How to Clean a Hot Comb | 3 Clever DIY Tricks

Are you puzzled about how to clean a hot comb effectively? Keep reading!

As an expert stylist, I’ve mastered 3 simple home-based TRICKS (FIY: a hint of soap & water!) to clean and maintain the perfect sparkle of styling tools effectively.

In this post, I’ll share DIY methods to clean it, using everyday, readily available household items – guaranteed to work (like a bomb!)

So keep reading to learn the insider secrets to getting that sparkling clean!

Key Takeaways

  • Effortless Cleaning: A simple pen can be a game-changer in removing hair and debris from your hot comb. It’s a quick and easy method that works wonders.
  • Soap and Water Magic: For a deeper clean, a mix of soap and lukewarm water can lift off stubborn residue, making your hot comb as good as new.
  • Regular Upkeep Is Crucial: Cleaning your hot comb twice a month helps prevent gunk build-up, ensuring better performance and longevity.

How To Clean Hot Combs in 3 DIY Tricks! (Pressing Comb)

To clean a hot comb effectively, remove hair with a pen or your hands, a simple and time-saving method.

Soak the comb in a mixture of soap and lukewarm water for a deeper clean, then scrub with a toothbrush to remove dirt and residues.

Finally, rinse thoroughly, dry with a clean towel, and for persistent dirt, use a vinegar solution for a more thorough cleaning.

Let’s start with some basic tips on how to clean hot combs (AKA the pressing comb)…

#1: Use A Pen Or Your Hands To Get Rid Of Built-Up Hair

This method is among the simplest to get the gunk out of a hot comb. It primarily involves me removing accumulated hair out of my comb.

And hey, it helps me save abundant time whenever I need to wash my hot comb.

What’s more, it’ll help you reduce the cost of purchasing a new hot comb. And honestly, that’s what I love about these tricks the most!

Check out this video for some more tips on removing the gunk (by thedifferencells19):

Now, skip to the 2nd trick in the book…

#2 Using A Mixture Of Soap And Hot Water

If you still need a deeper clean, try this method! For hot comb cleaning, you’ll need the following ingredients:

  • Soap: 1-2tbsp
  • Vinegar: 1-2tbsp

Step 1: Start by warming water in a basin or sink. But make sure you don’t make the same mistake as I did and use boiling water.

Make a soapy solution by adding soap to lukewarm water. You can also use shampoo for the mixture.

The soap will go through the natural hair residues without damaging the hot comb. Let the hot comb rest in the mixture for about half an hour.

The mixture will also help loosen up and remove other dirt particles.

Step 2: Remove the remaining cleaning residue by using a toothbrush and gently scrubbing through the hot comb.

The best way to clean a comb is to use a toothbrush to scrub the bristles in case your comb is extra dirty.

That makes sure you eliminate not only hair from the hot comb but also remove other dirt particles stuck to it.

Step 3: Once you scrub your hot comb with a toothbrush, rinse it thoroughly using clean and warm water.

Make sure that you remove even shampoo residues. To do that, properly rinse your hot comb with warm water continuously.

That way, you’ll remove hair, dirt, and soap residues using warm, clean water.

Step 4: After thoroughly rinsing your hot comb, dry it with a towel. The dry towel you use must be clean.

This step is essential for keeping the hot comb cool. It’ll get rid of water remaining on the surface and within the bristles and ensure that it dries out completely.

You can even opt to dry your hot comb overnight. To do that, place your hot comb on a clean, dry towel at night.

Step 5: Remove dirty products and soapy mixture from the basin or sink. You must drain out the remaining dirty water.

Grab a cloth to clean the sink once you’re done draining out the dirty water.

At the same time, you’ll require cleaning agents if there’s a lot of accumulated dirt. You can prepare a warm vinegar solution at home and a small/mini wire brush for the cleaning agent.

Take your hot comb straightener and immerse it in the vinegar solution.

Once you’re done, thoroughly scrub with a hot brush.

Now, let’s skip to my latest and greatest trick….

#3: Maintain your Brush Maintenance and Use Disinfectants

If you want a healthy head of hair and scalp, keep your hot comb clean!

You must maintain them not only to extend the lifespan of your comb but also to ensure better hair health. Let’s see how…

Step 1: After each use, habitually remove any loose hair strands.

Or, as celebrity stylist Sam Villa suggests, “pluck the loose hair strands every time hair is brushed. [2]”

But do it gently!

