At Home Workouts for Women With No Equipment

Did you know that there are tons of at-home workouts for women with no equipment?

Exercise isn’t just about weight management or looking “good” so you can fit into someone else’s idea of what is beautiful.

It has so many benefits for your physical and mental health, too.

Thanks to these at-home workouts that require zero equipment, you have no excuse to skip it!


Exercising has a lot of benefits, and there are plenty of workouts that can be done at home by women with no equipment. Read on for a few favorites!

At Home Workouts for Women With no Equipment

Exercising has a lot of benefits, and there are workouts that can be done at home by women with no equipment.It is known to improve your body’s functions, help control your weight and maintain a healthy mind. Of course, you don’t need much for exercising, and at-home workouts are becoming more and more popular. You don’t need specific equipment like bicycles or treadmills and you definitely don’t need fancy trainers. You know your body and you definitely know what to do after a simple research. Everything can be done from the comfort of your home, without extra investments and definitely without leaving the house. Here are a few exercises and ideas you can use when creating your home workouts.


These are probably the most common type of exercise and they definitely help a lot. These exercises can strengthen your chest, triceps and anterior deltoid muscle. They are very easy. 

Air Swimming

This exercise is meant to extend the postural muscles, helping with back pains. In order to correctly do it, you should lay on your stomach, with your hands extended above your head. Lift your chest, arms, and legs off the ground and start moving them up and down. You will feel the difference from the first sessions.

The Plank

Although a classic, never fails. It strengthens all the core muscles and will give you those amazing abs. In order for the exercise to be completed, you should hold the position for about 30 seconds.

Stair stepping 

As a great cardio exercise, it will maintain your legs absolutely beautiful. Don’t despair if you don’t have stairs in your house. You can just as well use the biggest book you can find and step and down on it. It will have the same effect and you can watch your favorite show in the meantime.

High Knees

This one is considered to be the improvement of running in place. Stay in an upright position and lift your knees to your chest one by one. It’s a great stretching exercise and will strengthen your muscles.

Jumping Jacks

Easy to do and you can even put on your favorite music and combine them with dancing. You won’t even realize you are exercising.


Youtube Workouts

These can be amazing. Find a nice video and start working out, the classic way! Just search based on your skill level. 

For example, “workouts for beginners” brought this one up that needs no equipment:

Or maybe you prefer yoga? Try this one:


A daily workout will make you feel good, will keep you active and your diet will benefit from it. 

It’s important to be beautiful inside and out. Constant exercising will help you achieve that. It will keep you active, happy and most definitely in perfect shape.

Any powerful woman makes her own schedules and routines, and workouts should be part of them. Besides the physical benefits, it will also keep your mind alert.

When you decide to start with a training schedule or a specific workout, you should first see what you want. 

There are different workouts for different needs. Maybe you want to stay in shape, lose weight or define those abs. 

Whatever your reason is, chances are that you will find your perfect at-home training for women with no equipment in the shortest time. 

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