Top 10 Korean Moisturizers for Sensitive Acne Prone Skin

If you’re looking for the best Korean moisturizers for acne prone skin, stick around!

Below, I’m sharing my top 10 favorites, including some that are free from parabens, artificial fragrances, dyes, sulfates, and more.

So, without any further delay, let’s read on. 

Let’s start with a quick look at our top picks, then keep reading for all the glorious details.

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Best Korean Moisturizer for Acne Prone Skin Top Picks at a Glance

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10 Best Korean Moisturizer for Acne Prone Skin (With Reviews)

1. SeoulCeuticals Korean Skin Care Snail Repair Cream- The All-Time Winning Skin Care Moisturizer 

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The SeoulCeuticals Korean Skin Care is one of the top-notch moisturizers suitable for all skin types.

Features & Attributes

It’s effective for relieving skin irritation and promotes plump, smooth, and vibrant skin. Especially, the snail mucin extract is an added advantage that controls excessive oil secretion and provides deep skin nourishment. 

It’s no surprise to say that SeoulCeuticals Snail Repair Cream ensures intense hydration and reduces wrinkles, scars, and other anti-aging symptoms.

In addition, shea butter and hyaluronic acid are the major components of the moisturizer that locks the moisture content and soothes skin irritation, redness, and inflammation.

It’s non-comedogenic and free from harsh chemicals. Moreover, the antimicrobial properties control acne, pimples, and skin breakouts.

If you’re looking for the most affordable skincare cream without compromising on the results, SeoulCeuticals Snail Repair Cream is an ideal choice. 

Suitable for all skin types.Not suitable for extremely sensitive skin as it might cause skin irritation(rarely seen). 
Cruelty-free. It has mild synthetic chemicals.
It has 97% snail mucin extract. 
Doesn’t clog skin pores. 

How is it different from other moisturizers?

  • The rich snail mucin extract, jojoba oil, vitamin-E, shea butter, and hyaluronic acid prevent premature aging symptoms. 
  • It soothes skin irritation and promotes plump skin. 

Expert Tips

  • Do a patch test before applying any product to your skin. 
  • Make sure you use toner or serum before applying this moisturizer. 

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2. AHC Face Cream Hyaluronic Hydrating Triple Hyaluronic Acid– Intense Hydrating Moisturizer 

AHC Face Cream Aqualuronic Hydrating Triple Hyaluronic Acid  50ml

If you’re looking for intense hydration, you really can’t go wrong with AHC Aqualuronic Cream

Features & Attributes

This deeply nourishing cream is made with a unique AHC-exclusive “Triple Hyaluronic Acid complex,” that’s suspended in French Sea Water.

The total quantity of the cream is 50 ml. The effective skincare ingredients revitalize and prevent premature aging symptoms. 

It penetrates deep into the skin quickly. Expensive 
Penetrates to the innermost layers of the skin. Contains minor percentage of synthetic chemicals 
Intense hydration and nourishment. 
Prevent premature aging symptoms. 

How is it different from other moisturizers?

  • The cream is lightweight and evenly gets absorbed into the skin within a few seconds to minutes. 
  • Since the moisturizer is formulated based on the triple hyaluronic acid complex, it has three molecular weights and peeps deep into the skin layers. 
  • It’s effective in turning skin from dry or oily to bright and plump.  
AHC Face Cream Aqualuronic Hydrating Triple Hyaluronic Acid  50ml

Expert Tips

  • Apply this cream after washing your face with lukewarm water. 
  • Avoid applying in the eye region or other sensitive areas. 
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3. COSRX Centella Blemish Cream– Ideal For Acne Spots & Blemishes 

COSRX Centella Blemish Cream 30ml

We can’t talk about Korean moisturizers without mentioning COSRX, now can we? It’s one of the most popular K-beauty brands for a reason, after all.

Features & Attributes

COSRX Centella Blemish Cream is a 30 ml ideal skincare cream that controls and prevents blemishes and acne spots.

The advanced dermatological technology quickly removes acne scars, dark skin patches, and blemishes. 

Exclusively formulated for blemishes and acne scars. Expensive 
Calm down skin irritation and breakouts. Formulated using a minor percentage of synthetic chemicals
Perfect for all skin types. Hydrates deep layers of the skin.

How is it different from other moisturizers?

  • The cream has a primary composition of Centella Asiatica Leaf Water that soothes skin irritation and promotes healthier glowing skin. 
  • The sunflower oil and tea tree leaf oil eliminates the acne spots within no time. At the same time, zinc oxide treats dull and broken skin. 

