11 Highly-Recommended Skin Tightening Essential Oils

Looking for the best essential oils for skin tightening?

I’ve been using EOs for pretty much my entire adult life (NOT telling you how long that is!), so, I’ve tried pretty much every single one imaginable.

Below are my top picks for helping your skin bounce back as you age.

Start with a quick peek at my top picks, then check out all the details.

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Essential Oils to Tighten Skin: Top Picks At a Glance

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Don’t have time? Here is a quick comparison of our favorites!

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11 Best Essential Oils For Skin Tightening (With Reviews)

If you’re familiar with our other reviews, you’ll notice this one is a bit different.

Rather than just reviewing 11 single products by different brands, we’ll go over the best skin tightening essential oils themselves, including benefits (aside from skin tightening) and drawbacks.

Then, I’ll share one of my favorite products for each oil. I think that will help you a lot more than just “here’s a list of 11 things to buy,” don’t you?

Let’s get started, and you’ll see what I mean.

1. Rose Oil (WINNER)

Rose oil is by far among the very best essential oils for pretty much any skin concern from aging to hyperpigmentation to zits (I was going for an A-Z theme there, can you tell?).

Heck, it’s even good for your libido! So it’ll make you want to get it on after you get glam!

However, there’s one MASSIVE drawback, and I do mean massive: the price. Expect to pay a very hefty sum for a tiny vial of rose oil. No, really, expect to.

If it doesn’t cost an arm, a leg, and maybe a few fingers and toes from the other, it’s fake or heavily diluted. Or probably rosehip, rose geranium, or any other number of wanna-be-real-rose products.

Let’s look at the benefits and drawbacks. You’ll notice words like “can” and “may.”

I make no promises, nor can I according to the FDA. 😀 However, all benefits are backed by studies. That goes for all oils on this list. You can find a full list of the studies in the references at the bottom of this page.

AMAZING anti-bacterial propertiesSUPER expensive
Also helps with depression and anxietyCan be confusing to buy due to so many knock-offs
Very soothing, can help relieve painful skin issues
Helps brighten skin while it tightens

My Recommendation: Alteya Organics Rose Essential Oil

No products found.

Honestly, while there are TONS of great rose oil products out there for loose skin, if you’re going to pay out the wazoo, you might as well just get the undiluted stuff.

Alteya Organic’s Bulgarian Rose Otto essential oil is one of the few rose oil brands I’d actually buy on Amazon.

It’s a very small bottle- which is why it’s so “cheap” comparatively speaking-but it’s not diluted like others.

Besides, it’ll encourage you to actually use the correct amount (literally just a tiny drop) and not go crazy. A little really does go a long way with essential oils, my friends.

That said, if you want to experience the benefits of rose and don’t have almost $100 to drop on a tiny vial of oil, you can go with something diluted in a carrier oil. It’ll still retain a lot of its benefits.

Stick with something that only includes one carrier, though. If you’re seeing more than two ingredients total, again, move on.

I promise, from here down, you won’t have to sell an organ to afford good essential oils for sagging skin.

No products found.

2. Bergamot (Runner Up)

Bergamot is a wonderful essential oil all around. Not only can it help tighten your skin, but it’ll relieve stress while doing so!

Plus it’s SOOOO much cheaper than our winner (so, so, so much!).

Studies show it relieves stressNot good for those with diabetes, as it can cause a drop in blood sugar.
Great for relieving joint pain, too. CANNOT be used prior to surgery, for the same reason (blood sugar issues)
Refreshing citrus scent that is positively uplifting

My Recommendation: Grown Alchemist Gentle Gel Facial Cleanser– (with Geranium Leaf, Bergamot, and Rose-Bud)

essential oil

While it’s a little on the pricey side for a cleanser (I’m a cheapskate, it’s actually not THAT pricey for a quality product), the added ingredients make Grown Alchemist worth it.

Don’t get too excited, though- it doesn’t actually contain rose oil (I know, you thought I found a loophole, too).

It does, however, have pressed rose petals along with bergamot and other great ingredients that help close your pores and give your skin a tighter, more youthful look.

3. Lemon

If you think lemon essential oil is just good for making DIY cleaning products, think again! Yes, it makes your whole house smell amazing, but it’s also a wonderful skin-tightening essential oil, too.

Studies show that lemon relieves anxiety & depressionIncreased photosensitivity (do not use before going into the sun)
Antibacterial, antifungal AND antimicrobial propertiesCANNOT be applied without diluting*
May speed up healing for problem skin
It even helps you feel more alert!
Except where noted, this goes for most oils. However, lemon is particularly harsh when applied “neat.”

Recommendation: Brightening Lemon Face Lotion Bar

Sea buckthorn Brightening Lemon Face Lotion Bar image 0

Years ago, my mom used to make homemade soaps and lotion bars like this. She gave it up when she moved in with me (my kitchen is tiny), but I still buy it from others as much as possible.

