Rhassoul Clay vs. Bentonite Clay for Hair: Which One is the Most Effective?

It’s time to put to rest the battle between rhassoul clay vs. bentonite clay for hair!

I’ve used multiple types of clays for both my skin and hair because I’m an adventurous being, but you don’t have to do that.

If you want one between the two, I’ll help you pick the one that best suits your needs and beauty routine!

I’ll also give you my top pick to buy for each one.

It's time to put to rest the battle between rhassoul clay vs. bentonite clay for hair and find out which is the most effective. Read on to learn all about it!

What is Rhassoul Clay?

This is a clay type that many people use for cosmetic purposes. It’s brown, and it’s only found in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

The name rhassoul is derived from an Arabian word meaning ‘wash.’

Although skin and hair benefits of rhassoul clay haven’t been scientifically studied, it has been used in many cultures for years, who have deemed it effective.

What are the Benefits of Rhassoul Clay for Your Hair?

There are many pros that come with using rhassoul clay for your hair. Here are just the top reasons to try it out.

It moisturizes and softens your hair.

This is especially beneficial for natural hair. My hair can be so painful to detangle, but with rhassoul clay, it’s less painful as it softens.

It’s a great hydration agent.

Rhassoul helps hydrate your hair, avoid dryness, and improve elasticity, which protects against hair breakage.

It detoxifies your hair and scalp.

Rhassoul clay eliminates any product build-up, impurities, and dandruff from your hair.

Unblocks pores

Rhassoul clay unblocks and cleans pores on your skin, leaving you feeling refreshed.

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Side Effects of Rhassoul Clay on Hair

Rhassoul clay is safe for most people, and they’ve been very few cases of any severe reactions.

Yet, if you’re allergic to metals such as magnesium and aluminum, it’s best to avoid the clay.

Also, if you’re prone to eczema or psoriasis, or any other skin conditions, choose an alternative clay.

According to Healthline, it can also inflame or dry out your skin, so if you realize your skin is becoming dryer, itchy, red, or inflamed, take a break from using the clay.

Also, be careful when applying it to avoid inhaling too much dust.



This one works fantastic for dry and damaged hair, plus it smells amazing!

You can also use the clay as a face mask.  Find it on Amazon.

Learn more about it along with other Rhassoul clay products for hair here.

Organic Rhassoul with Rose Water Detox Clay for Hair & Face Cruelty-Free, Moroccan Ghassoul Deep Pore Cleanser, Conditioner and Pore Minimiser 250g
  • Rhassoul Clay has been used for years for skin & hair as a natural detoxifying, shampoo and conditioner. and the finest beauty spas across the globe currently utilize it for therapeutic benefits and its extraordinary restorative & absorption ability.
  • Repairs and restores damaged and over processed hair to restore a healthy look while promoting natural hair growth.
  • Eliminates toxins and improves skin elasticity, minimizes pores, improves skin clarity & texture leaves your skin clear, youthful-looking and radiant.
  • Apply over your face and hair as desired and let act for 5 -10 minutes. you will feel a gentle tightening, as the intense detoxification begins to absorb harmful substances, cleansing deep into your pores to restore firmness and elasticity.
  • Our rhassoul clay is 100% organic and obviously because It's organic there are No parabens, No nasty chemicals, No preservatives, or synthetic coloring. just the good stuff.

What is Bentonite Clay?

This is a natural healing clay that’s mined from the earth. Popularly known as Aztec Indian healing clay, it’s an absorbent aluminum phyllosilicate clay.

It’s formed when weathering volcanic ash occurs in the presence of water. It’s dried in the sun before it’s sold for beauty purposes.

Bentonite clay does wonders for your skin, as it lifts all toxins and impurities. But it’s equally effective when used on hair.

What are the Benefits of Bentonite Clay for Your Hair?

I’ve used bentonite clay for both my skin and hair several times, and there are so many benefits that I’ve enjoyed.

Since we are focusing on bentonite for hair on this post, I’ll stick to that. Below are the benefits of using bentonite for your hair.

It gets rid of dandruff

I’m not going to get very deep into it, but dandruff occur when Malassezia (fungus) infects your scalp. And the extra sebum on your scalp facilitates the existence of the fungus. The clay soaks up the fungus and makes your scalp incapable of hosting any more fungus, stopping the occurence of any more dandruff.

It boosts hair growth.

Bentonite has essential minerals such as calcium, potassium, and sodium that aid in hair growth. It also gets rids of any dead skin on your scalp, leaving your hair follicles clean, which increases hair growth.

Pulls out any toxins and impurities.

Bentonite has negatively charged ions that attract any toxins and impurities from your positively charged hair. It also removes any product build-up and excess oil from your scalp.

It makes your hair glow.

Rinsing your hair with bentonite clay makes your hair shiny.

Softens and conditions hair.

Bentonite clay can also help make your natural hair easy to manage by softening it and detangling it.

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Side Effects of Bentonite Clay

According to Healthline, there have not been any health hazards reported as a result of using bentonite clay for haircare.

That said, it’s essential to start small if this is the first you’re using it and grow eventually.

You can use it on a small area of your hair and give it twenty-four hours; if you don’t experience any reactions, it’s safe to use it regularly.

Alternatively, consult with your hair specialist or cosmetologist to know if bentonite clay is right for you.

Top Pick: Molivera Bentonite Clay

Molivera Bentonite Clay

Like the Rhassoul mask above, this one works great on both your hair and your face.

It’s made with 100% pure sodium bentonite clay, so you don’t have to worry about other ingredients causing an allergic reaction.

You can buy it on Amazon.

Molivera Organics Bentonite Clay for Detoxifying and Rejuvenating Skin and Hair, 16 oz.
  • Highest Premium Grade Available. Our clay is 100% Pure Sodium Bentonite Clay from Wyoming.
  • Incredible results: Face/Body/Hair Mask for Detoxification and Beautification. Hypoallergenic and recommended for Sensitive skin (Chemical Free, Natural, and Gentle).
  • Increases Blood Flow and brings life back into to skin giving a Radiant Glow.Rejuvenates skin and hair with Minerals to make skin and hair Healthier and Better looking.
  • Anti-Aging for soft, supple, touchable skin. Regenerates Skin Tissue to Diminish Wrinkles and Tighten Skin to Bring Youthfulness back to your skin. Shrinks pores for flawless looking skin.
  • Highly Trusted Brand. Guaranteed to be 100% Amazed with results or money back.

Rhassoul Clay vs. Bentonite Clay for Hair: Which is the Winner?

So, is one clay better than the other?

In my opinion, NO. Both clays are amazing, and they have great benefits for your hair.

Rhassoul and bentonite clay have multiple similarities.

For example, they’re good in drawing toxins from the scalp, removing impurities and removing any product build-up.

However, each of them has its strengths; if you want to moisturize and soften your hair, then rhassoul clay is the best option.

And if you want a clay with high absorbent power to detoxify your scalp by drawing any impurities and getting rid of dandruff for good, then bentonite clay is your best choice.

What really matters is the goal you have for your skin at that given moment.

Back to you, now that you have all the facts at hand, which clay do you think is best for hair? Let us know in the comment section.

Which would you choose between Rhassoul clay vs. Bentonite clay for hair? Share below!

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