Expert Tips

  • Use this moisturizer after preparing skin with toner and serum. 
  • Use it twice a day.
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4. Huxley Anti-Gravity Cream– Excellent Anti-Aging Cream 

Huxley Anti-Gravity Cream 50ml

If you need a way to fight off the signs of aging while also taking care of your acne-prone skin, this cream by Huxley could be just what you need.

Features & Attributes

Huxley Anti-Gravity Cream 50 ml of amazing anti-aging Korean cream. It provides a firmer and bright look while also giving skin a more plump and youthful look. 

The secret lies in the 51% Prickly Pear Seed Oil composition (which is where the “Saharan secret” comes into play).

It also contains a combination of SC-Glucan derived from yeas as well as Hyaluronic Acid and Hydrogenated Lecithin.

Dermatologist-tested. Contains a few synthetic chemicals. 
Free from mineral oils, synthetic dyes, and parabens. 
Actively protects skin from stress and pollution. 

How is it different from other moisturizers?

  • The cream has 51% of pear seed oil that’s rich in antioxidants. Hence, it prevents wrinkles and promotes a firmer appearance. 
  • The hyaluronic acid and SC Glucan composition promote intense hydration and deep skin nourishment. At the same time, the hydrogenated lecithin uplifts the face and enhances texture. 

Expert Tips

  • Apply before makeup to prevent external agents from entering the skin. 
  • Use moisturizer after prepping the skin with toner and serum at night. 
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5. Holika Holika Wine Therapy Sleeping Mask– Promotes Soft & Plump Skin  

Holika Holika Wine Therapy Sleeping Mask (White Wine)

Another top name in K-beauty, Holika Holika’s Wine Therapy is designed to moisturize your skin while you sleep.

Features & Attributes

It’s a 120 ml skin-softening cream formulated using white wine. It’s one of the best sleeping masks to revitalize your skin.  

Promotes smooth skin. It has a mild artificial fragrance
Supports intense moisturization and hydration. 

How is it different from other moisturizers?

  • Since the moisturizer is made of white wine, it promotes a healthier skin complexion. 
  • It enhances skin radiance.

Expert Tips

  • Don’t rub or wipe off the moisturizer. 
  • Use fresh water to rinse it off in the morning. 
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6. Moistfull Collagen Intense Eye Cream– Intense Eye Nourishment Moisturizer  

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Need something to target the skin around your eyes specifically? Let’s talk about Etude House’s Moistfull Collagen Eye Cream!

Features & Attributes

With a name like Moistfull, you’d expect this Etude House exclusive to be incredibly moisturizing, and you’d be right.

This is an intensely hydrating eye care cream that gets quickly absorbed into the skin. It activates collagen and prevents aging symptoms like dark circles.

The ceramides, hyaluronic acid, super collagen water, and peptides promote healthier skin complexion and support deep nourishment. 

Hydrates eye region. So popular that it often goes out of stock
Promotes firm and plump skin. 
Free from harsh chemicals and mineral oils. 

How is it different from other moisturizers?

  • The moisturizer is rich in collagen peptide and hyaluronic acid, improving skin elasticity and promoting radiant skin complexion. 

Expert Tips

  • Take the cream and gently apply it to the eye area. Pat on it for quick absorption. 

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7. AC Clean Up Anti-Acne Care– Effective Acne-Fighting Cream 

Ac Clean Up Facial Toner

If you’re thinking “wait, this is a toner, not a moisturizer,” well, yes, you’re right. Bear with me though, because it’s actually BOTH.

Features & Attributes

The AC Clean Up is the best Korean skincare toner ideal for acne-prone skin.

Since it’s a combination of salicylic acid, madecassoside, tea tree extracts, and other herbal extracts, it effectively resolves all skin complications. 

Maintains skin pH levels.Tea tree scent can be a bit overpowering
Eliminates dead skin cells.

How is it different from other moisturizers?

  • The toner is highly safe due to the absence of mineral oils, animal material, artificial color, fragrance, PEG, and other harsh chemicals. 
  • The major ingredients in the toner control skin issues and calm down the skin quickly. 

Expert Tips

  • Use it twice a day.
  • Wipe with a tissue or cotton pad after prepping your face. 
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8. Mario Badescu AHA & Ceramide Moisturizer– Skin Revitalizing Moisturizer

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When you’re dealing with damaged skin on top of acne, you need to choose your moisturizer very carefully. Mario Badescu knows this, so they created something to revitalize damaged skin.