This one by the Etsy seller NakedMoisture is made with just four ingredients: Shea butter, Avocado oil, Organic Beeswax, Lemon Oil.

The combination makes it perfect for almost every skin type. Plus it’s crazily affordable to boot!

4. Frankincense

If you’ve ever been to a Catholic church, chances are you’ve smelled Frankincense, along with its heady companion, Myrrh.

Don’t worry, though, when used in moderation for skincare, Frankincense isn’t nearly as overpowering as it is when swinging from that little incense ball at church.

While studies are pretty mixed on whether it actually tightens skin, anecdotal evidence suggests that it’s definitely worth trying.

Astringent properties aid with healingStudies are iffy on just how much it helps skin
May help reduce inflammationCan make some people nauseous
Studies show it may have anticancer properties
Beneficial to those with asthma

My Recommendation: Intense Frankincense anti aging cream for body and face

Intense Frankincense anti aging cream for body and face image 2

Another amazing Etsy find this anti-aging cream is made with 100% organic ingredients. While Frank isn’t the only “actor,” he is the star of the show!

Other essential oils in the mix include Myrrh, Vanilla, and Lavender, along with rose water and a great lineup of beneficial butters and carrier oils.

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5. Tea Tree

If we were talking about any other skincare need, Tea Tree would have been #1 on my list. It’s great for everything from acne to fungal infections, and the one EO that I never let run out.

For skin tightening, it mostly works by calming down the issues that lead to aging effects. It’s fights acne, inflammation, and even eczema.

Can be applied neat (but see note below)*It smells REALLY strong
Great for treating acne Can sting a bit on super sensitive skin
Antibacterial, antifungal, and antiseptic
*While it’s one of the few oils that you can use undiluted, it’s VERY strong, so you may want to add it to a carrier oil anyway.

Recommended Product: Handcraft Tea Tree Essential Oil

No products found.

There are SOOOOO many great tea tree products out there, but since this is one that can be used without major dilution, I’d just go with a good 100% tea tree essential oil like this one.

It’s one of the most highly rated with an insane number of glowing reviews (53K+ and counting). Plus it’s therapeutic-grade, which I always like to see when I’m shopping.

Just remember, while tea tree is theoretically safe to apply directly to your skin, make sure you spot-test first. I have very sensitive skin and can handle it, but not everyone can.

No products found.

6. Neroli

Neroli isn’t the most popular essential oil for skin-tightening essential oil, but it’s still among the best. Like Rose Oil, it’s just not as affordable as other options.

If you want to splurge on something for yourself, though, it’s definitely worth trying, especially if you’re also dealing with menopause or severe PMS.

Great for acne and skin irritationAmong the more expensive essential oils
May relieve menopause symptomsIncreases photosensitivity
Also helps relieve PMS

My Recommendation: LILFOX Seabuck + Neroli Face Nectar

LILFOX Seabuck + Neroli Face Nectar

I won’t fib, this stuff is Pricey with a capital P! But it’s cruelty-free, vegan, and all-natural. Plus it’s made in small batches, so it’s worth it.

Oh, and did I mention that it’s SPECIFICALLY designed for aging skin? It helps boost firmness and restore elasticity while also deeply moisturizing your face.

You only get like 1 ounce, but a little goes a super long way. That said, if it’s too pricey for you, I also love this Odacite Ma+N (Marula + Neroli) Elasticity Serum Concentrate, which is about half the price.

7. Lavender Essential Oil

Like Tea Tree, you can’t really talk about skincare essential oils without mentioning the lovely lavender (which, for some reason, I can never spell properly despite writing about it for years).

While its list of benefits could fill an entire book, for skin-tightening it works by boosting collagen.

It’s also among the most affordable essential oils, making it a great place to start if you’re on a tight budget.

Helps relieve anxiety and stressMay induce drowsiness (it does for me)
Natural sleep aidExcessive use in boys can lead to breast development
Can be applied without dilutingNot the best for very dry skin
Boosts collagen production

Recommended Product: Orgaid Organic Sheet Mask 

sheet mask

Like tea trees, there are about a zillion products with lavender as the star ingredient. For anti-aging purposes, though, I really love this sheet mask.

It’s all about the plump factor! It’ll really help tighten that sagging skin without drying it out. Plus, like all products from Safe & Chic, it’s 100% cruelty-free.

8. Rosemary

Technically, rosemary isn’t a true “essential oil” (which I literally just learned, and I’ve been researching EOs for a VERY long time), but let’s not hold that against it. It’s a stellar choice for a litany of concerns.

Rosemary rose to fame as a hair-growth essential oil, but it also offers up a slew of skincare benefits as well.

