Eyeshadow Base Vs Primer: What is the Actual Difference?

Curious about the difference between eyeshadow base vs. primer?

You might have noticed that your eye makeup gets faded after a few hours and want to use something to make it last longer.

Applying an eyeshadow base or primer before the makeup will be your answer, but which should you try?

Read on to learn what each one does and how to pick the one that’s right for you!

Eyeshadow Base Vs Primer: What is the Actual Difference?

Depending on the case you are dealing with, you can use either product.

But before applying one, let’s see what are the differences between these two products and which one you should choose for your eye makeup.

Eyeshadow primers can help you when having creased eye makeup or find it hard to blend colors.

And if you are struggling with faded colors on your eyes, apply an eyeshadow base to get a more radiant look.

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3 Reasons to Use an Eyeshadow Primer

Makeup artist applying an eyeshadow primer on an eyelid of a woman

First, let’s understand what is an eye primer and what is eyeshadow primer used for.

Primers are the first step for any part of the face. And the same is with the eyelids. They create a smooth canvas for eyeshadows to avoid creasing and smudging the range of shades on your eyes.

Having a transparent consistency it is very easy to apply the primer. It makes it ideal for all skin tones and skin types.

The application itself is also very straightforward. You simply dab a small amount to your eyelids before any shadows. Now let’s see what are the main three reasons to use a primer.

  1. The primer is applied not only for prepping your eyelids but also to even out your skin color. Many people have darker eyelids or visible veins. And with the primer, you will cover it without a hitch.
  2. It keeps away the natural oils of your skin from the eyeshadow. So if you have oily eyelids, applying primer is essential to have smudge-free eye makeup.
  3. If you live in a hot or humid place, a primer will help you avoid the creasing or color fading of the shadow. Apply a little primer as a first step and then pass on the next products.

Some of the most recommended and best options for eye primers are:

3 Reasons to Use an Eyeshadow Base

a beautiful woman applying an eyeshadow base on her eyes

After applying your eyeshadow primer, it is necessary to know if you should apply base at all. So what is the eyeshadow base used for?

Eyeshadow bases are used to give the colors on your lids more brightness and intensity. So if you don’t want your eye makeup to look dull, a good base is always your best choice.

  1. The base goes after your primer as it has a different purpose other than stopping creasing. It enhances the colors of your eyeshadow, making your eyes look more vivid and radiant.
  2. The bases have a soft and creamy formula, which helps to hold the colors on your lids better than a bare eyelid.
  3. They have various shades, which help to enhance the pigments of the shades even more. So you can choose the appropriate one based on your skin and eye makeup look.

Below you can check out the list of the best eyeshadow bases that work wonders:

Could You Use Both at the Same Time?

Now that you know the difference between eyeshadow base and primer, you may be thinking if you can use them together at the same time. And everything depends on your preferences.

Many makeup artists don’t recommend using them together, as it might not work well due to different formulas. And layering many products can lead to more inconvenience.

However, many makeup lovers use them together during their makeup routine as they get the best results. The key to having it work well is the application in the correct order; the primer always goes first!

It is always up to you to experiment and try which ways work for your skin better. Just remember to use thin layers of each product for an easier application process.

Eyes are the most fun and interesting part of the makeup routine.

Experimenting and trying new things is always helpful and can bring great results.

When applying your eye makeup, prep your lids either with an eye primer or base to have a smooth eye look.

After applying the products, let them sit for a minute or two, and continue your routine. This way, they will work better.

Woman applying sparkly gold eye shadow base with a white makeup brush

Eyeshadow base vs primer, which one do you like or use? Share below!

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