skinned appearance, or perhaps the glow of the beautiful skin that makes this ideal for some?

You will have to read on further and find out!

What is Porcelain Skin Tone?

A woman showing her porcelain skin tone

When it comes to the definition of porcelain skin tone, it is one with pale undertones, with a yellow tone or rosy hue to them or a pink base.

Porcelain skins are usually fair [1] (the whitest type), but not always since the term porcelain isn’t related to the level of lightness in a person’s complexion.

Many beauty bloggers or brands describe porcelain skin as the fairest skin tone that is almost translucent. 

Porcelain tone also refers to the translucent white color of ceramic porcelain after it cools down.

This means that if somebody has very fair skin and there are pinker undertones. This makes their skin appear much lighter. Sometimes you can also see the veins under the skin.

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Porcelain Skin vs Fair Skin: What is the Difference?

Shade 1 is the fairest of all skin tones on the Fitzpatrick scale.  However, not all people with fair complexion have porcelain skin.

A Japanese with Porcelain Skin Tone

You might wonder why fair skin [2] is not always porcelain skin. There is a thin but visible difference. The three clear, easy-to-understand differences are, 

  • Both porcelain skin and fair skin are the fairest skin types. However, not everyone with a fair complexion has perfect skin. Whereas, the porcelain skin is absolutely flawless, with no spots, blemishes, or uneven pigmentation.
  • Fair skin has more yellow undertones, whereas porcelain skin has almost 95% pinkish skin undertones.
  • Fair complexion is ‘Warm’ because of yellow undertones. Whereas porcelain skin complexion is almost translucent and is “cool” with more pink undertones.

If flawless porcelain skin is characterized by pink undertones, then is it only for light skin individuals?

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Can a Person With a Dark Complexion Have Porcelain Skin?


Regardless of complexion, anyone with a dark, medium, or brown skin tone can have smooth, flawless, and evenly toned skin, which you can say is porcelain.

Have you seen porcelain dolls? I am sure most of you have seen them!

These dolls have perfectly textured and even-colored skin, though the skin color can vary.

Which Ethnicity Has Porcelain Skin

Also referred to as the middle eastern skin tone, this pale skin is mostly found with people of Asian ancestry. Both in terms of complexion and flawlessness.

A Chinese girl with Porcelain Skin

This skin tone is also present in different areas of the world including Europe, Korea, Russia, China, Indonesia, and China.

How to Determine if You Have a Porcelain Skin Tone

Trying to determine whether you have a porcelain skin tone can be difficult and confusing.

After all, there are many different factors, including your ancestry and ethnicity, that determine the color of your skin.

Despite this difficulty, there are ways to determine whether you have a porcelain skin tone without going through a complex process of elimination.

Step 1: Determine Your Skin Tone

The first thing you will need to do to determine if you have a porcelain skin tone is to determine what kind of skin tone you have.

There are two different types of skin tones; warm and cool. Each one of these categories contains multiple subcategories within them, so it is not as difficult as it sounds.

The easiest way to find out which category you fall into is by looking at your veins.

If your veins look green or blue then you have a cool undertone and if they look purple or red then you have a warmer tone.

If the veins on your wrist look blue or green then you have a cool undertone. Cool undertones are characteristic of porcelain skin.

Method 2. Check the Shade

If you’re still not sure about your tone, try looking at yourself under different lighting conditions (natural light is best) and in various angles: from the front, from the side, and from behind.

Look at the shade of your face – if it appears to change depending on which angle you look at it from, it’s likely that you have a porcelain skin tone.

Method 3: Jewellery Match

Lady in beautiful silver jewellery with porcelain skin tone

If you look alluring in silver jewelry, you are most likely have this type of skin.

A Quick Checklist for if You Have Porcelain Skin:

Here is a quick checklist to determine if you have porcelain skin. 

  • If you have perfect, evenly pigmented smooth skin: this is the most distinguishing characteristic of porcelain toned skin
  • The veins of your wrist appear blue or pink.
  • If you have a very light or milky skin color, that’s more pinkish and gives you a radiant skin
  • you have green, blue or grey eye color
  • Your skin easily gets sunburns, but it never tans
  • If the lightest foundation shade appears dark on your skin.
  • You have a beige or blond hair color

Check out this video to find your skin tones:

How Do I Know I have a Porcelain Skin Tone By Using the Fitzpatrick Skin Type Scale?

Porcelain color is the lightest of all skin tones and is marked as type 1 on the Fitzpatrick pigmentary scale. [3]

You can also check if you are porcelain pigmented through an interesting quiz! [4]

Skincare Tips for Porcelain Skin Tone

As much as this skin type is worldly coveted, it comes with a few drawbacks as it’s quite sensitive skin.

The skin texture requires a proper skincare routine as it is prone to several skin conditions.

Porcelain Skin Problems

Any person with porcelain skin is fortunate. However, there are certain problems that are also common.

  • This tone is the lightest and easily gets sunburns making it predisposed to skin cancer.
  • It never tans in sunlight. (tanning creams or lotions might work).
  • People with porcelain tones are more prone to get wrinkles at an early age because of the absence of melanin.
  • A person with this fair complexion often finds difficulty in getting the right foundation shade as opposed to a person with a darker complexion. 
Porcelain Skin Tone

The extremely pale skin often gives a “ghostly look”.

