20 Masterclass Memorial Day Nail Designs

If you’re looking for some brilliant Memorial Day nail designs, you’re in for a real treat!

These ideas below are all about celebrating the red, white, and blue!

While some are truly works of nail art, others are simple enough for newbies to pull off.

Let’s dive in and check them out!

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Our Top Picks

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Check out the table for a quick overview of our favorite nail polishes to use for these designs, then read on for more details!

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20 Masterclass Memorial Day Nail Designs

If you’re looking for some really fun nail designs that are certain to steal the show, the list below will give you plenty of inspiration to make that happen.

You’re about to have the best nails at any gathering or party! 

#1 Memorial Day Flowers

a cute Memorial Day Flowers nail design
Credit: peachyperfectnails on Instagram

This nail design is a super fun way to get that red, white, and blue look with flowers!

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Fearless Nail Art Photo 4

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#2 Stars and Stripes

Stars and Stripes american flag nail design
Credit: peachyperfectnails on Instagram

Who says that you can’t use your nails as a way to show the colors of the flag?

#3 Patriotic Nails

Patriotic Memorial day nail design
Credit: peachyperfectnails on Instagram

We love how the blue bleeds down into the rest of the nail: such a fun and festive look.

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#4 Proud Nails

nails with America name and colors on it
Credit: peachyperfectnails on Instagram

This look is so fun! You’ll be so ready for Memorial Day weekend after seeing this fun look!

#5 Let Freedom Ring

stunning American flag memorial day nail design
Credit: peachyperfectnails on Instagram

Holy moly, this is a fun and festive look! You’ll be proud to rock this awesome look! See the design here

#6 Sparkle Stars

nails with sparkling American flag stars
Credit: moondustnails on Instagram

Showcase these fun stars for the celebration! We love how they sparkle!

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#7 All Shades of Blue

All Shades of Blue nail design
Credit: moondustnails on Instagram

Rocking different shades of blue is the perfect way to get ready for Memorial Day.

#8 Stars Stars Stars

red nails with white stars
Credit: nailsbyamyf on Instagram

Bright red nails with white stars make the perfect nail design.

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#9 Bold and Blue

bright blue nails
Credit: nailsbyamyf on Instagram

All you need is the color blue to make your nails pop and stand out.

#10 Red Tips

nude nails with red tips
Credit: iramshelton on Instagram

We love the look of these classic red tips.

#11 Walking on Sunshine

bright yellow nail design
Credit: iramshelton on Instagram

Bring on the sunshine for the weekend. Fun in the sun and a lot of it is what the doctor says we all need.

#12 Blue and Glitter

blue nails with glossy glitters
Credit: hpeila_dipnails on Instagram

These blue colors show that it’s time to get out and enjoy the blue sky and water.

These colors are the perfect complement to just about any nail art design!

#13 Blue Tips

blue pastel nail designs
Credit: indienails on Instagram

The color blue is perfect for Memorial Day fun. Check out these cute blue tips and see!

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#14 Gray Stars

gray nails with white stars
Credit: nailaestheticvip on Instagram

Not everything about Memorial Day has to be red, white, and blue.

#15 Stars in the Sky

violet nails with glossy stars
Credit: nailaestheticvip on Instagram

You’re sure to love all the stars in the sky over the busy weekend. These nails give that vibe perfectly.

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Barry M Cosmetics All in One Nail Paint

#16 Water Waves

Water Waves memorial day nail design
Credit: nailaestheticvip on Instagram

If taking a dip in the water is in your plans, don’t miss out on these fun water nails!

#17 Galaxy Nails

Galaxy nail design
Credit: nailaestheticvip on Instagram

These nails are like the perfect combination of the galaxy and fireworks. We love them.

#18 Summer Vibes

Summer Vibes nail design
Credit: passportsandpolish on Instagram

We’re getting all the summer vibes from these nails. The two colors are a super cool effect.

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#19 Water Vibes

white and red nail designs
Credit: passportsandpolish on Instagram

This look reminds us of the water and just having some simple fun in the sun.

#20 Rainbow Fun

colorless nails with touch of rainbow colors
Credit: moondustnails on Instagram

You’re bound to see some beautiful rainbows over the weekend, so why not start with your own nails?

What are your favorite Memorial Day nail designs? Share with us below!

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