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Those Graces Acquires

Continues to Strengthen Position in the Beauty Industry

Those Graces is excited to announce the acquisition of InStraight, a website dedicated to hair care and beauty.

“I’m feeling very positive about this move,” said Edith Russo, owner of Those Graces. “InStraight brings enormous value to the table, not just in terms of our bottom line, but also for our overall mission statement of helping our readers look and feel their best.”

While Those Graces currently focuses on K-beauty, cruelty-free cosmetics, and tanning, the addition of this site widens its scope to include a much greater variety of beauty topics. InStraight’s roster includes hair straightening topics, the best beauty mirrors, and more.

“The addition of InStraight definitely helps strengthen our goal to give everyone the tools they need to feel great about themselves,” said Lily Scott, Editor-in-Chief of Those Graces. “Of course, we all know true beauty is on the inside, but let’s be honest, we still want to look great on the outside.”

About InStraight

InStraight was launched as a way to share tips, reviews, and other advice about the plethora of beauty tools on the market. It has one main goal: to help readers achieve their own perfect definition of beautiful.

About Those Graces

Those Graces was created as a way to share our passion for skincare and creative beauty products with the world. They say “Outer beauty is skin deep, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.” We say, “Why can’t BOTH be beautiful?” From choosing the perfect cleansers for your skin type to making your own DIY scrubs, we want to help you come up with an easy “outer beauty” routine so you can focus on what matters most: inner beauty.


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