30 Amazing Indie Nail Design Ideas to Try

Are you looking for some enjoyable and funky Indie nail designs to show off your personality?

We’ve got you covered!

The Indie nail designs below offer a wide variety to choose from to see which ones you’re hoping to recreate! 

Let’s check them out!

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Our Top Picks

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Check out the table for a quick overview of our favorite nail polishes to use for these designs, then read on for more details!

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This list of nail designs will give you so many fun ideas on creating a simple look for your nails or one that is a bit more detailed.

Each one has an Indie look or vibe and is stunning, too!  The first 20 come from our favorite Instagram nail artists and are great if you already have a general idea of how to paint your nails.

The last 10 tutorials from YouTube influencers are better if you need a bit more guidance. As always, have fun painting your nails to put your own spin on them as well. 

#1 Indie Pastel

indie pastel nails
Credit: LA Nailed it on Instagram

Painting each nail a different color is a fun way to express a feeling or give off a certain vibe and look.

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Fearless Nail Art Photo 4

#2 Sponged Nails

sponged indie nails
Credit: LA Nailed it on Instagram

The look of these nails looks like a really cool sponging effect, and we’re digging it.

#3 Rockin’ Rainbow

indie nails with rainbow colors
Credit: LA Nailed it on Instagram

Steady your head and give this fantastic look a try. It’s sure to turn heads immediately.

#4 Black and White Heart

nude colored nails with white heart with polka dots
Credit: claudia_hrnandez on Instagram

Hearts don’t have to be red! This black and white heart design will stand out perfectly.

#5 Spellbound

indie nail design consists of red, orange, green and blue with black lines below them
Credit: claudia_hrnandez on Instagram

There’s just something majestic about this indie matte nails design, don’t you think? They kind of remind me of the four seasons!

#6 Top and Bottom Tips

colorless indie nails with gold and blue tip
Credit: claudia_hrnandez on Instagram

This fun nail art design shows that you can tip the bottom and the top of your nails for a really cool look.

#7 Fun Floral

pink nails with white petals
Credit: claudia_hrnandez on Instagram

Don’t miss out on this super cute floral design. It’s a fast and easy way to get an adorable look.

#8 White Marble

nails with white and gold marble designs
Credit: claudia_hrnandez on Instagram

Holy moly, this look is fantastic! It’s classic, unique, and stunning. This is a winner for sure.

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#9 Pretty as a Picture

nails with ocean-themed indie design
Credit: milli_hardasnails on Instagram

The colors of this nail design are one of our favorites. You’ll love to see just how unique of a look is possible!

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#10 Cuteness Overload

nude pink nail design with yellow flowers
Credit: milli_hardasnails on Instagram

Light colors and adorable flowers make for a great look. We love this look, and we think you’re going to as well.

#11 Floral Tips

pink nude nails with flower on the tip
Credit: milli_hardasnails on Instagram

Just doing the tips of your nails can create a stunning statement. These floral tips are beautiful.

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#12 Reverse Nails

indie nail designs with lavender colors at the left hand and pink colors at the right hand
Credit: milli_hardasnails on Instagram

Who says the hands have to match? This fun nail style proves that reverse nails are the perfect trend.

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#13 Made With Love

square cut nails with pink colors and white heart
Credit: nailaestheticvip on Instagram

Cuteness alert. The design of these nails is sure to have you love them!

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#14 A Little Bit of Abstract

nude nails with touch of gray spirals
Credit: nailaestheticvip on Instagram

The matte look combined with the shiny look is truly stunning. Please take a peek, and you won’t regret it.

#15 Winter Luxe

white indie nail design with gold dots lined below the tip of the nails
Credit: nailaestheticvip on Instagram

If you’re a fan of winter, these nails are like a scene from a Winter Wonderland.

#16 Butterfly Wings

glittered nails with black outlined butterflies
Credit: peachyperfectnails on Instagram

Talk about a totally unique and fantastic look. We’re obsessed with this idea!

#17 Flower Baby

orange and yellow flower indie nail design
Credit: peachyperfectnails on Instagram

Dainty nails with beautiful baby flowers are the perfect look we all need right about now.

These colors are the perfect complement to just about any Indie nail art design!

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#18 Black and White and Purple

indie nail designs with black and white cutix
Credit: peachyperfectnails on Instagram

These three colors showcase a fun look on these nails, and we’re digging it. They kind of remind me of cute indie goth nails, but without being too heavy on the emo.

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#19 Black and White Flower Power

indie nail design black and white flower
Credit: nailsbyamyf on Instagram

If you’re a fan of the color black, you can still get a flower vibe to go along with that look.

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#20 Pretty in Pink

pink indie nail design with touch of white lines
Credit: nailsbyamyf on Instagram

We’re digging the pink look here, and it’s giving us all the summer vibes. How about you?

21. Pretty Hippie Aesthetic Nail Art Tutorial

I’m digging the flower child vibe, how about you?

22. Easy Indie French Tips

These remind me of a picnic on a farm!

23. Handrawn Aesthetic Nail Art

Even though they’re drawn on by hand, they still look pretty easy to pull off.

24. Cute Spring Gel Nails

A beautiful way to celebrate the fact that warmer days are ahead!

25. 90s Nostalgia Nail Art Challenge

While this isn’t really a “how-to,” it’s still a great source of inspo, especially if you were actually alive during the 90s,

26. Easy Marble Nail Art

Every nail is a beautiful marbled design. Love it!

27. Geometric Indie Nails

If you don’t have a stead hand for drawing different designs, these may be a good option. You can use tape or a ruler to help guide you.

28. Simple Rainbow Indie Nails

If you don’t want to go to crazy with color, this easy rainbow design is perfect.

29. Bold Multicolor Nails

Indie nails don’t have to be over-the-top to be beautiful. You just need to paint each nail a different color. I love the spring/summery colors here.

30. Easy DIY Gel Manicure with Nail Art

Let’s finish things off with one last super-simple yet adorable idea!

This is far from a complete list of indie nails, but it should at least help get you started!

What Are Your Favorite Indie Nail designs? share with us below!

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