Sweating After Spray Tan (How to Deal With & Prevent It)

Among the many beauty horror episodes I’ve had, I must say sweating after spray tan is on the top of my list.

It wasn’t pretty (literally). I got patches all over my body and weird ugly lines.

And of course, I didn’t post anything on my IG that day (that was probably the worst part because I had posted pre-tanning photos, you know #tanningprincess).

Anyway, now I know better, and I’m here to save you from ever going through my horrible experience, so read and learn!

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Is it OK to Sweat After a Spray Tan?

using a spray tan machine, a lady is getting a DIY tanning at home

Unfortunately, it’s not okay to sweat after your spray tan.

Spray-on tan is very vulnerable the first few hours of application (4-8 hours). And so sweating can turn your tan into a greenish tone, and you don’t want that.

But with summer, sweating is inevitable, so I agree with you, simply asking you not to sweat is kind of a big ask.

That’s why I’ll discuss other realistic tips on how to minimize sweating later in this blog post.

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Why Do I Sweat When I Tan?

Sweating occurs when your body temperature rises from stress, exercise, or heat. And tanning is a response to ultraviolet radiation.

So, you sweat more when you spend more time under direct UVB/ UV rays.

What about sunless tanning, though? You’re not exactly exposed to UV rays (which is the whole point), so what causes sweating after spray tan sessions?

In that case, it can be a result of anything from hot weather to a too-hot salon. Sweating is, simply put, your body’s built-in AC system.

Does Sweating Affect Tanning?

a woman in black putting spray tan on a slim body

Yes, as mentioned earlier, sweating does affect that fresh spray tan.

Remember that sunless tanning is a process and it doesn’t stop happening once you step out of the booth. So, how long does the spray take to set? I’d say 8 hours is safe.

As a result, sweating after spray tan sessions can make your tan uneven, patchy and streaky ( I would know). 

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How to Prevent/Minimize Sweating?

a beautiful slim lady sweating after spray tan session

I researched these tips after my ugly episode, and I wish I had known this earlier. You’re going to thank me for these hacks because they’re tan-savers.

Here are my tips.

1. Book an Evening Appointment

The first tip to prevent your spray tan from sweating off is to go for an evening appointment. It’ll be much cooler when you leave, so you’re not as likely to overheat.

2. Ensure You Tan in a Properly Ventilated Room

Poor ventilation can cause sweating, especially if the weather is humid. So, ideally, you want to tan in a well-ventilated room.

Alternatively, ensure the salon you pick has ceiling fans and cooling systems; this will help dry your spray tan correctly.

3. Give Your Tan Enough Time

Time management isn’t one of my greatest strengths, so I’m always on the run. But I’ve realized that a little sweat/ moisture after a spray tanning session takes me back to square one.

So, what do I do now? I clear my schedule on tanning day. This gives me enough time to allow my tan to dry up before I dress up.

I just grab a magazine and a glass of wine; so, I have got no complaints.

4. Powder Up

This is definitely one of my brilliant tips for keeping your tan intact. Powder helps in ensuring you don’t sweat, even in areas that are exposed to friction when walking or working out.

The powder also prevents body moisture and perspiration from messing with your spray by absorbing excess sweat.

Some of the areas you need to apply the powder include crevices under your knees, elbows, your chest, and underarms.

For best application, use a clean, huge, and fluffy makeup brush to layer your powder before workout sessions.

5. Stay Away From Sun or Use Sunscreen

After your spray tan session, you need to stay away from the sun for a while.

Remember, your greatest goal is to keep your body as cool as possible, and staying under the sun will lead to sweating.

If you really need to sunbathe, apply a waterproof, broad-spectrum sunscreen; this will protect your tan from turning greenish.

Try to go for a sunscreen that requires minimum rubbing for absorption to avoid disturbing your tan.

6. Tweak Your Working Out Routine

It’s safe to hit the gym 24 hours after tanning but stay away from swimming too much, especially in a chlorinated pool.

Some of the things that I do to protect my tan from sweating off while working out include:

  •  Wearing the right gym wear.
    • Clothes with breathable materials allow air circulation, keeping your skin cool. You can also go for breathable materials that have a moisture-wicking material to minimize sweating.
  • Taking a cool shower after tanning and moisturizing my skin after tanning.
    • The DHA in spray products causes skin dryness, so hydrating the skin helps lock in the color.

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7. Go for a Lighter Tan

I know we all want that golden tan, but if you have an active life or you work out a lot and end up sweating too much, a lighter tan may be the way to go.

A darker tan means visible patches whenever you sweat, and they may be very hard to hide, especially if you have a light complexion.

On the other hand, hiding a patch with a lighter tan isn’t very hard.

Check this video for more information.

Sweating After Spray Tan (Conclusion)

Summer doesn’t feel like summer until you get that golden tan. And I know it takes a lot to get a good tan, from choosing the best products to the right postures or even tanning naked.

Then comes the sweating that can take you back to square one.

I know the struggle, but it’s all worth it in the end.

I hope you got helpful tips on how to minimize sweating after a spray tan to make your tan last longer.

Tan woman's torso covered in dewy sweat with text,

Do you have any horror stories of sweating after tanning? I would love to hear them below.

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