May actually improve your brain functionIt has a very distinct scent that you either love or hate.
Improves circulation, which helps fight signs of agingMay sting a bit on sensitive skin
Soothes aching muscles (I can personally attest to this!)
Helps boost your mood and wake you up

Recommended Product: Rosemary Firming Cleanser

Rosemary Firming Cleanser image 0

While Rosemary plays a supporting role in a lot of products, Bare Indulgence Skin made it the star of the show in its anti-aging cleanser.

It’s accompanied by ylang-ylang water, aloe vera, almond oil, and jojoba oil, all of which work together to help give your skin a firmer appearance.

9. Jasmine

If you love floral scents, Jasmine is your gal! It’s not quite as “I just rolled in a field of flowers” as rose oil, but still has a beautiful romantic scent.

When it comes to aging, Jasmine’s greatest benefit is that it works as both an anti-inflammatory and helps promote healing.

Gentle enough for sensitive skinSomewhat sedating (it’ll make you sleepy)
Also helps fight depression
It’ll get you in the mood, if you catch my drift!

Recommendation: Odacite Bl+J (Blueberry + Jasmine) Cell Energy Serum Concentrate

Another great product from Odacite, this one couples blueberry with jasmine to help take the floral edge off.

It’s an amazing concentrate that targets your cells to help rejuvenate sagging skin. Since it’s sold by Safe and Chic, you know it’s cruelty-free, too!

10. Ylang-Ylang

When it comes to the essential oil with the name that’s the most fun to say, Ylang-Ylang takes the cake. Seriously, doesn’t it just make you smile?

A fun name, though, isn’t enough to earn a spot on my list of the best essential oils for skin tightening.

Ylang-Ylang is a great anti-aging EO because of how well it calms a myriad of skin problems, including acne and wrinkles.

Plus, some evidence suggests it boosts your immune system. As you know, a healthier immunity means your skin can fight off free radicals and other damaging effects.

It’s an aphrodisiac!Poisonous to pets, so you can’t use it around them
Relieves inflammationCan cause headaches in those who are hypersensitive to the scent
Antibacterial and antimicrobial
MAY boost your immune system

Recommended: Elemis Superfood Night Cream

Elemis Superfood Night Cream

Elemis’ Superfood Night Cream contains an incredible mixture of essential oils and other skincare ingredients, including- of course- Ylang Ylang.

The fatty acids from the chia seed oil really help give your skin back some of its much-needed plumpness, while the combo of YY and lavender lull you off to sleep.

11. Clary Sage

Last up, we have our good friend Clary Sage, with its refreshing “I just stepped out of the shower” scent.

While it’s among the least-researched of the bunch, don’t write it off just yet. Its skin-healing properties make it a strong ally in the fight against aging.

Alleviates menopause symptomsNot ideal for those with low blood pressure
Relieves depression and anxiety
Great antibacterial properties

Recommended product: Eternal Facial Serum

Eternal Facial Serum  Daily Skin Serum  Natural Skincare  image 0

Eternal Facial Serum by The Gilded Beesic on Etsy is an affordable way to incorporate not just Clary Sage, but a whole host of amazingly beneficial skincare ingredients.

These include Golden Jojoba Oil, Maracuja Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Argan Oil, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Papaya Seed Oil, Frankincense Oil, Clary Sage Oil, and Lime Oil.

Together, they work to not only tighten skin by boosting collagen but also nourish it deeply and help it fight free radicals.

How to Choose the Best Essential Oil for Skin Elasticity

lemon essential oils for skin tightening

There’s really no single checklist of tips to follow to pick the perfect EO for your anti-aging routine. For me personally, I always start with the most affordable and work my way down.

That said, you’ll want to consider more than just your budget if you’re dealing with super sensitive skin. Pick those that are the most well-researched first, like lavender and rose oil.

Also, consider your own personal allergies. If you’re allergic to ROSES, for example, then you’ll definitely be allergic to ROSE OIL.

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FAQs About Essential Oils to Tighten Skin

Does coconut oil tighten skin?

Coconut Oil is a great moisturizer and can be used on the face, body, or hair. It’s also an excellent natural remedy to help tighten your skin!

How can I tighten my skin naturally?

There are many ways to improve the appearance of your skin. One way is by using natural ingredients, such as essential oils and herbs that have been used in traditional medicine for centuries. Essential oil blends help you achieve a healthy glow without any harsh chemicals.

What are the best carrier oils for skin tightening?

Most of the carrier oils offer up some skin-tightening properties, but in my opinion, Jojoba is the #1 option. Not only is it effective and gentle, but also affordable.

Top Recommendation

Elemis Superfood Night Cream

Out of all of the essential oils, we talked about above, while Rose Oil is my “winner,” given the high price my actual “top recommendation” would be the Elemis Superfood Night Cream.

While it’s still not the cheapest, it contains several of the above-mentioned EOs, making it a good choice all-around.


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lavender essential oils

What are your favorite essential oils for skin tightening? Please let us know in the comments below!

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