How to Get Porcelain Skin With Makeup

We all want to have the appearance of porcelain skin naturally. Is that really possible?

Well, one of the fundamental things we all need to remember is that “Finding your perfect skin tone does not require a miracle”.

There are numerous ways of achieving it. Including using a few things on your makeup shelf.

Choosing the Right Foundation and Concealer

It is the actual trick.

  • Choose the right foundation and concealer shades to cover any flaws, spots, or pigmentation.
  • You can either pick a full coverage foundation or concealer. Avoid light coverage foundation.
  • Use a green concealer to cover acne scars or redness on the skin.
  • Pick the red corrector to hide any dark spots or blemishes, and a yellow-toned corrector to hide the bruises or dark circles under the eyes.

Pick a foundation and concealer lighter than your skin tone.

If you are want to get a pearl-like finish to your makeup, you can choose a high coverage foundation that’s 2 or 3 times lighter than your original skin color.

However, you have to be smart in choosing the shades as they will definitely look way different from your hands and feet. And you don’t want to look like a clown with uneven skin tone.

Get a porcelain makeup look in just 3 steps! Follow this video:

As you can see, yes you can achieve the blemish-free, porcelain skin with makeup- but just temporarily.

How to Get Porcelain Skin Without Makeup

People obsessed with Korean beauty are always in search of treatments to get porcelain skin.

Achieving porcelain toned skin is possible to much extent through different Korean facials or treatments.

The treatments use skin whitening creams, lotions, and serums to lighten your skin color or remove blemishes, and dark spots on your face.

See how the trending Korean glass facial can change your looks.

How to Get Porcelain Skin Naturally

However, regardless of complexion, you can get a porcelain tone through care, home remedies, and DIY masks.

1. Follow a Skincare Routine

You should follow a proper skincare routine to get rid of dirt, dead skin cells, and excess oils that can accumulate on your skin and give you stressed skin.

2. Moisturize

Keep your skin hydrated and moisturized. Porcelain skin tones usually have dry skin.

3. Use a Suitable Skincare Products

lady putting sunscreen on her face

You should always pick a skincare product that is most suitable for your skin type and concerns.

4. Never Leave the Makeup on

Makeup residues can clog pores and result in the formation of blackheads and whiteheads. Y

 5. Use High-quality Skin Products

Never put your skin at risk by using low-quality skincare products or cosmetics. Always use high-quality, dermatologically approved products.

6. Use Sunscreen

Always use a sunscreen with at least SPF 30 and PA+++ protection to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun rays. 

7. Proper Diet

Always follow a proper diet rich in fruits, vegetables, vitamins, minerals, and lots of water. Avoid fizzy drinks, junk food, artificial sweeteners, and excess spices.

8. Stay Hydrated

Lady with porcelain skin staying hydrated

You should stay hydrated and have at least 8-12 glasses of water daily. This helps to clean the blood off harmful toxins and gives you healthy skin.

9. Home Remedies

You can use home remedies and homemade face masks in your daily skincare routine. Home remedies are not only beneficial but easy to use and don’t burden your pocket.

10. Avoid Touching Your Face

If you have a habit of touching your face unnecessarily, you must quit it. Touching your face transfers bacteria and dirt that causes irritation and skin problems.

Check some Japanese skincare techniques here:

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Makeup Products for Porcelain Skin

I would highly recommend adding two products to your daily skincare routine for flawless skin.

1. High SPF Sunscreen

For porcelain skin, always use a high SPF sunscreen. I would like to recommend a lightweight, non-greasy and high 70 SPF UVA/UVB sunscreen by NEUTROGENA.

2. Moisturizer and Anti-wrinkle Cream

A good moisturizer hydrates and gives your skin a healthy glowing look.

3. The Right Foundation for Very Fair Skin

Check out the video if you have a very fair or porcelain tone on how to choose a foundation for your skin.

Celebrities With Porcelain Skin Tone

Some celebrities with porcelain tone are:

  • Nicole Kidman. The ever-beautiful Nicole’s skin with no blemish.
  • Emma Stone. Emma stone attributes her ever glowing skin to constantly moisturizing.
  • Winona Ryder. Winona surprisingly never had botox but credits her flawless skin to sunscreen Anna Kendrick: The screen with the evenest skin tone on and off-camera.
  • Lucy Hale: Hale says that her number one secret to maintaining her glowy, breakout free skin, is that she never goes to bed in makeup 

Porcelain Skin FAQs

Is porcelain skin warm or cool?

Porcelain skin is a “cool” skin tone since it has more pinkish undertones.

Can I permanently get porcelain skin?

an Asian girl cleansing her face

Yes, you can. With a proper skincare routine, good skincare products (skin whitening and brightening, like vitamin C, Salicylic acid, Hyaluronic acid, anti-aging products,) and a good diet you can have porcelain skin permanently. 


This was all about porcelain skin. I hope this post has been helpful for you. Remember, healthy skin is the base for good makeup application.


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pretty girl with glowing porcelain skin

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