What is Tingle Tanning Lotion? How Does it Work?

What is Tingle Tanning lotion and how does it work?

That’s what we’re exploring today!

We’ll go over what it is, when to use it, and do’s and don’ts you need to know.

Let’s get started!

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What Are Tingle Tanning Lotions?

The tanning process without the aid of a product can be grueling and frustrating. The effects of UV rays can make it even more dangerous.

To create faster results, you might consider the best tingle tanning lotion.

The tingling properties of tingle tanning lotions are more intense than typical tanning lotions and are not recommended to those with sensitive skin.

lady putting tanning lotion on her shoulder

Tingle tanning lotions are named as such because they cause tingling sensations on the skin after they are applied.

Tanners will notice this product is more intense than other tanning lotions. Following the tanning process, your skin will be red for approximately one hour.

A sunburn-like redness appears. There will, however, be no redness, and ultimately, you will feel fine after it is gone.

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How to Handle Tingle Tanning Lotion With Care

Tingle tanning lotions can be easily applied. However, it would be best if you learn few more things about how to use it to your skin:

  1. It may not be suitable for anyone with sensitive skin.
  2. Never use tingle tanning lotions on children because they can harm their delicate skin.
  3. Never apply these lotions on delicate parts of your body. The ingredients are similar to those in Icy-Hot and other creams. In other words, it WILL hurt your sensitive bits.

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What is the Best Time to Start Using Tingle Tanning Lotion?

It might be challenging to know when to begin using the tingle tanning lotions if you are interested in using them.

Specialists suggest that when your skin reaches a tanning plateau is when it is most effective.

It may be time for you to start using the tingle tanning lotions if you find that your skin is not reacting to the tanning items you are using.

However, it is always a good idea to consult a dermatologist before using any skincare product.

No Pain, No Gain

Tingle tanning lotions can be a turn-off for some people due to the sensation they cause. Some users have criticized the lotion for irritating them or for making them uncomfortable.

While, on the other hand, some of the users found it extremely comfortable and easy to use.

There are varying degrees of sensitivity to pain, depending on your skin type and level of pain tolerance.

Since everyone is different, your experience may differ from your friend’s.

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How Does a Tingle Tanning Lotion Work?

When applied to the skin, tingle tanning lotion stimulates blood circulation and oxygen flow to the surface, thereby boosting melanin production (the pigment responsible for skin color).

A deeper tan is achieved when your melanin is highly affected.

You can enhance the effects of UV rays you expose yourself to by using tingle lotions.

lady in white bikini using tingle tanning lotion

Melanin production in the body is increased when lotions contain benzyl nicotinate or methyl nicotinate.

As a result, skin becomes red and tingly after applying the lotion, and these symptoms typically disappear within one hour.

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What Must Be Included in Your Tingling Tanning Lotions?

Choosing the suitable tanning lotion for your skin can be tricky. Making an informed decision may be easier if you understand some of the ingredients. The following elements might be beneficial:       

  • Using silicone moisturizer can help your skin look and feel better         
  • Nutritious, protective, and moisturizing hemp seed oil helps to maintain the glow on your face.
  • For skin that is energized and less puffy, caffeine is an excellent choice         
  • Boost your pigmentation with beta-carotene (vitamin A)         
  • Lines and wrinkles are reduced by vitamin E        
  • Shimmer particles reflect light that enables your skin to glow

A tanning accelerator or moisturizer will be your first stop on your tanning adventure.  Using a bronzer or tingle lotion will help you enhance the experience once you’ve achieved a good base tan.

Strongest Tingle Tanning Lotion

These lotions promote the flow of blood to your skin and improve cell oxygenation. Nicotinate and benzyl are active ingredients in these products that produce a warming sensation.

Also, do not be surprised if your skin flushes. When tanning for the first time, you may not want to use hot action or tingling lotions. Tingle tanning lotion can help you feel:

  • Feel tingly or chilly
  • UV rays can enhance your overall health
  • Turbocharge your results by boosting the production of melanin
  • Ensure uniform tanning by moisturizing

Maximizer and Accelerator Lotions

In comparison with lying in the sun, indoor tanning lotion lets you tan faster and darker. It is ideal for those just starting with indoor tanning to use these tanning products. Moisturizing lotions such as accelerators and maximizers are typically thick. In addition to these benefits, accelerators and maximizers offer the following:

  • Accelerating the tanning process by enhancing UV light
  • Preventing burns on your skin
  • After your session ends, your color will continue to evolve

Who Shouldn’t Use Tingle Tanning Lotion?

You might not like it if you are new to the tanning process because it gives a tingling sensation. It might be painful for some; others might say it is an uncomfortable experience depending on how much you can bear.

If you have reactive skin, it would be best not to use it as it could be a painful process leading to irritation and allergies.

So, stay away from tingling tanning lotions if you have any of the symptoms mentioned above; otherwise, results could worsen.

For some great tan-through swimwear, check out this video:


How can the tingle action be stopped if somebody doesn’t like it?

Using moisturizer cream can not completely kill the lotion’s tickling effect but can, to a certain degree, alleviate this effect. Showering with cool water and mild soap will ease any tingling that you experience. Do not use hot or warm water, as this will open the pores and create an even more intense tingle sensation.

Can tanning be done twice in two days, respectively?

Yes, technically, it is possible to tan two days in a row. The result of this is that you are more likely to become overexposed. To allow your skin to produce its own melanin before continuing exposure, we recommend skipping 1 or 2 days between sessions.

What must be avoided after tanning?

It would be best if you also kept these things in mind after tanning:
Socks and shoes should not be worn while tanning your feet.
For at least five hours, do not wear tight clothing.
After tanning, wait at least 12 hours before shaving.

Can you put Tingle Tanning Lotion on your face?

No. It’s way too harsh for your delicate facial skin.

Does Tingle tanning lotion make you blotchy?

It can, especially if you have very sensitive skin. That blotchiness is actually a reaction to the ingredients. So, if you develop redness, quickly wash off the lotion.


So, if you want to look fresh, then use a tickling tanning lotion if it suits you; otherwise, go through the process and see how you can effectively use the tanning lotion.

There are different ranges of lotions matching your specific requirements. So, visit our website now to have an intricate look at different products.


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a lady applying tingle tanning lotion to her shoulders

What is tingle tanning lotion? What’s your experience using it? Please share with us below!

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