Alabaster Skin Tone: What is it & Skincare Tips (With Pics)

Knowing your skin tone can help with many skincare needs and product purchases.

I once informed my friend that she has an alabaster skin tone, which is perplexing. I realized then that many people are unaware of their skin tone. 

Have you considered that your skin tone might be alabaster? And if so, what does that mean to your skincare routine? 

I will answer all these concerns below, so continue reading to know more.

What is Alabaster Skin Tone? 

blonde woman with simple makeup

Alabaster skin tone is a white and almost pale skin color. It has some hues of ivory and porcelain.

Those with this skin tone look much whiter than most other skin types. Alabaster skin looks very white, and the production of melanin is little. 

Melanin protects the skin from harmful UV rays [1].

As melanin production is lower in alabaster skin tone than darker skin tones like olive skin tones people, sunscreen becomes a more critical part of your beauty routine.  

Alabaster skin tone is darker than porcelain and lighter than ivory skin tone. 

While your skin color depends on your ethnicity and genetics, your skin tone depends on a chemical called melanin. It is responsible for skin color, hair, and eyes in humans. 

If you have an alabaster skin tone, you are more likely to get sunburnt than tan. It is defined as a cool or neutral undertone.   

You can refer to this image:

Creative illustration of human skin tone color palette set isolated on background.

How to Determine If You Have an Alabaster Skin Tone?    

The secret to finding the right products and clothes is knowing your skin tone.

Here are a few ways you can be sure about your skin tone;   

1- Seek Professional Assistance 

Many beauty stores offer tests to check your skin tone. You can visit any store and ask for assistance in knowing your skin tone. The tests are not time-consuming and are affordable. 

You can opt for one of these tests at your local beauty salon and be sure about your skin tone. 

If this sounds a bit extreme to you, remember that you can make better choices when buying cosmetics and clothes once you are sure about your skin tone.  

2- How Do I Know I Have an Alabaster Skin Tone By Using The Fitzpatrick Skin Type Scale?

The Fitzpatrick Skin scale is a method to determine your skin type. [2] It is based on the melanin present in the skin and skin reaction on exposure to Sun. According to it, there are six types of skin;  


People with this skin type have white skin, which burns quickly but rarely tans. They are more likely to have blonde hair and blue, gray, or green eyes.


If you have this skin type, you are more likely to have fair and pale skin with blonde hair and green, gray, or green eyes. 


The third skin type is fair to beige and has a golden undertone. People with this kind of skin get both sunburn and tan. They are more likely to have dark blonde or brown hair with hazel or light brown eyes.


The fourth skin type on the Fitzpatrick scale has olive and brown shades. They can have dark brown eyes and dark brown hair. People with such skin find it easier to get a tan and rarely sunburn.  


The fifth skin type people have dark brown skin. They rarely burn in the sun but always get a  tan. They can have hairs and eye colors that range from dark brown to black.


The last skin type on the Fitzpatrick scale has the darkest shades of brown. They will have dark brown or black eyes and hair. They always get a dark tan and rarely get sunburns.

The alabaster skin tone is Type 1 on the Fitzpatrick scale. This means they are more likely to end up with a burn than with a tan.   

This video can help you find out your skin tone.

3: Check Yourself in Natural Sunlight

Clean your face and observe yourself in natural sunlight with the help of a mirror. You have an alabaster skin tone if your skin looks pale white with a yellowish undertone.

Make sure there is no artificial light while you observe yourself. You can also take the help of a friend with this.  

Essential Skincare Tips For Alabaster 

Skin Problems

Since the complexion of alabaster skin is ashen, sun damage is a real problem. Due to the lesser melanin production, alabaster skin needs better protection from the sun.

You might be less likely to tan, but you can still end up sunburnt if you don’t take proper precautions. 

Alabaster skin tone being a caucasian skin type does not have much water content and hence can lead to dry skin [3]. This gives you another reason to drink more water.

Skin reactivity is also in between Asian skin and black skin. This essentially means you need to be aware of the products you use on your skin and check for allergic reactions first before using them. 

As with most pale skin types, having an alabaster skin tone means you have a higher chance of getting skin cancer than Asian skin tones.

Since the alabaster skin tone looks pale, you’ll look unwell and anemic if you don’t take proper care of it. 

Basic Tips

Like any other skin tone, you need to follow a few essential tips to keep your skin looking healthy and protect it from sun damage.

