All About the Lancer Microcurrent Power Boost Device

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What is Lancer Microcurrent Power Boost Device?

LANCER Microcurrent Power Boost Device

The Lancer Microcurrent Power Boost Device is a secret weapon of skincare. As the name implies, it’s a device that uses microcurrents to give your skin the boost it needs!

It is a sleek and beautifully designed tool, specially made for men and women to win the fight against aging.

Check out this quick video explanation:

How Does Lancer Microcurrent Power Boost Device Work?

Now you must be thinking, what’s unique about it? How does it work? For that, we have to get a bit scientific.

The device has a pure germanium head. For those who skipped chem class the day they talked about metals, basically, it’s a type of metalloid (which is kind of between a metal and a nonmetal).

Now, I know you may have heard some very controversial things about germanium, namely that it causes cancer.

For the most part, those studies refer to internal use (as in a supplement) rather than externally. That said, it is plated in gold to help neutralize the effects of the metalloid.

When you put it into an electric field, the massaging roller “harmonizes and optimizes” the skin’s electrical potential.

Overall it improves your blood flow by gently massaging your facial muscles to stimulate collagen production. This magical device provides you with plumpy & healthier skin.

Check out the review below to see it in action:

How to Use Lancer Microcurrent Power Boost Device?

This device is a microcurrent powering tool. You can use it before going to bed or whenever you want to pamper your skin.

  • It’s battery operated, so to start it, you just turn it on.
  • You can glide over the contours of the face and neck.
  • Each glide should be about 5 seconds long. Repeat the gliding over the targeted area and hold the device in a stationary position for 5 seconds.
  • Treat the affected area for up to 10 minutes daily.
  • You can pair it with a serum; it enhances lifting and toning.

It is high-tech scientific microcurrent therapy that you can use to treat fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks, dry skin, etc.

Watch this quick review:

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What Are the Features Of Lancer Microcurrent Power Boost Device?

This device has the following breathtaking features.

  • Germanium Head

As discussed above, germanium is a metalloid. It is actually a fairly rare element with a very specific frequency. When it vibrates, it drives the nutrients more quickly into the skin.

  • Cuttin-Edge motor

It is powered by a cutting-edge battery-operated motor that oscillates at a perfect 6500 RPM.

  •  Gold Plated

The pure gold plated wand provides a neutral platform for microcurrent boosted treatment of skin.

Where to Buy Lancer Microcurrent Power Boost Device?

You can buy the Lancer Microcurrent Power Boost device from any trusted online platform. You can check its price here:

Lancer Microcurrent Power Boost Device Review

If you are looking for an honest review, I am here. I could actually tell the difference in my skin the very first time I used this device.

Not only did it feel amazing (you are going to love the way it vibrates your skin), but my whole face just felt smoother. I could also see that it was noticeably plumper and more hydrated.

I give a huge thumbs up to the Lancer Microcurrent Power Boost Device. It is highly recommended for anti-aging skin treatment.

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Does the lancer microcurrent power boost device really work?

Yes, it works—a magical beauty tool. It gives a precise massaging action that activates collagen production and provides you with radiant skin.


Overall, I definitely recommend the Lancer Microcurrent Power Boost Device.

While germanium does have its controversy, the gold plating and the fact that it’s an external device make me feel more comfortable using it.


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woman showing her lifted face aster using woman with radiant skin after using Lancer microcurrent power boost device

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