How to Make Curly Hair Straight Naturally [9 Easy Methods]

So you want to know how to make curly hair straight naturally, FOREVER, right?

Well, my friend, I’m sorry to tell you that there’s really no simple and natural way to permanently straighten your hair.

Every long-term solution involves at least one chemical, often many more.

But if you really want to go the natural route and don’t mind repeating the process every few days, keep reading for 9 super easy ways to do it!

9 Ways to Know On How To Make Curly Hair Straighter Naturally

If only you knew these 9 easy ways on how to make curly hair straight naturally you wouldn’t have wasted time going through those hair straightener reviews, right?

Like I said, if you came here looking for a permanent solution that is totally natural, there isn’t one. Heck, even chemical solutions don’t last forever.

However, there are ways to avoid chemicals and still achieve long-lasting sleek locks. Let’s start with the easiest and work our way down.

1. Use Jumbo Rollers

Want to know how to make curly hair straight? Giant rollers are your new BFF. Start by washing your hair and letting it dry.

Next, begin twisting and turning sections of your still wet hair until you no longer can. After that, you need to tightly secure those sections (aka Bantu Knots).

I’d suggest you let these Bantu Knots be for over one hour so that your hair can dry out. When your hair dries out, use either foam rollers or Velcro and unwrap the knots, one section at a time. Also, use duckbill clips to secure your hair.

You can even use either a hair spray (non-chemical) or jojoba oil to assist you in the unwrapping process. If you’re using these, though, you do need heat to straighten your hair.

Also, based on how straight you want your hair to turn out, select the appropriate roller size. If you want major volume along with your straight hair, go for jumbo rollers.

You can use jumbo rollers while sleeping or use them for a few hours before that to achieve the best results.

2. Wrapping Soaked Hair Around The Head

Start with detangling your hair by brushing it. Use a gentle conditioner and mild shampoo, and wash your hair.

Now, let it dry about 60% of the way. I know, that’s pretty vague, but basically, it should still feel damp without being soaking wet. You definitely don’t want it to be 100% dry.

Starting towards the backside of your head, form a ponytail. Use a fine comb to straighten and smoothen out the top hair right from its roots as you form the ponytail.

Remember that the ponytail needs to be extremely tight. Obviously, not so tight that it breaks your hair or gives you a headache, but as tight as you can stand it.

To achieve smooth and straight hair, I untied the ponytail exactly after one hour. As I did that, I made sure to brush my hair continuously.

After you’re done with that, from the two sides of your head, take sections of your hair and use the Toca technique to secure them. In other words, use bobby pins to secure your hair towards the adjacent sides.

3. Use Hair Bands

Washing your hair marks the beginning of this method. To get your curls under control, use an efficient moisturizing conditioner and anti-frizz shampoo.

Similar to the other methods, avoid drying out hair completely. Making sure that your hair is still a bit damp, make two ponies by sectioning your hair.

Use elastic bands or soft scrunchies to secure your ponytails. While maintaining a distance of about 2 inches, continue adding elastic hair bands.

pink scrunchies

Let me give a tip: Make sure that these bands are loosely attached. These elastic bands will leave a mark on your hair shaft if tied too tightly.

Lastly, if you want a bonus tip on how to make your hair straight naturally, I would advise you to give it one night. Leave the bands attached if you want that straight and smooth hair strands.

If you found this helpful, you might also want to check out our guides on how to use curlers and how to towel dry hair male.

4. Use Your Hairdryer Cold Air Settings

For this method to succeed in straightening your hair, there’s one crucial element that you must not forego. That is, in order to wash your hair, you MUST use an amazing conditioner and shampoo.

Once you’re done washing your hair, be careful while detangling.

For smoother and frizz-free hair, make use of an efficient leave-in hair conditioner.

lady putting on Leave-In Conditioner to her hair

At once, section an inch of hair after damping them. Stretch your damp hair while smoothening it using a comb attached to the hairdryer.

Repeat the process multiple times across different sections. One really useful tip that I found to be very beneficial was that I purchased a versatile hairdryer with a variety of hot and cold settings.

This particular method is effective for you to achieve straightened and stretched hair:

5. Coconut Milk Mask

Coconut milk is among the top ingredients for absolute hair moisturization. It’s a rich source of fiber, fat, and Vitamin E as well.

