10 Cutest Pink Short Gel Nails (Manicure Ideas to Try)

Are you looking for a fun manicure for Valentine’s Day or to welcome spring? These pink short gel nails are the perfect way to give yourself a manicure to bring in the new year!

Plus, with gel nails, you have the added bonus of an elegant and easy nail design that will last you weeks without chipping.

These would work well for any occasion.

Here are the top ten best pink short gel nails to get this year.  

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Our Top Picks for Nail Art Kits

Check out the table for a quick overview of our favorite nail polishes to use for these designs, then read on for more details!

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Top 10 Pink Short Gel Nails

Pink nail designs can help you transition into a new season, and they will look great with anything you pair them with!

1. Pink Gel Short Nails

Not everyone feels comfortable with long nails. A light pink shade is a perfect complement to cute short gel nails. Sporty, with an added feminine touch.

Lock in your gel nail colors and keep them vibrant with this amazing lamp kit!

Mylee Black Convex Curing Lamp Kit with Gel Nail Polish Essentials Set

2. Pastel Pink Nails

Shades of light pink with a matte finish. Perfect for that casual look!

pastel pink nails
Credit: nailsbyjessr

Beautiful nail art begins with clean and healthy nails. Try this to help get rid of dry skin and raggedy hangnails!

Jessica Phenomen Oil Intensive Moisturizer (14.8ml)

Elevate your nail game with our collection of the most exquisite and on-trend white gel polish designs – from minimalistic to intricate, we’ve got you covered!

3. Floral Pink Nails

Light pink background with flower designs on a nail or two creates a perfect accent to what others may feel is plain and unexciting.

floral pink nails
Credit: nails.gelly

Need a self-care date? Here’s a perfect nail art kit with gorgeous designs perfect for formal and elegant occasions. The nail strips have a base, color, and topcoats.

The kit also has nail tools, nail decor, and lotions.

Love It Cosmetics

4. Pink Sparkle Design

Sparkly pink on one or two nails along with a light, pink shade can surely capture the attention of those around you. Perfect for a date night as well!

This kit is everything you need for gorgeous glittery nails!

Salon Dip Glitter Kit – Be Glam

5. Pink Swirl Nails

Add dark, sparkly pink swirls to pastel pink nails for a modern touch!

pink swearl nails
Credit: glamcatscpt

Also, don’t forget to check the short blue gel nails designs.

6. Sparkle Pink Nail Design

Hot pink nails can be a bit too loud. If you’re exploring different nail options, you might wonder, is acrylic the same as fiberglass?

Adding a subtle, feminine touch can be achieved by placing light pink polish on the other nails, accompanying these with hot pink line accents!

sparkle pink nails
Credit: jos_gelnails

These colors are the perfect complement to just about any nail art design!

7. Pretty in Pink Nails

Simple and feminine. Plain light pink nails for a very subtle, quiet look.

8. Pink Gel Manicure

Pinks that are a tad darker than baby pink still shout feminine. With sparkly light pink polish on a nail [1] or two, these simply shout “badass female”!

Try this all-in-one nail paint for a better look!

Barry M Cosmetics All in One Nail Paint

9. Pink Sparkle Manicure

Sparkly, pink polish for a hot, formal date night!

Self-care shouldn’t be difficult. Check out this perfect self-care box with decals, stickers, stencils, foils, wraps, stencils, charms, rhinestones, brushes, dotting tools, and more.  

The Nailed It Box

10. Gold and Pink Nails

Sass is what this is all about! Glittery gold polish on a finger or two mixes in with pastel pink nails with gold french tips!  

gold and pink nails
Credit: amyjoynails

Make your gel nail polish last longer with this base coat!

Mylee MyGel 5-in-1 Builder Gel - Clear 10ml

In Conclusion

When people see pink, they automatically think feminine and cute. But pink can be sassy and ready to party too! It really depends on how you glam that pink up!

Try these pink short gel nail combinations. You will LOVE THEM.


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What are your favorite pink short gel nail designs? Let us know below!

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