Top 10 Gorgeous Designs for Acrylic Nails You’ll Love!

Acrylic nails have been around for many decades now, and they are the perfect way to jazz up plain colors.

Without the chipping and fading that comes with ordinary polish, you won’t have to worry about those nails lasting for only a night out.

Here are my top 10 favorite acrylic nail designs.

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Check out the table for a quick overview of our favorite nail polishes to use for these designs, then read on for more details!

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Top 10 Gorgeous Acrylic Nail Designs

#1 Brown and Gold Nails

Touches of gold and some clear nail polish add a touch of chic to an otherwise drab color.

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#2 Clear and Soft Pink Nails

Clear nails, silver sparkles, and baby pink add sophistication without removing that feminine look!

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#3 White and Gold Nails

Curvy gold lines add subtle detail to a nude base and white tips for that overall classic look.

white and gold nails
Credit: beaunailss

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#4 Lilac Nail Designs

Lilac flowers on a clear background and sparkles highlight a very feminine lilac color.

lilac acrylic nails
Credit: jaimyxnails

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#5 Floral Nails

Jazzing up those nudes with floral patterns in white along with gem stickers is a low-key way of spicing things up for a quiet evening date.

floral nails
Credit: ednails288

For this look, you must have your gem set on cue.

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#6 Tartan Tip Nails

Want something casual and fun? Try out tartan plaid designs for those tips. They’re different and yet, pretty subdued. Perfect for those jeans and sweaters to welcome the fall.

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#7 Simple White Acrylic Nails

Plain white gives that clean, ethereal feel that is sure not to fade or stain when done in acrylic.

Credit: beautytherapytt

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#8 Summer Floral Nails

Want something cute? Try plain hot pinks matched with nails with nude backgrounds complemented by white and hot pink flower stickers!

#9 Transition Nail Design

Thin, white, diagonal lines provide that modern accent to shades of brown and nude. Now THAT’S a statement.

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#10 White and Pink Black Spotted Nail Design 

Nude backgrounds accented by gold lines, white geometrics, and tiny black dots complete this modern and sophisticated nail art.

In Conclusion

Keep in fashion with colors and designs that last, whatever you do and wherever you go! Chic nail designs that will last you way longer than a week.

Some acrylic nails could even last you an entire month! Whether you do them yourself or get them done at a salon, there are so many beautiful nail ideas you can do to make a great fashion statement right from your fingertips.

Whether you want to add length, strengthen your nails, or create a canvas on your fingernails, here are the best acrylic nail ideas to try out next time you do your nails.

acrylic nails.png

What are your favorite acrylic nail designs? Let us know below!

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