Features & Attributes

The Mario Badescu AHA & Ceramide Cream is a 59 ml skin soothing and revitalizing moisturizer that quickly penetrates the skin. It’s extremely lightweight and non-greasy.

Thai moisturizer promotes even tone, radiant complexion, and youthful skin. 

Suitable for both oily and combination skin types.  Your skin gets used to it after a while
Restores healthier and glowing skin. 

How is it different from other moisturizers?

  • The rich composition of Alpha Hydroxy Acid prevents marks and pigmentation. 
  • The lemon and aloe vera extract soothes the skin and rejuvenates it. 

Expert Tips

  • Apply twice a day after prepping the skin with toner or serum. 

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9. Avant Skincare Moisturizer– Perfect Skin Repair Moisturizer  

Avant Skincare Proactive Salicylic Acne and Imperfections Repair Treatment 50ml

Okay, so I won’t lie, this one is a bit of an investment, but it’s worth it!

Features & Attributes

The Avant Skincare Moisturizer is 50ml cream that removes acne, blackheads, spots, blemishes, and harmful bacteria. It’s one of the premium Korean acne-fighting moisturizers that calm down skin irritation and promote glowing skin. 

Rich in antioxidants Expensive
Control excess oil secretion
Purifies cream by eliminating grime and dirt from the skin layers

How is it different from other moisturizers?

  • The salicylic acid in the moisturizer locks and emits dirt, dust, and bacteria from the skin. It purifies the entire skin layer. In addition, it removes dirt and debris from skin pores. 
  • The walnut extract and zincidone regulate excessive oil secretion and soothe skin. 

Expert Tips

  • Avoid applying on the eye region.
  • Combien this moisturizer with skin serum and toner.
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10. KPI Healthcare True Nature Aloe Vera Moisturizer– Best Skin Soothing Product 

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Last, but definitely not least, we have an amazingly soothing moisturizer that’s great for just about every skin type.

Features & Attributes

KPI Healthcare True Nature moisturizer is formulated using 98% aloe vera and protects skin from harsh environmental pollutants.

The total quantity of the product is 300ml. The rich concentration of Vitamin-C, E, and other minerals protects skin from harmful UV rays.

Promotes deep nourishment and moisturization. It’s a bit sticky.
CCOF certifiedIt has a mild fragrance. 
Best for sunburns 
Free from artificial dyes and mineral oils. 

How is it different from other moisturizers?

  • The cream contains sodium hyaluronate that promotes radiant skin and reduces wrinkles. In comparison, the Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract treats skin damages due to the UV RAYS. 
  • It’s safe for extremely sensitive skin due to the presence of Allantoin and Witch Hazel Extract. 

Expert Tips

  • Apply at night for the best results. 

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How to Choose the Best Korean Moisturizer For Acne-prone Skin 

Whether you’re buying Korean moisturizers online or offline, you should consider a few things before purchasing to pick out the ideal moisturizer for your skin type.

In this section, let’s find out these significant factors. 

Decide the Kind of Moisturizer You Need 

The foremost thing before purchasing any moisturizer is to understand what kind of moisturizer you need. Here, the kind of moisturizer includes various formulations such as gel, cream, or liquid forms. 

For instance, if you’ve oily or acne-prone skin, choosing a lightweight and gel kind of moisturizer is better.

Meanwhile, if you’ve got dry skin, cream or gel works perfectly. So, make sure you decide on the right kind of moisturizer based on your skin type. 

Read Ingredients List 

Ingredients play a vital role in choosing the best moisturizer.

Choose the skin products free from harsh and toxic chemicals such as parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, sulfates, alcohols, artificial fragrances, and dyes.

Unfortunately, even many of the most popular moisturizers use sodium lauryl sulfate. Be aware that this chemical rapidly dries up your skin and causes skin irritation, redness, or itchy sensation.

The few skin-loving ingredients are snail mucin extract aloe vera, ceramides, birch sap, hyaluronic acid, olive oil, comfrey leaf, and glycerin.

It’s advised to buy skin products that contain natural herbs and ingredients. 

Verify The Product 

Finally, check the reviews and ratings of the product that you’d like to buy. Also, verify whether the product is clinically tested and certified or not.

All these contribute to the credibility of the skin product that plays a vital role. Avoid products that don’t mention all ingredients used in the product. 

These are the primary things to consider before buying moisturizers. However, there are also other things to consider as follows. 