Step 2: For deep cleaning, avoid soaking your hot comb, especially if it has a wooden handle or cushion padding.

Instead, gently scrub the comb with a clean toothbrush with a small amount of clarifying shampoo.

To do this, add a bit of Redken Hair Cleansing Cream Clarifying Shampoo onto a clean toothbrush dipped in water and gently scrub.

Step 3: Rinse the comb thoroughly under running water.

Ensure all shampoo residues are washed off.

Once done, rinse the hairbrush underwater, then use the clean toothbrush to scrub the brush again until no more shampoo remains.

Step 4: Disinfect your comb by soaking it in alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. This will help kill any pathogens and provide an extra layer of cleanliness.

After you clean your comb, let it soak in a clarifier like alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.

Step 5: Let the comb air dry completely before using it again.

Next, prop up the brush at an angle so the water does not soak into the brush base cushion or handle.

FIY: cleaning brushes and tools regularly is a must. It’s a NO-BRAINER!

So, inspect your tools frequently to ensure they’re ready for use. Besides, you want to keep those locks healthy and clean, don’t you?

Other Miscellaneous Tricks for Removing Hair

Want more swag? Check out these 3 short tips…

  1. A crochet or knitting needle also works if you don’t want to use a pen.
  2. Clean the tiny spaces between the bristles by using another comb.
  3. Use scissors to cut segments of rigid hair that are stuck.

Suppose you cannot get rid of the dirt even after employing these methods. In that case, I’d strongly advise you to amp it up and use soap and hot water.

Below, I’ve provided the steps in detail.

How Often You Should Clean Hot Comb?

In one month, you should clean your styling tool about two times. But scrub it more often if you have long, straight hair as I do.

Hair contains greasy hair dirt products. Continual usage of hot combs without properly cleaning them might result in these particles making their way back. Gross, that’s yucky!

You must know how petroleum-based jelly components in various hair products are prone to this.

If you want a healthy scalp, you must wash your hot combs regularly and maintain them. That is unless you’ve no issues with housing hair and scalp residue on your head.

Simply scrubbing and washing the hot comb with soap and warm water every time you clean your hair is ample.

Expert Tip: “I make sure my flat iron is warm but unplugged and spray the problem areas with a cleaning solution. Then I use a wet cloth to wipe the hair buildup.”TheWeaveWhisperer

And now, let’s talk about what NOT to do…

5 Things NOT to Do With Your Hot Comb

Ok, let’s chat about keeping that hot comb in top shape, shall we? Here are five no-nos…

1. Steer Clear of Boiling Water

Here are some new rules: Hot water can warp your comb, especially if it’s got a wooden handle. Stick with lukewarm water to avoid any damage or unneeded wear.

2. Avoid Lengthy Soaks

Quick dips only, please! That means no long soaks! Long soaks, especially in soapy water, can lead to moisture issues and damage those delicate electrical parts.

3. Say No to Harsh Chemicals

Like most things, harsh cleaners like baking soda can be too aggressive. A gentle touch with mild shampoo keeps your comb happy without any damage.

4. Gentle Brushing is Key

Metal brushes are a no-go. They can scratch and harm your comb. Opt for a softer approach with a gentle brush or cloth.

5. Watch Out for Buildup

Don’t let hair and product gunk build up on your comb. Regularly removing these keeps your comb efficient and extends its life.

Remember, these tips aren’t just about avoiding trouble.

And yes, they’re about ensuring your styling tools stay ready for action and your hair looks fabulous. So, keep these in mind, and your hot comb will thank you!

If you’re curious about more hair care tips, keep scrolling!


1. How do you get the gunk out of a comb?

Prepare warm water and pour it into a shallow or big mug dish. In warm water, make a solution by adding a small amount of shampoo or white vinegar.
Soften the gunk by immersing the hot comb into the solution.

2. Can a hot comb straighten hair?

Yes! Hot combs are among the best tools to help straighten your curly hair. It’s effective against types of hair that are quite difficult to straighten out.

3. Can you use any type of oil on a hot comb?

No, not all types of oil can be used on a hot comb. Rather, stick with organic oils such as coconut, olive, or jojoba oil.


At last, I conclude this article on how to clean a hot comb in 5 simple steps.

Now that you know how to give your comb that spark, you miss one thing: ACTION!

And now, you’ve found that SUPER FANTASTIC alternative to purchasing new hot combs every time it gets dirty.

If you have more tips on how to clean a hot comb, let us know in the comments below!


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