How to Wear Those Nude Nails –Negative Space Manicures

Nude nails have always been simple, yet elegant, to look at. Even professional. There may be times though when you may want to spice things up a bit while retaining those nude colors.

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To make things more interesting, try doing negative space manicures! What are negative space manicures? Traditional manicures involve putting nail polish over the whole nail in all fingers.

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This is what many older people have been used to, which is fine, except that having fully manicured nails can be quite hard to maintain.

If you are into DIY manis, traditional manicures take a lot of time too. If these seem to pose a problem for you, negative space manis may just be for you.

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Negative space manis make use of either of the following: nude shades, transparent base colors, or just your plain nails.

Stickers, lines, waves, dots, or solid colors that are partially painted over the natural nail color create lovely designs to add pizzazz to your mani. Is this a new trend?

Actually, no. Negative space manicures have been here since nail art trends have been introduced. They’ve been called by other names though. Line art, minimalist swirls, half-moon.

The point of all of these is to keep your natural nails or natural nail color as a background to whatever design you have in mind.

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Designs can be as minimal as you want or as colorful as you prefer. It all really depends on how creative you can get and how fun you want it to be.

It all depends on your individual taste. The important thing is that you leave some parts of your natural nail color untouched –the negative space.

Check out this video and get some basic tips on how to create a negative nail manicure design.

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