8 Superb Curly Ponytail Ideas That You Must Try

Are you looking for some exciting curly ponytail ideas? Well, then you are in the right place.

Ponytails look incredible with curls, but what if you don’t have naturally curly hair? Don’t worry, you can still pull off this look with a bit more work, and we’ll tell you how!

Ponytails are a favorite among us busy ladies because they require minimal work to make them look great.

You can make curly ponytails a part of your hairstyle arsenal when you are going to a party, a date, or even just your everyday workplace look.

There are also numerous ways and ideas to create lovely curly ponytails, depending on your hair length.

We will discuss here some popular ideas you can try at home and choose the right one that matches your look.

1. High Ponytails For Your Curly Hair

Long hair is hard to manage, but ponytails are great solutions. This high ponytail idea will work perfectly in your long curly hair. This means you are gathering and securing your hair at the top of your head rather than at the back.

  • Use a detangling brush to reduce tangles
  • Gather all of your hair at the mid-back of your head
  • Secure it by using a clip or an elastic band (whichever you prefer) to make a ponytail
  • Create some loose bouncy curls in your ponytail using a curling iron
  • Apply a suitable hair spray to set your hairstyle for the day

2. Low Ponytails For Curly Hair

This is another unique ponytail style. This time, you need to tie your hair to the lower back of your head. As a result, you will get a low curly ponytail for formal occasions. This style suits not only long hair but also medium-length hair.

  • Detangle the hair with a detangling comb
  • Gather all the hair and tie with a hair tie or an elastic band at the lower back head
  • Grab the curling iron and power on it to create curls in your ponytail.
  • Use a hair spray that will keep your curls unhurt throughout the day

3. Cute Curly Ponytails

This ponytail idea is adorable. It is a perfect hairstyle before going out on a date and is applicable for medium-length curly hair. You do not need to use a flat iron this time. Just keep the hair in the way it is.

  • Brush out your hair backward with a detangling comb
  • Hold the hair tight at medium height
  • Tie the hair with an elastic band
  • Wrap the elastic band with hair so that one can see it
  • Secure the hair strands with a bobby pin by tucking it below the pony
  • Finally, use a hair spray to enhance your look

4. Messed-Up Curly Ponytails

If you have naturally straight or wavy hair, this can be the right curly ponytail style. It will give you a messy, carefree look. Do not worry about it. Just keep following the steps correctly to create this lovely ponytail.

  • If you have any tangles in your hair, then detangle first with a brush
  • Gather all the hair in one place
  • Use an elastic band or a clip to hold it tight in one place
  • Tie at the midsection of the back head and make a ponytail
  • Loosen some hair in the front to achieve a messy look
  • Use a curler to create curls or waves in the ponytail. Also, make small waves on the front section
  • Spray a hairstyling spray for better output

5. Side Curly Ponytails

The idea of this curly ponytail is that you need to keep your ponytail on one side of your head, and you will keep some hair strands loose on the other side. It looks great in medium-length hair. You can apply it for casual occasions.

  • First, straighten your front section of hair with a flat iron
  • Brush out the hair to get rid of any tangles
  • Part your hair and make sections
  • Keep all of the hair at one side to make a ponytail
  • Tie with an elastic band
  • Keep some front section hair strands loose at the opposite side
  • Use your hair-curling tool to create curls of different shapes and waves

6. Half-Up Curly Ponytails For Short Hair

A half-up curly ponytail is done when your hair is ponytailed at the upper side of the head. This hairstyle is best for short, curly hair.

It is for those who do not like long hair ponytails. The rest of the tricks are in the following:

  • Straighten your front section of hair
  • Get rid of tangles with a brush
  • Hold your hair tightly and tie it with an elastic band over your head
  • Curl the back section of your hair with a curling iron
  • After that, give a finishing touch with a hair spray

7. Pineapple Curly Ponytail

This ponytail style is called the ‘Pineapple Curly Ponytail’ because your hair looks like the pineapple thrones after you own this ponytail style. It has a slight difference from the half-up ponytail.

Instead of keeping the ponytailed hair to the back, you need to keep the hair tousled to the front section. That will give you a different look than others. If you have medium-length curly hair, you can give it a try.

  • Use a flat iron and straighten your front section hair
  • Brush out the hair to detangle
  • Hold the hair tight you want to make pony and tie them over the head with an elastic band
  • With a curling iron, make small bouncy curls and waves
  • Keep the hair disorderly at the front side of your head
  • Now, it is the time to spray some hair spray that will longer your curls

8. Curly Ponytails With Braids

You will be surprised to know that you can make cute curly ponytails with braids. This requires some extra effort. But a little effort will open the door of possibilities and make your day.

  • Straighten your curly hair with a flat iron.
  • Use a brush to remove tangles and make sections of your hair
  • Take 2 distinct parts on both sides and make braids
  • Take another section which will make a ponytail and tie it up with the braids at the back of the head
  • Use a curling iron to add lovely curls in your pony
  • Apply a hair spray to set the style so that it can last long.

Bonus Tips

  • Use heat protector spray before using heat generator tools every time
  • Choose flat iron and curling iron with tourmaline technology.

Final Words

Any successful hairstyle depends on your caring for your hair. We have shared some trendy curly ponytail ideas with you above. So don’t delay! Go, give it a try.

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