15 Beauty Products for 30 Days: Two Weeks In and I’m Boring

I finally bought my first ever videocamera, the Canon Vixia M40! After about six months of searching and constant stalking of a local Best Buy going out of business, I finally scored a camera I was happy with for an unbelievable price. The new camera gave me the perfect opportunity to talk about the 15 Products for 30 Days Challenge! For 30 days, I am using only 15 beauty products. I’m 16 days in and wanted to share the experience so far and what products I’ve been liking the most.

Lesson Learned: On a Daily Basis, I’m Boring

The most eye opening part of this whole challenge was the realization that I don’t use that many products in a given week. When limited, I usually stick to the same five items especially when I’m running late. When I told my friends I was doing this project, one mentioned she only uses five products a day. At the time, I didn’t believe I could, but 16 days later and I find myself reaching for the same things again and again.

Favorite Products

MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation in NC15
Tarte Smooth Operator Micronized Clay Finishing Powder
Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso
Benefit BADgal Lash Mascara
Physicians Forumla Shimmer Strips Cream Liner in Black
MAC Gaga Viva Glam V Lipstick

The product that shocked me the most was the Physicians Forumla Shimmer Strips Cream Liner in Black. This came in a trio with a pale purple liner and a grey liner, both of which were, well, duds. Though I hated them, but I decided to give the black liner another try, and I’m really happy I did! I wear this every day because it’s basically foolproof liner that glides on easily and stays on all day.

I Broke Into My Stash Once

For most of the 2 1/2 weeks, I’ve been able to avoid the rest of my makeup, which was sitting within arms reach. However, there was once day I buckled and reached for L’Oreal’s Anti-Redness Primer and Urban Decay’s Primer Potion. My husband and I were going to a Cinco de Mayo party and I followed Lisa Eldridge’s makeup tutorial for Kate Winslet to do my makeup for the night.

What Do You Think?

Would you ever limit the amount of beauty products you use? Do you use any of the products I mentioned here? What’s your favorite eyeliner (I am always on the look out!).

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  1. The trick to avoid the boredom of using the same beauty products over and over again is to try and keep it simple. Just know what works perfectly for you. it does not have to be expensive, but something you like. I do that and I am never bored.

  2. I probably use the same few things over and over as well, but I like to have the option to put on some glittery something for evenings out, and I do match my lipstick to my outfit. I’m not sure I want to limit my lipstick, honestly. But like you I use the same foundation, mascara, eyeliner, shadow set and blush almost every day. Sometimes I wonder why I even have the extra stuff!

    • I feel you! I have a lot of stuff as well, and wanted to see if I could do with “Just” 15 products. I think every makeup-enthusiast has their must-have product. For you, it’s probably lipstick. I love and can’t get enough of eyeshadow.

  3. Now a days beauty products are very important for stylish women’s. So, every women should use good beauty products which have no side effects. I think, thinking about it is also very important for women’s.

  4. I’m honestly the same way- I have a ton of beauty products, but wind up using the same ones over an over…if I even remember to put makeup on haha

    • Haha! I try to vary my makeup routine, but wanted to challenge myself to see if I could use items I don’t often reach for. It’s been pretty interesting, though I have to say, not as hard as I thought it would be.

  5. my favorite eyeliner is this cheapo brand from walgreens- i am pretty sure it’s called Jade? something? But anyhoo, it’s maybe $1.50 per liner. and I love haha.

  6. It is very hard to get out of your makeup routine IMO. I’m super weird because I don’t wear makeup every day. I just don’t need to with my day job plus I’m lazy. But I do love it and love trying new products. I don’t think I could stick to just the same 15 products for a month. I probably use that just over the three days a week that I actually wear it.
    I used to love BadGal Lash but then I discovered one of Maybelline’s newer mascaras last summer and its SO much better and so much cheaper! (Volume Express Falsies Flared) I’m addicted.


    • You just gave me a good idea for what to do for the next week, which is to eliminate all the products I used heavily in the first two weeks!

      You have really nice skin, so I can see why you wouldn’t need much makeup! I always like to put on foundation because I feel like it evens things out.

      I’ll have to check out the Volume Express Falsies Flared (gosh! Is that long enough?!). I change my mascaras so often that I’m really not loyal to one brand over another.

  7. I have my Canon Rebel and though it takes awesome video, I have a lot of trouble trying to get it upload to Youtube so I just stick with my point and shoot for videos. Haven’t had the patience yet to really figure the Canon video out!

    Lately I’ve only been using a few products daily because, like you, I never seem to have time to get all fun and creative like I used to. What I do try to do with all the stuff I have is take a few products that I haven’t used in awhile and put them out on my counter so I’m more tempted to use them. Then after awhile, I rotate a new set. That way I don’t feel bad buying new stuff! LOL.

    Super cute bracelet too!

    • I think DSLRs can be great for videos, but for the novice, it feels a bit like hell trying to figure out out. I feel for you! I tried for a year and then gave up. At least I tired, though!

      I try to do the same thing you do, too! I try to keep all my products out on my desk so I can SEE what I have instead of buying new things all the time.

  8. I already use hardly any and most of it is stuff I got comped at fashion shows! I do love fast play lipstick by MAC and I love the fact that you use an artists’ brush to save money. I love getting tips like that. I find cosmetics are often way more expensive than they need to be.

    • I love MAC lipstick! I think some people think it’s expensive, but with drugstore lipsticks creeping up to the $10 mark, why not just pay $14 for something you know you’re going to love?

      I posted about my painters brushes as makeup brushes last year (http://thosegraces.com/2011/01/paint_brushes_makeup_brushes/), but I really need to do an update because I seriously love using them. They are the only makeup brushes I have that look exactly like the do the first day I bought them.

      I think most makeup is too expensive as well. I spend money on things I know I’ll use and hopefully love, like foundation. But I have to admit that I do get caught up in the hype sometimes.

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