What to Wear Before and After a Spray Tan in the Winter? Tips!

Are you wondering what to wear after a spray tan in winter?

I didn’t know that clothes matter after spray tanning, and I was surprised when my tan got a bit smudged.

So, I did my research to find the best clothes to wear when using tanning products or the best at home spray tan kits. 

And today, I’m here to share my tips with you and help you pick the best outfit for your spray tanning session. 

Quick Summary

  • Spray tanning in winter is safer than using tanning beds or sunbathing.
  • The wrong types of clothes and shoes can affect the quality of your tan. 
  • Consult with your tanning artists if you have any doubts about what to wear after spray tanning. 

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Should You Do Spray Tanning in Winter?

Before I get to what you should wear before and after spray tanning, let’s talk about whether you should tan at all during winter.

As experts from the Skin Cancer Foundation say,

“There is no such thing as a safe or healthy tan.” That’s because sun exposure damages the skin, increasing skin cancer risk.  (1)

But spray tanning uses chemicals that react with the dead skin cells in the top skin layer, causing it to get darker. It doesn’t increase your risk of skin cancer, but a fake tan won’t also protect you from UV rays. 

lady holding a spray tan

So, can you tan in winter? Spray tanning in winter is an excellent alternative to sunbathing for keeping your bronzed glow. And it has fewer health risks than tanning beds!

But does it matter what you wear before using tanning solutions in winter? Let’s find out!

For some great tan-through swimwear, check out this video:

What to Wear Before a Spray Tan in Winter? 

Surprisingly, it matters what you wear before or after spray tanning because it can affect the overall tan result.

You should avoid tight clothing when dressing for your spray tanning appointment. Wear comfortable clothing, such as loose or baggy shirts/pants in dark colors. 

lady wearing a black hoodie

Since winter temperatures can be low, opt for an outfit that will keep your body warm but not too warm, such as a jacket or a coat.

You can wear scarves or hats on your way to the tanning salon if it’s too cold.  

If you’re thinking about tanning naturally in warm winter, consider men’s tan through swimwear. This type of clothing allows you to achieve sun tan all over the body with minimum tan lines. 

And what should you wear after a spray tan? You’d be surprised!

What to Wear After a Spray Tan in Winter?

It’s important to wear loose cotton clothes after spray tanning in winter. Tight-fitting clothes like jeans can rub off the tanning solution and make your skin tone uneven.

lady wearing a black t-shirt

Suitable clothes to wear for the first few hours after applying tanning products are:

  • Loose yoga pants
  • Soft, loose T-shirts
  • Cotton maxi dress
  • Jammie pants
  • Shorts

If possible, you should avoid wearing bras, tight underwear, and other restrictive clothing that can damage the overall tan color. Don’t wear scarves, hats, or jewelry after the spay tanning. 

Moreover, avoid light-colored clothing. Your clothes will likely stain a bit, no matter how loose they are, so dark clothing is more suitable.

In general, it’s easy to remove tan stains from clothes, but I don’t recommend wearing your favorite clothes. 

And which shoes should you wear after a spray tan in winter? Let’s find out! 

What Shoes to Wear After a Spray Tan in Winter?

Don’t wear the usual footwear for the winter season when you’re spray tanning. It’s best to opt for a slip-on without heels or lose flip-flops. 

pair of white flip flops

You should also avoid wearing socks or tights because they can make your skin tone uneven. Putting on your socks is also hard without smudging the freshly applied tanner. 

Since it’s not practical to walk around in flip-flops in the dead of winter, consider spray tanning at home (check this video to see how to spray tan yourself) or pick a warm winter day for the procedure. 

And I’ve got several more tips for getting spray tanned in winter. Just keep reading.  

5 Tips To Get Spray Tanned In Winter 

It’s not complicated to get spray-tanned in winter. However, you should keep a few things in mind to ensure you get the bronzed glow you want. 

#1 Do a Patch Test

As experts from Tanceuticals say,

“Everyone’s skin is different and reacts differently to self-tanners.” So, it’s best to do a patch test with the selected shade to ensure it matches your complexion. (2)

#2 Shave 24 Hours Before

Don’t shave in the hours before your spray tanning appointment. Shaving is a form of exfoliation, so the self-tanning solution will enter the opened pores, making your skin look pitted.

lady shaving her legs before spray tan

Instead, you should shave 24 hours before the appointment to remove the dry skin and shower at least eight hours before the session. 

#3 Avoid Body Lotions

Lotions and perfumes can affect how your self-tanner settles, so it’s best to avoid applying anything to your skin beforehand. 

If you have already used lotions or other body products, you should mention them to the tanning artists so that they can remove them. 

#4 Shower After Tanning

You should wait at least four to eight hours before you shower after a spray tan but no more than 24 hours.

Even if the water washes a bit of the solution off your skin, you shouldn’t panic. The tan will continue to develop after the shower. 

#5 Don’t Be Shy to Ask Questions

Finally, don’t be shy to ask the tanning artists questions if you’re unsure what to wear after the procedures or what products to use to keep your golden glow. 


1. Can I Wear Socks After a Spray Tan?

You should avoid wearing socks or other tight-fitting clothes after a spray tan to prevent streaking. 

2. Will My Spray Tan Get Darker Overnight?

Your skin tone will darken fully within 12 to 24 hours. However, some products need 48 to 72 hours before they stop darkening. 

3. How Long After a Spray Tan Can You Put on Clothes?

You must wait until the tanner has dried completely before putting on loose clothing to avoid rubbing off color. At a minimum, wait 10 minutes to half an hour. 


Spray tanning in the colder months is an excellent way to keep your healthy glow without increasing your chances of skin cancer.

But it’s vital to wear appropriate loose clothes to keep the fresh spray intact and allow it to develop in the best possible way. Also, don’t forget to wear appropriate shoes. 

blonde lady wearing a black hoodie

What do you think about this topic? What do you wear when you spray tan in winter? Share your experience in the comment section.


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