  • Choose the Korean moisturizer free from mineral oils to prevent skin pores from clogging. If you’re looking for the ultimate hydrating moisturizer, pick out the product without any oils, including olive oil or coconut oil. 
  • In general, a minor concentration of salicylic acid helps to treat acne. Skin products with a mild concentration of salicylic acid are highly recommended for acne-prone skin to control or prevent acne. 
  • Moisturizers containing hyaluronic acid and glycerin promote soft and plump skin without leaving grease or residue on the face. If you’ve extremely sensitive skin, select the moisturizer with non-allergic components. 
  • Avoid heavy scent moisturizers that cause allergies and skin breakouts.

Check this useful video for more tips:

Why You Should Want to Moisturize an Acne-prone Skin 

Korean lady looking at the pink handy mirror

There is a popular myth that oily or acne-prone skin doesn’t require moisturizing as it produces tons of oil and grease.

That’s why more often, acne-prone skinned beauties neglect moisturizers.

But what they fail to understand is neglecting moisturizers causes more harm than relieving acne.

Since you perhaps use many medications, your skin gets dried easily, which causes skin irritation. The sebum secretes oil that further leads to excessive oil skin to eliminate dryness.

So, moisturizer plays a vital role in locking the oil underneath the skin to provide soft and healthier skin. 

Extra Tips to Care for an Acne-prone Skin

Before I send you on your merry way, I just have a few more tips for you to help you care for skin.

Clean Your Face Twice a Day 

Clean your face using tepid water and a mild cleanser that’s free from harsh chemicals and intense fragrance. For this, you can use Korean cleansing oil and foam face wash that prevents skin irritation. 

Exfoliate Gently 

Exfoliate the face once in fourteen or fifteen days. Don’t overdo it, as it removes natural oils from the skin. And it further leads to acne.

If you aren’t comfortable with exfoliating, just pat with a soft cotton towel. 

Don’t Touch Your Face Frequently. 

Usually, if you’re continuously touching your face, the dirt and germs from your hands transfer to your face causing more skincare issues.

So, make sure you don’t touch your face unless you wash your hands properly. 

Focus On Healthy Eating Habits 

Food plays a vital role in skincare that most people often neglect. Eat more leafy vegetables and fruits that are rich in amino acids, antioxidants, and vitamins.

Avoid junk and oily foods that degrade skin tone. 

Apply Facial Masks 

Applying natural face masks using honey, aloe vera, or other natural ingredients control acne. However, don’t overdo it. Apply once in a week thoughtfully. 

Use Toner 

It’s recommended to use toner before moisturizing the face. 


What are the various Korean moisturizers available for oily or acne-prone skin?

There are numerous Korean moisturizers available for acne-prone skin. It’s recommended to choose oil-free moisturizers for the best skincare results. 

How do I select the right moisturizer?

Check out the ingredients and choose a moisturizer with herbal extracts and natural ingredients. Don’t forget the patch test to avoid any skin complications. 

Is it OK to use a moisturizer on acne?

Yes, one should moisturize on acne to prevent excessive oil production. However, it’s tricky to choose the ideal moisturizer for acne-prone skin. Make sure to pick out moisture with fewer fragrances, dyes, sulfates, paraben, and other synthetic chemicals. 

Can a Korean moisturizer trigger acne?

Although Korean moisturizers are well-renowned for effective skincare results, not all of them are best. Choose the right moisturizer based on the ingredients list. If you fail to choose the right moisturizer, it further triggers acne and skin breakouts.

What is the best time to apply moisturizer?

Morning and night are the best times to use moisturizers. Also, apply moisturizer before using heavy makeup to prevent skin irritation. 

Should I moisturize at night if I have acne?

Yes, you can apply moisturizer at night to prevent future breakout and skin complications. Make sure to wash your face with lukewarm water and use toner if possible.


Finding the ideal skincare moisturizer is always tricky. That’s why we’ve listed the best Korean moisturizers through hours of research and testing.

Whether you’ve got excessive oily skin or acne-prone skin, these products work great on your skin.

So, without neglecting moisturizers, utilize them after using serum or toner to lock the moisture content underneath the skin. 

Final Recommendation

If you’re looking for the affordable and ultimate Korean moisturizer, SeoulCeuticals Snail Repair Cream is an ideal choice.

The soothing ingredients in the product help to restore plump and radiant skin.

No matter whichever product you choose, make sure to read the ingredients carefully and do a patch test on your hand to avoid any skin complications. 

No products found.


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