Nude Tanning Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

Interested in nude tanning?

Don’t strip down into your birthday suit just yet!

We’ve got some important tips and tricks you need to know.

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“Don’t you wish your girlfriend was a freak like me?”

This line from the Pussycat Dolls’ song Don’t Cha hasn’t left my head since I began researching this topic.

I mean, don’t you just want to let go, and let your freaky self out, and try something crazy like nude tanning once in a while?

I do. And I know you do too, or you wouldn’t be reading this. So, let’s cut to the chase and discuss the tips and tricks for nude tanning.

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Is Nude Tanning Safe?

No tanning- aside from that you get from a bottle- is “safe.” Period.

I know that you probably know this, so I’ll spare you the long lecture about skin cancer and other ways the sun’s UV rays can damage your body.

Just understand that we’re not advocating laying in the sun. Rather, we’re offering this information for research and informational purposes.

Got it? Good. Now, let’s talk nude tanning!

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Why is Nude Tanning Better?

Besides a chance to be fearless and just live in the present (that most of us should try more often), tanning naked has other upsides.

You Avoid the Tan Lines

If this isn’t your first-time tanning, you know that besides someone eating your leftovers, tan lines are the most annoying thing ever.

When people try tanning, they end up with lines on areas where UV rays don’t reach or where the skin overlaps.

And the most stubborn areas are the parts that are covered by the bikini.

Avoiding tanning lines is a big bonus because they’re not pretty and removing them is even a bigger headache.

It’s Very Comfortable

Nude tanning is very comfy; it’s just your body enjoying the sweet sunlight warmth.

It’s even better for people who have allergies to certain materials when they’re under strong UV rays or due to heavy sweating.

I have a friend who literally breaks out in hives when she gets all sweaty in the sun while wearing polyester.

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Downsides of Nude Tanning

Now, if you’ve read my other posts, you know I say everything as it is. As heavenly as tanning naked is, it does have some setbacks.

1- A Pervert Taking Your Photos or Filming You

At this age, a photo can circulate across the world in less than five minutes. All it takes is one creep with a camera, and suddenly you’ve gone viral as “that nude sunbather.”

This significantly reduces the places where you can safely tan naked.

If you decide to try tanning in your birthday suit, vet a location well and even ask people who love nude tanning for suggestions.

2- It Could Hurt Areas of Your Body That Are Tender

Some of our body parts, like our breasts and genitals, are more prone to sunburn than others.

This is because they’re very sensitive and rarely ever see the literal light of day.

Let me tell you, there’s little in this world that’s more painful than a really horrible burn on your girly bits.

So, if you get sunburns very fast, I’m sorry, but nude tanning may not be for you.

5 Protective Measures

Once again, I have to remind you that no amount of protective measures will fully protect you while tanning in the nude.

Still, there are a few things you can do to make tanning in the nude slightly safer.

1- Start Small

I know basking in the sun in nothing but the suit you were born with feels good and it’s tempting to overdo the tanning. But there is no rush.

Tanning is a process, and for the best results, you should do it slowly.

For example, if you decide to tan indoors, spend a shorter period than the recommended time in the booth.

If you’re doing it outdoors, try the times of day when the sun isn’t quite so powerful- before 10 AM and after 4 PM.

2- Talk to a Professional

It’s always important to talk to a specialist before doing anything that may affect your health.

By doing so, you can get guidance and tips on the best way to protect your skin when nude tanning. Or even advise you against it if they realize your skin is overly sensitive.

3- Use Moisturizers and Lotions

Applying lotions and moisturizers before lying naked can help reduce some of the side effects – like flakes and dryness- caused by the sun or resulting from burnt skin.

4-Use Sunscreen

Another great protective measure is using thick layers of sunscreen and reducing the amount you use until you know what limit makes sense for you.

Yes, that will limit the “tanning” experience, but it’s definitely safer! Hey, nude sunbathing without tanning is just as relaxing.

5- Wear Protective Glasses

Whether you’re using a tanning bed or the actual sun, make sure you protect your eyes.

Not only will protective sunglasses help prevent burns and damage to the delicate skin around your eyes, but they’ll also help prevent wrinkles.

Best Time of Day for Nude Tanning

The best time for tanning depends on your location of tanning. If you’re tanning indoors in a bed, then it really doesn’t matter.

But if you’re tanning naked outdoors, choosing the right timing is very critical.

For safety purposes, I suggest tanning in the morning hours between 10 AM.

Although you can get a good tan in the afternoon, it’s best to schedule your tanning in the morning.

A study by Science Daily showed that tanning in the morning significantly reduces the risk of skin cancer.

Nude Tanning: Outdoors Vs. Indoors

There are pros and cons of tanning indoors and outdoors. I’ll give you both of them and let you decide which you prefer.


Here are the pros and cons of tanning indoors.

You don’t need to schedule a specific time for your tanningProlonged tanning indoors could cause potential health risks as easily as tanning outdoors.
You don’t have to be afraid of a creep filming youYou ultimately miss the main naked tanning experience (doing it outside is the biggest part of the thrill).
Since it’s timed, you’re less likely to overdo it. It’s not pocket-friendly


Here are the pros and cons of tanning outdoors.

It’s totally freeYou risk a creep filming or taking photos of you naked.
It gives you the best aesthetic feel – you can enjoy viewing beaches, mountains, and valleys when tanningThe UV rays can be very harsh on some parts of your body such as breasts and genitals
During winter, the warmth from the sun tanning is heavenly


Traditionally, tanning outside in the nude was seen almost as a taboo. Today, that’s not quite so true.

We now have the liberty to be who we want to be and even tan naked.

Just keep in mind that no amount of tanning- in the nude or not- is truly “safe.” You need to weigh the risks versus upsides for yourself, though.

Are you curious about nude tanning? Read on as we bring you a complete guide (with pros and cons) that will help you decide if it will work for you!

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