Letting Go of Illusions… Does beauty really matter?

People can’t help but think whether outer beauty is important or not, especially here in the Western world. In the Eastern part of the world, people tend to focus more on the spiritual aspect of life, sometimes ignoring all the comfort, hygiene, and beauty standards that we find so important. India, for example, seems to value spirituality over health but actually,  they feel “Spirituality and religions can play an important role in promoting a healthy lifestyle” even though just 59.5% of the population has access to basic sanitation

Letting go of illusions- does outer beauty really matter all that much?

On the other side, Western countries are strongly connected to their material belongings. They like everything to be beautiful, special and look nice to others…including (or perhaps especially) their own bodies. People spend a lot of money on plastic surgeries. According to ISAPS, the United States and Brazil account for 28.4% of total aesthetic procedures performed worldwide! People care about how they look and will continually try to improve their appearances with surgeries, implants, lashes, and false nails. 

Everyone has their own idea of beauty

Every culture has its own idea of beauty. For example, for Chinese women, small feet are beautiful, while for some African tribes, an elongated neck is a mark of true beauty.  

Of course, these practices take a toll on these women. The rings that make necks look longer, for example, will weaken the muscles, making it impossible for the women to take them down. As for the Chinese foot binding, it’s known to have caused serious infections, and according to Wikipedia, about 10% of the girls died from gangrene or other infections.

Beauty needs balance

There has to be some sort of balance in everything. After all, we now know that everything is connected. People learned that the connection between body and mind is elementary, and everything that affects our body will also have an impact on our minds and vice-versa.

The way we think has a very powerful impact on the way we look. People believe that a happy person is ‘glowing,’ and a sad person will try to hide. For example, depression has a big impact on the way our bodies work. It starts with a bad diet, insomnia, and weight changes, and it can lead to more dramatic effects, such as heart disease. The moment we feel depressed, we give up on ourselves. 

Beauty is learning to live in the present

Most people spend their lives searching for happiness without realizing that living in the present is the happiest thing they can do. As long as we can enjoy every second of our lives, we can consider we found the secret.

After a while of not understanding yourself and your feelings, your brain will get used to it. It’s important to know that a change is always possible. Visualize your goals and know they are achievable. If you can think about it, you can conquer it. If aesthetic procedures make you happy and improve your self-esteem, then why not get them done? 

According to this study, ‘a cosmetic procedure can boost self-esteem and help them gain confidence’ for patients who have ‘noticeable birth defects or visible scars or deformity after a trauma.’

Thanks to technological and medical advancements, nowadays, we can safely treat any affections. Whether you’re dealing with acne, scarring, stretch marks, or wrinkles, there are many ways for you to change them and boost your self-esteem. Speak to your dermatologist and find the best option for you. Remember, though, true beauty is found within. 

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