Words of Wisdom from a Summer of Chaos

After a summer of sweeping life changes, I came away with many lessons. You probably won’t take my advice, but keep in mind should you ever get married, move a thousand miles and start a new job all within the span of two weeks. Yes, it happened to me.

Now, without examples or detailed explanation, here’s my straight up advice about life:

When moving if you think you need to rent a trailer you actually need to rent a truck.

Listen to your parents’ advice. They probably know what they’re talking about by now.

Don’t waste your time with partners who don’t make you a better person. You’ll know when it’s right because this person will improve everything about you in every way.

Say “yes” more often. Your life will be easier for it.

Stop eating dairy. It’s probably making you sick.

What lessons have you learned lately? Share your advice with me by commenting!

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  1. I laughed at the trailer bit because my poor brother learned that lesson the hard way! I often roll my eyes when my dad gives me advice, but it’s often a reflection of his sweet concern, so I’ll take it. And yes, what a crazy summer it sounds like! Hope fall and winter are less so.
    xoxo Christine

    • It was crazy but fun and exciting as well!

      We learned that the hardway when we had to leave a lot of stuff behind because we chose a trailer instead of a truck. It’s always better to have more room than not enough when it comes to moving.

  2. great lessons! I would suggest “stop eating gluten too – because it’s probably making you sick” and if lactose is the dairy problem – then add yogurt to the okay list. if it’s casein, you’re out of luck.
    Great lessons!

    • Yeah I don’t know enough about glutten to stop eating it. Is there a way to decipher if your dairy problem is lactose or casein? I think mine is both. Either way, I definitely feel so much better without lactose.

  3. You are totally right about not wasting my time with a partner that can be damaging to me. I had some bad experiences in the past but I am grateful now that I have a partner that encourages and inspires me. Your advices are great and entertaining. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thanks Nancy!

      Sometimes it’s hard to remember how good we may have it now when the past was so hard! In time we learn to surround ourselves with those who care about us. As I get older, I value more and more that life is short and there’s no reason to let others bring you down.

  4. Hah! I am not quite ready to concede my mother may know what she is talking about but I always rent truck when moving and had the same realization about dairy too. I have dialed it back to coffee use only and feel so much better for it!

  5. I’ve learned that if you have a project that’s due, don’t say you’ll do it “next weekend-” Something WILL come up and you’ll be scrambling to get it done.

    Also, you can be friends with someone, but know when it’s time to move on from best-friend-hood when you’re upset because of them more than you’re happy with them. I’m sure there’s a treasure trove of friendships just waiting to bloom if you’d only try to make it so.

    • Great advice!

      I always put things off and it’s a bad habit!

      Letting go of old friends is hard, I can definitely relate to that, but hopefully it’s the right decision in the end.

  6. Definitely agree about your partner improving your life and saying ‘yes’ more often. Interesting point about dairy, I am working on it ;)

  7. Thank you for the advice! What would you say about a partner who makes you better and still you don’t see a future…. that’s sort of my case I guess… Anyways…

    What I learned lately is to believe that when you really want something and you work really hard for it it might actually come around :)



    • Great question!

      Depends on what your life goals are. If you want to get married and start a family, but you don’t see a future with your current partner, I think that’s cause for concern. I hear of many people who postpone getting married because their current partner doesn’t ever want to get married. That’s a huge life goal for many people and if you’re with someone who doesn’t share that, then you need to think about that.

      If you goal is to move through life with different goals, maybe you don’t want to get married or start a family, then you should probably look at it differently.

      I think also being honest is great. Me and my husband talk very openly and honestly with each other. When I’m with my girl friends and I hear they don’t do this with their partners, I’m always shocked.

      My advice would be to talk to your partner about how they feel and where you want your relationship to go.

  8. @Danielle: Love the “unless it’s heroin” part!

    It’s funny you talk about dairy because I was thinking of switching to almond milk. I just watched this movie about animal proteins and how even milk is a little iffy when it comes to nutrition.

    As for my own bit of wisdom: Read too much.

    • I like that piece of advice!

      I stopped eating most dairy products when I realized I was lactose intolerant about 3 years ago, but it wasn’t until this year that I cut them out completely. I feel a hundred times better for it.

  9. The partner one definitely rings true for me. I apply the same mantra to my friends. And my job! And my stuff! You’ve had quite the summer, hopefully things ease up in a nice way as we enter fall.
    xo, f
    The House in the Clouds

  10. Wow, these are awesome! I would add: Don’t care what anyone thinks. They’re probably not thinking about you anyway.

  11. When I was trying to deal with loads of changes in my life I adopted the mantra of “Just say Yes! (unless it’s heroin)” It worked for me and has made me who I ma today. It sounds like you needed to follow all of these rules to get through the summer!

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