The blend of lemon juice, olive oil (extra virgin), and coconut milk amply relax your hair. To apply this blend to your hair, use a paintbrush. That will help spread out the blend evenly.

Use plastic wraps or shower caps to cover your hair properly. Let your hair warm up a little by using a blow dryer. Make sure to keep the settings low.

lady wearing a shower cap

In case you’ve colored your hair, this method might prove to be quite detrimental for you. That’s because the mild acid present in the lemon juice weakens the hair color.

Use a non-aggressive shampoo and a great conditioner to wash it off. For rinsing purposes, employ only warm water.

A coconut milk mask is perfect for loosening up your curls, relaxing and moisturizing your hair.

6. Banana Mask

Olive oil, milk, and of course, bananas make up the key elements of the banana mask for straightening your hair naturally.

In case you didn’t know, which is highly unlikely, banana is a rich source of folate and Vitamin B6. Besides that, the fruit helps seal moisture within since it’s also rich in sugar.

As I stated earlier, the mask also makes use of milk, which contains a high concentration of sugar and proteins. These are necessary components to moisturize and fortify your hair.

The mask offers even more moisturization through Olive Oil that also helps seal cuticles. On top of that, it’s safe for those of you who color your hair regularly.

Take a food processor and blend honey, olive oil, and Greek Yogurt with banana to begin preparing the mask. Do not forget to whisk occasionally while you’re blending the ingredients.

Once blended, apply the mixture evenly throughout your hair and leave it for an hour. After one hour, use a non-aggressive shampoo to wash your hair. Remember to condition your hair.

7. Aloe Vera Gel & Flax Seeds Mask

I don’t have to remind you about the beneficial properties that this plant possesses for your hair and skin.

It contains proteolytic enzymes that assist in repairing the skin cells of your scalp. Aloe Vera makes your hair shiny and smooth and enhances growth.

The mask also contains Flax seeds. These seeds contain Omega-3 fatty acids in high concentrations.

Flax seeds make your hair healthy by strengthening the hair shafts, nourishing the follicles, and assisting in its growth as well.

I take the Flax seeds and boil them with water in a cup to start preparing the mask. Once cooled, I add honey, castor oil, lemon juice, and the main ingredient, that is, Aloe gel. Then, I continually stir the mixture.

Evenly apply the blend to your hair and allow it to dry. Once your hair dries out, use lukewarm water to wash it.

8. Fuller’s Earth Mask

Renowned as Multani Mitti, the skin benefits of Fuller’s Earth are abundant. However, you may or may not be fully familiar that it’s equally beneficial to get straighter hair.

You need to form a paste of Fuller’s Earth by adding water to the powdery product. Make sure to thoroughly apply it on your scalp and roots, rub the paste evenly all throughout your dry hair.

Comb your hair. Let it dry for about one hour. To finish the process, use warm water to wash your hair.

9. Castor Oil

I find Castor oil to be extremely effective when it comes to treating constipation (TMI?), stomach problems, and skin infections. At the same time, it’s very much viable for straightening your hair as well.

Hot Castor Oil massage is healthy for your scalp. For the massage, you need only warm a blend of coconut oil and castor oil.


Can you make curly hair permanently straight?

There exists only one alternative for permanent straightening, and it involves chemically altering your hair follicles completely. Even then, it’s not a 100% permanent solution.
Aside from that, the most efficient method is to straighten your hair naturally using the homemade masks I mentioned. 

How can I change my curly hair permanently to straight naturally?

The short answer, you can’t permanently straighten your hair using only natural methods. However, hair masks, rollers, and other methods can give you straight locks for almost as long a chemical straighteners do.


These natural methods to straighten your hair offers an efficient alternative to heat and chemical treatment.

At first, you might find these methods quite inconvenient, and cumbersome, and be a little sus about their effectiveness. But, these methods will protect you from hair loss and extensive breakages in the long run.

I hope these natural remedies endow you with long, luscious, and healthy hair, just as they did for me.

woman showing an oil spray to use to make her curly hair straight

Do you have more tips on making curly hair straight naturally forever? Let us know in the comments below!


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