The Woman Behind The Blog

I’m Courtney Mirenzi and I’m a documentarian of the world around me. Those Graces is where I come to share my opinions, thoughts and observations on everything including body image, feminism and travel among many other topics.

As you can see, my blog is forever evolving, but it’s mostly a diary of my thoughts and my life. I have a soft spot for kittens of all kinds, loud dogs and New England winters. Traveling is my passion, so much so that I’ve driven across the United States and back by myself. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re suffering from some quarter-life crisis. And if that’s the case, find yourself a good therapist and then hit the road.

In 2012 the Boston Globe featured me as one of seven top Boston bloggers. Metro also named me one of the Top 50 Most Stylish People in Boston. Despite this, I still think my little sisters will always dress cooler than me. That’s just kind of a fact, right?

Thank you for taking time to visit my little corner of the internet world. If you’d like to get in touch with me, please email me at courtney[@]