  • Wash your face twice a day– This cleans your face from dirt, dust, and dead skin cells. 
  • Use sunscreen before stepping out in the sun– This protects your skin from sun damage and delays the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots. 
  • Do not avoid the sun– Your alabaster skin is sensitive to the sun, but it is no reason for you to avoid it altogether. Sunlight is a great way to get your daily dose of Vitamin D for 15-20 minutes a day.
  • Minimize stress– Stress can cause acne breakout and clogged pores. Minimizing stress is good for your overall health, including your skin health. 
  • Drink enough water throughout the day to keep yourself hydrated– Water keeps your skin hydrated and protects it from getting dry.  
  • Make sure to remove all your makeup before going to bed– This allows your skin to breathe overnight and reduces the effects of chemicals on the skin. 
  • Get good quality and adequate sleep– Stop the late-night binge-watching and get your beauty sleep. Seriously, you can watch the show later- without giving yourself bags under your eyes.

Makeup Tips

gorgeous lady with Alabaster skin

As someone with an alabaster skin tone, you need to remember that you have a natural pink or yellowish undertone. So, your makeup should accentuate or compliment that.

Keeping that in consideration, you can incorporate the following makeup tips;  

  • Some products are specially designed for alabaster skin tone; you can opt for those. 
  • Your foundation and concealer should be nude beige, or soft in color. This gives your skin a more natural look. 
  • You can use a peach or shimmery pink color to contour your cheeks with the right shade of bronze.
  • You can use a bronzer for skin contouring. Pick a shade that will provide warmth to your cheeks, like peach or pink.

What to Add to Your Skincare Routine

Face wash

A herbal facial cleanser is the best option for your sensitive alabaster skin when it comes to cleaning your face. You must wash your face twice a day- in the morning and before going to bed. 

If you are one of the few who have alabaster oily skin, you can go for an oil-reducing cleanser.  Do not use harsh soaps on your face. 


Face wash opens up your pores and leaves your skin vulnerable to dirt and dust. This is why you need to apply a moisturizer after washing your face.

If you have sensitive skin, you can use the moisturizer only once in the morning. Otherwise, it is better to use it both times after washing your face.   


Choosing a good sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30 should be another no-brainer for your alabaster skin. It protects your skin from the harsh UV rays of the sun as the melanin in your skin is already low. 

Don’t fall into the common misconception that you don’t need sunscreen during winters. The UV rays can still damage your exposed skin. It would help if you had sun protection all year round.  


Your sensitive alabaster skin will end up being red more often than not. To hide that redness, you will need a good concealer. I would recommend you to use a soft or beige color for that purpose.

It blends with your skin and makes your makeup look too heavy. 

Soothing cream 

In case you want to halt the process of your skin turning red altogether rather than just hiding it using a concealer, you must have an excellent soothing cream.

This will help soothe your skin and lessen the redness gradually. As most people with alabaster skin tone have sensitive skin, it is a must-have beauty product.  

What Colors Pair Well With an Alabaster Skin Tone?

blonde woman with alabaster skin

Most dark colors will look good on your alabaster skin tone. With your pinkish undertone, bright red is a strict no-no for you. Cool colors like green and blue will accentuate your natural skin tone. 

Black and white looks great on almost everyone, and this includes you. Both these colors can be your perfect go-to attire for that weekend date. 

3 Celebrities That Have Alabaster Skin Tone

Scarlett Johanson

The ‘Black Widow’ star from Marvel Cinematic Universe, Scarlett Johanson, has an alabaster skin tone.  You can see her looking gorgeous even in minimal makeup roles in movies like Marriage Story.

Anne Hathaway

The ‘Catwoman’ from Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy is another beauty with an alabaster skin tone.

The gorgeous actress carries herself beautifully on the red carpet and has delivered some very memorable performances in movies like ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ and ‘The Princess Diaries’

Nicole Kidman

Academy Award winner and Eyes Wide Shut star Nicole Kidman has an alabaster skin tone. 


What is the difference between alabaster and ivory?

Alabaster is a pale white that shows a cool undertone; ivory, on the other hand, shows warmer shades of white. Ivory looks dusky, while alabaster-white has a pure, luminous look.

Is alabaster foundation cool or warm?

Most brands describe their alabaster foundation as a fair shade with a cool neutral undertone. That means the alabaster foundation qualifies as ‘cool.’

What is porcelain skin tone? 

Porcelain skin tone is white with a more pink undertone than yellow. It refers to the transparent white color of cooled-down porcelain. 

What is ivory skin?  

Ivory color skin tone is creamy white. You can compare this tone to the color of an elephant’s tusk. It is darker than the porcelain white and alabaster white tones. 

Why is unblemished alabaster skin often so idealized and sought after in the modeling industry?  

Unblemished alabaster skin is luminous, which is why it is highly sought after. 


If you have an Alabaster skin tone, you would have a pure white skin tone that looks luminous. It is different from other skin tones and requires a different approach to skincare.

Sunscreen should be the most crucial part of your beauty regime, and you should be careful while choosing cosmetics for yourself.

Most colors would look great on you, but you have to be careful when wearing bright red colors. It wouldn’t accentuate your skin tone as other colors like blue and green would. 


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lady with alabaster skin and red hair

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